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Christmass Wishes

Christmass Wishes
Andrew Hennessey

The end of the year has come, not the end of the world, and never the end of our eternal journey as we look forward not in fear but in the knowledge that beyond the charades of unrewarding and artificial poverty and despair on Earth, there are social realities and mansions, fulfilling and facilitative beyond our imagination.
Indeed although our imagination and upward and long distance vision is frequently downgraded by Earthly media – it is our duty both to ourselves and our brothers and sisters to remember that our mortal constraints on our true capacities are artificial and only temporary.

Whatever visions of personal annulment are thrust upon us in the gladiatorial arena of global Circus Maximus in 2010 as we await in the anterooms of 2009 – we can be sure that God and Christ are with us as we stand our ground in that circus of dust.
Our souls were written in Gods book when we were first made and therefore by no right are we the cattle of a cruel Repto…

David Icke Being Evil

The youtube link below shows David Icke with a dark perspective and actually serving the reptilian masters. He may not know its an evil thing to say that evil only exists in the mind of the beholder because he has not fully reflected on the consequences for the victims of alien and reptilian horrors ... but he is actually creating an apologist doctrine for the Reptilians and the Greys - apologism for places like Auschwitz and Darfur - putting the blame on the victims ... he is saying here that its all our fault if something bad happens to us ... like breathing chemtrails .. because we are saying to ourselves and our Overlords that we want bad things to happen to us.

I thought he was dark because he never ever mentioned the real way that the reptilians see each other - not through codewords and signals - but by staring straight through the holograms and making telepathic conversation.

He is a great example of his own problem-reaction-solution philosophy ..

1. problem through massive inter…


the new ExoReligion
Andrew Hennessey

In analysing the strategy of Exopolitics as a movement it had been seen to be a whirlwind romance with the public by a circus geared at alleged Disclosure and conducted by teams of rational highly educated people who appeared to be working for the greater public good.
Then suddenly things went into freewheel and no longer welcome were people complaining of bad or evil behaviour from negative non-humans.

I was literally followed between net groups by some vindictive individual telling me and everybody else that I was lying about negative Ets, and that all aliens were good and he was backed up by a small army of adepts who proclaimed that only negative people had bad things happen to them and they got what they deserved because of that.
Which actually does in a perverted way confirm that they believed there were negative aliens doing bad things – its just that the people that mattered didn’t get harmed.

No, the chosen [and you wou…


Andrew Hennessey

Although I have said that because Earth changes are based in complex chaos systems they could actually happen anytime between 2010 and 2014 – I went looking for the late 1990’s archives on m y favourite long running conspiracy group and see that the oldest records now start in 2001 – and we no longer have access to all the ex-military heroes with the Fema gossip, deployment and camp stories or indeed those sales adverts for bunker building companies or allegations of some folks who seemed to be better tooled up than Steven Segal.

Given therefore that I’m a practitioner of Historic and Scientific and Technological scepticism I felt that I needed to wake up and smell the chemtrails and really put my alleged social modelling skills to some use.
I have a history of making some accurate predictions – but do get it wrong from time to time.

I recognise that we don’t have access to reliable data about the Earth and the cosmos and not only that but I als…


Andrew Hennessey

Here are my predictions for UFOLOGY in the UK and elsewhere
I predict that the whole deal goes from somewhere to unwhere.
I give it 3-5 years with no interruption from either planet X or 2012 movies.

1. Less presentation of empirical UFO evidence
2. No presentation of Negative ET paradigm
3. de-emphasis of UFO witness reports
4. de-emphasis of alleged ET technological breakthroughs
5. de-emphasis of ET social intervention ideologies
6. recycling of old 30 year old whistleblower pastiches
7. Increase in Ghost and Paranormal emphasis/orbs
8. Increase in feel-good well-being & reality creation presentations
9. Increase in human blame for non-disclosure [cf. Green issues]
10. Increase in Eastern Mysticism in Contact interpretation
11. Increase in non-human consciousness paradigms from the natural world
12. ET and human church of natural electricity
13. Increase in post human visions of virtual reality
14. Increase in channelled contacts …

Gorebridge and its Ancient Race

April 1916, JBH

Published by the Committee of Borthwick Horticultural and Industrial Association in Aid of the Red Cross (local) and Newington House Training Home for Scottish Soldiers and Sailors Blinded in the War.

‘… Proud Arniston; in ‘fairs o’ state
for ages Laird and son
Soldiers, Lawyers, Statesmen great
richt sterlin’ work has done,

Wae on the day shouldt frae’t be gane
The auld race o’ Dundas;
May that ne’er be, but lang there reign
its Leddy and its Lass ….’

the auld race of Dundas - have been at it a long time thats for sure ... UFO picture by Jackie Gillies, Gorebridge, 14th december 2009AD, Reptilian ancient blueblooded race from the spirit rock at the river below Rosslyn Chapel.

Grinding Us Down - commentary

Grinding Us Down part 2
Andrew Hennessey

BlueUFO, RationalUFOLOGY comments on

Yes, they do, and it is non human entities doing so. I am of the personal opinion that not all faeries/Elves, or animal totems are bad, or that all Fae are Grays (though I have read enough reports that seem to indicate Grays are in fact responsible for some of the faerie abductions of old).
I also read More Becoming as Animals and I find in society this is true. It is not the same as the Native American tradition of medicine animals that linked one closer to nature. What you mention is the nature of the beast. It is perhaps why we have so many Otherkin type people in recent years: Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. Many who get caught up in these belief systems depart from God and embrace a dark side, a truly beastlike nature. Blue UFO,

Yes anything that leads us to be more loving and balanced human beings is good - e.g. natural totem issues and na…

Grinding Us Down

Grinding us down to the level of the beast.
Andrew Hennessey

There have always been dark forces at work amongst humanity with obvious superhuman powers and technologies – but what is their agenda for Humans ?

I contend that there is an ongoing programme of alien/demonic dehumanisation and bestiality like some threshing mill trading on the pain of artificially diseased human lives.

The greys have been around a long long time and have had many names;
Djinn, Geni, Faerie, Kobold, Demon, Archon, Goblin, and are referred to in the New Testament in the letters of St Paul to the Colossae.
This was a Christian colony in a region beset by malignant Grey activities though in those days – the demonic Grey elementals conjured by Dr John Dee the Elizabethan mage for his keys of Enoch stuff, storms etc were called by the name Stoicheia.

From Contender Ministries
Clinton Arnold has provided exhaustive research on this term as used in religious contexts (both pagan and Jew…

alien intrusion or social psychosis

Andrew Hennessey

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st Century has seen the rise of two social phenomenon that may have a direct correlation.
One is a complex phenomenon centered around the educational process within the institutions that has seen a growth of digital software and media based education and recreational experience and the other is the rise of the subculture of the alien which is also driven by the obvious and global presence of alien contact.

There are indicators that the growth of technology and the alien presence are harmlessly co-incidental e.g. Moores [pseudo] law suggests that computing power has an ongoing doubling effect every few years. Also, culturally the explosion of the digital paradigm and its spread into every aspect of communication, recreation and education suggests the existence of a supply and demand driven industry than any overt alien influence.
But then who or what creates the supply and demand – th…


Andrew Hennessey

In my Alien farming hypothesis called I state that Earth is one of many such places operated by the Reptilian and Grey Imperium to farm the life essences of interstellar prisoners of war and other political undesirables in handicapped DNA in various states of amnesia.

A hungry Imperium full of disconnected beings that have turned their back on the abundance of Our Father the source of life and Christ the source of our human, loving pattern – needs to feed.

How these feeding issues are achieved amongst the redundant social cul de sacs and charades in the deliberately retarded society with its deliberately retarded tools is that superfast beings – i.e. the Reptilian and Greys – create and manage despair in their human herd and feed off and milk the nervous system of their victims.

They do this in my opinion by driving and imposing negative and contradictory and outrageously false conditions upon our…

There is Hope

2 Corinthians4:6  For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
7  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.
8  ¶We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
9  Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;
10  Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.
11  For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus' sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.
12  So then death worketh in us, but life in you.
13  We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak;
14  Knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by J…


Andrew Hennessey

I outline a model here which you must not take verbatim true as only the vision within your own heart can confirm or deny it.

When its finally all over and our escaping souls have had turbulent visions dragged off our eyes that manifest as demons or devils that then get vanquished and driven down the frequencies as we ascend, helped by Angels of Light we can finally peacefully take stock of the lessons that we have learned about ourselves from our performance on the global stage.
When we have got clear of the alien design amnesia field generators around our Repto-Grey matrix Earth and we have got to safe distance in either a nearby heavenly zone that is free of infestation or where we can wait in community till we stabilise and purge our consciousness we can talk with our true family about what we have just done.
We are protected by strong healing Angels and Saints guarded as we await true healing and total sentience and total love and heavenly society …


An interheaven folk song.
Andrew Hennessey

I worked my life in Satans Mills
and eased my strife by chewing pills
but in my head I had a plan
I was the inventor of the THINGY

So I took it to the man
in the back of my rusty van
its hard to understand
but here is what he said.

It’s garbage, its crap
I’m going to take a nap
Its trash, its trite
get thee from my sight.


So I made some alterations
and I sharpened up my brief
and how every night I did this
was beyond my own belief
I worked and re-invested
all the money that I had
and got corroboration
from folks who weren’t bad.

So I took it to the man
in the back of my rusty van
its hard to understand
but here is what he said.

It’s garbage, its crap
I’m going to take a nap
Its trash, its trite
get thee from my sight.

So I got some R&D
and some PhD on board
and on mark 4 marketing
I spent a goodly horde
With patents still a pending
and all the filing too
The masterpiece my THINGY
was qualified Kung FU

So I to…


Andrew Hennessey

The young Plato suggested circa 800BC that the ruling elite should tell small white lies to the masses to facilitate more efficient government.
The masses of worker castes, drones and artisans of such a model Republic that make up about 90% of the worlds population today have to currently live with the elites tag of being useless eaters past their sell-by date.

The real noble lie of Plato’s Republic is that human society and its elite does not operate with rational socio-economic or evolutionary recipes but rather the social process is often unhuman surreal and insane.

You can’t tell the people [Margaret Thatcher]

For a good rational reason though – for it appears to me that Earth is but an alien burger bar franchise using well tried recipes of social disease and disaster and contradictory nihilism that wrings out and serves up the life force juices of freshly squeezed human nervous systems to hungry alien vampiric-type beings.

Until they get evicted by massiv…