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The Alien Reality of Mars

Here is a selection of alien images from the Curiosity Rover on Mars - links to these and others can be found on


Although many have known for decades via numerous important political speeches from many nations of some plan to have an obedient and passive global workforce under the control of big corporations big government and big pharmacy there were always the little details that were not too clear.
Certainly although United Nations Agenda 21 gives many politicians and industrialists e.g. [W Gates, J Cousteau, etc etc etc etc] almost carte blanche to regreen an allegedly more ‘sustainable’ Earth according to such edicts engraved onto Guidestones from Georgia etc – there was always that old chestnut of ‘de-population’ and the taking down of the global population from about 7 billion to about 1 or 2 billion – i.e. basically the elite plus some ‘letter openers’ …
So one wonders if such self-imposed tasks of massive human depopulation could be more manageable if most folks were ill ??
Maybe aggressive folks could be made more like feminine lilies during the day when they are awake? [the lily is an…