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2012 and Planet X could be fake

Andrew Hennessey

Now I know the arguments for, I’ve seen the pictures, heard about the secret archaeological and cultural evidence, seen the NASA images, read the books, seen the Mayan calendar photos etc and know about the alleged historic and scientific provenance of all of the beliefs that point to the truth of 2012 and the approach of planet X.

But here’s another conspiracy about 2012 for you – and we don’t ever see this idea ..
Many of us have reviewed the cultural data, artefacts and witness reports of Reptilian life forms that have been operating this planet for millennia.
Their Hidden hand or claws seem to be rife throughout all of history and looking closely at what they achieve in this artificially engineered despair ridden and backwards cul de sac I came up with the Soul Farming hypothesis at

All digital data and news channels, publications and even historic artefacts can be faked by alien processes and technology. We…


Andrew Hennessey

One of the pleasures of urban life in the UK is having hypermarkets like Walmart/ASDA and Tesco within fairly easy reach in the towns.
As our small change piles up during our active consumerism, we can keep it all in a jar – and then when the jar is full .. we then take our assortment of very small change around to one of these stores to find a machine there like COINSTAR that we empty our cash jar into and then for a small fee, it sorts it, counts it and gives us a ticket to go get some real money in the form of large denomination banknotes from the shop.

This machine processing though usually rejects quite a large handful of assorted small coins usually looking in perfect physical condition.
What’s wrong with them ?

Wrong weight, or magnetic or molecular properties – but what major league counterfeiting outfit would invest in time and machinery and infrastructure to mass produce mountains of relatively financial rubbish like these extremely low denomination co…