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The Language [HX] -INDUSTRIAL EXPLANATIONS, TRANSLATIONS AND APPLICATIONS FOR MANKIND.Andrew Hennessey.The language [HX] describes every transaction and every system in the Cosmos, whether microcosm or macrocosm.It can be used to identify and describe the emergence of complex processes such as thought or molecules or stars.It can also be used to direct the assembly of simples such as atoms and molecules  to achieve a controlled and complex outcome.HX is the natural and logical language of the Universe.It enables a direct substitution of the Nouns, Verbs andAdjectives of English with empirical descriptions of;Objects, Processes and Qualities at any and everyscale. [from atomic to cosmic]The Benefits of HX Assembler are:1. data and data structures are portable betweendomains.2. adaptable, universal model or expert shell for use inmany applications.3. the Knowledge Representation System enables aunified approach to semiotics and artificialconsciousness.HX is a High Level…