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TAKING THE GORE OUT OF GOREBRIDGEAndrew HennesseyThe recent escalation of alien activity at Gorebridge near Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city has taken, for me, a familiar format.Our alien invaders do rather know how to 'mix it' using all the aberrant archetypes in the human pantheon.Mind you – if you could walk at 50 miles per hour and could shapeshift into absolutely anybody whilst kicking the fortune cookies out of Bruce Lee – then it is surely no surprise that aliens want to party right in the middle of a UFO hotspot.Previously reported and filmed, our space brothers dropping off a carry out in the local woods, and then aliens flying some machine that looked like a helicopter at ground level through this small town.These guys do know how to throw a party.Indeed our cameraman did film a UFO over a house then the upstairs bedroom had two floating silvery lights in it. We suspect though that that was just a couple of his neighbours returning from a night…