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the key to a new golden age

This is the 20 year anniversary of the Tripartite Essentialism discovery that makes advanced civilisation possible for Mankind.

Twenty years ago I had developed a universal and unifying metaphysics based on natural laws and processes that were programmable and manipulable via a logic language I developed.

A folklore version of Tripartite Essentialism is taught as an irrationalist metaphysics degree by the Secret School of the Theosophical Society, although it requires a Hindu glossary to interpret. It is part of the occult body of work known only to a few, but is briefly referred to in the Theosophical Society’s exoteric work by HP Blavatsky called The Secret Doctrine volume 1 in the notes on the emergence from chaos in; ‘Logos, Outpouring and vehicles’.

Tripartite Essentialism as written today in 2011 remains as a body of domain independent notes that require a Philosophy of Science glossary to interpret.
Its products include a logical and programmable language resembling PROLOG cal…

wars in the stars 2010/2011


downed ship or facility on mars

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU
About this image
The ejecta blanket created around impact craters is often much more resistant to erosion than the surrounding surface materials. In this case of a crater near Meridiani Planum the ejecta material is creating isolated highs as the surrounding surface is eroded.

For news media or educational purposes, please credit THEMIS images as: NASA/JPL/Arizona State University.

If you use THEMIS images or mosaics in a research work, please cite them by image ID or mosaic name in the caption and put the following in your references:

Christensen, P.R., N.S. Gorelick, G.L. Mehall, and K.C. Murray, THEMIS Public Data Releases, Planetary Data System node, Arizona State University,


Latitude: 6.85103
Longitude: 351.869
Orbit Number: 38600
Captured: 2010-08-27 16:09
Posted to Web: Thu, 2010-09-23
Instrument: VIS
Image Width: 1024 pixels (18 km)
Image Height: 3648 pixels (65 km)
Vertical Resolution: 0.017891 km/pixel
Horizontal Resolut…