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A GALAXY OF TARTANANDREW HENNESSEYHere is an article that shows and hopefully proves how important human ideas and culture can be to the Galaxy at large.I'm sure that you wherever you are can do something similar with your human culture.Humanity gets a bad press – made out to be useless eaters and ready for the chop and past our sell by date and sold out etc. Yet hopefully what follows is an illustration of what a human being can do with their local history and culture so that we can know at least amongst our human selves that we have got what it takes to be fully interstellar even as we are.A GALAXYOFTARTANIt seems that if life on Earth is anything to go by, the Universe is a place absolutely teeming with life. The early 1990's DNA-for-nothing models by Stuart Kauffman at the Santa Fe Institute do suggest what the Mayans already had models for in their 'Loom of Maya' thousands BC that Life naturally emerges out of chaos.NASA photographs of forests and la…


THREE ANGELS OF DEATHANDREW HENNESSEYThere's no doubt that staying on the Shore district of Leith had its pluses and its minuses.At the high end it was restaurant and music central – a paradise for upper middle class artisans. Even the salt of the earth locals who had been slightly displaced and disorientated by this explosion of culture and money had only broken the window of the new art gallery three times.Traditionally, worse could have happened.To see the reddish grey half brick lying on the yellow sanded pine floor of the art gallery amongst the geometric splatter and cluster of dazzling glass jewels and glittering fragments one was reminded of similar efforts at the Tate Gallery in London that drew thousands of mystified, paying and curious onlookers.This though was art by popular demand.Other working class rhetoric from contributory body fluids was regularly cleaned off the windows before the advancing tide of artsy and crafty partisans flooded in for their ni…


FIDDLING THE DANCE OF AGES.Andrew Hennessey.In the silent hours before the dawning of the light I was lying alone in my bed at repose.Outside it was dark and still and an owl hooted in the big ash tree that overlooked the small apple tree outside my window. Somewhere, a cat, out on the prowl mewled out loudly on its nocturnal business.Realising that I was awake, I turned my head to my right and to my surprise could see a small little old lady about five foot tall, glowing whitely.She was standing there, her back a bit bent over, was thin and had short white straggly hair and was wearing some long dark shawl and she seemed to be preoccupied looking out of my bedroom window.I called across to her to ask her what she was doing here and she said that she had come to visit the master of the house.As she looked over to me I thought that I could recognise her face, but her face shape shifted slightly. She might be the same lady that had appeared in my condo in 1996AD, though th…