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the Fulfillment of the Logical Atomism paradigm

There is a substantial school of thought that can account for the reality behind my tripartite essentialist metaphysics - its called Logical Atomism.

Logical atomism is a philosophical belief that originated in the early 20th century with the development of analytic philosophy. Its principal exponents were the British philosopher Bertrand Russell, the early work of his Austrian-born pupil and colleague Ludwig Wittgenstein, and his German counterpart Rudolf Carnap. [wiki]
Logical Atomism is the philosophical theory of Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher (1872-1970), and the early Ludwig Wittgenstein, the Austrian-born British philosopher (1889-1951), which held that all meaningful expressions must be analysable into atomic elements which refer directly to atomic elements of the real world. [2]

Tripartite Essentialism fulfils the Logical Atomism paradigm and puts it squarely back on the Philosophy agenda for the 21st Century…


Coming now to make amends
to give their kinfolk happy rest
To summon now a mighty focus
God at last pronounced his justice

lit the night with fiery locus
and to the Earth there plunged at last
the angry from a stormy past
to deliver those in anguish.
Nature lit up bough by bough
And grass there grew that stopped the plough
though moments were not real,
but power of life from natures hand
strengthened men throughout the land
and wasted arms then snapped the chains
that kept from men their living gains
the rights of incarnation.
Mind there struggled over sword
but sleeping giant awoke at last
and then began the struggle.
Liquids oiled the artifacts
which in their souls had made a pact
with man to favour work, now began
to listen to another tune
the power of Natures calling Rune
to teach its children better.
Dropped there now the useless mace
to grind no more in bitter waste
but there was Nature in her haste
to grow some green upon it.
The storm had passed all through the Nations

god particles and pixie dust

Its getting that time of year again when Santa’s Little Helpers are going round taking notes about who is naughty and who is nice.
It’s a time of year for stories of magic and Tinkerbell the tooth fairy and of weird creatures and dragons in the sea and down at the bottom of Pans magic labyrinth at the CERN particle accelerator which has found amongst its pantheon of temporary red herrings and white elephants an alleged glimpse of the alleged Higgs Massless Vector Boson – the so-called ‘God Particle’ – the alleged fundamental tiniest regular atomic unit upon which all other atoms and particles in the Universe are built.
Finally highly paid and highly funded hitek scientific research utilising billions of dollars and millions of hours and thousands of PhDs and professors have with every massive computational gadget of cyclopean proportions at their disposal arrived at the conclusion that our entire universe is totally based on ORDER.
(partial order). Indeed this even agrees with simple …



the Greys attack Scotland

Scotlands natural red haired population could be extinct within 50 years according to recent scientific research, as it has been shown to be under threat from the Greys.
The Greys are an aggressive, territorial and colonial species known to invade natural space and were introduced into Scotland by an Imperial power.
They carry and spread deadly viruses capable of totally eliminating the natural red haired population of Scotland.
The Greys Must be stopped.

Save the Red Squirrel in Scotland