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By Andrew Hennessey, 2003
It is presumed that you have read the TRE – introduction booklet to be familiar with this holistic paradigm –e.g. based on Logical Atomism [Russell] and Chaos Theory.  

Below is a random what was thought to be channelled science fiction from an alien contact story of the 1950’s. The details however on how the interdimensional alien ships travel/teleport through the dimensions are entirely rational and can be predicted and modelled using TRE relativity. The aliens even suggest that their ships have a ‘crystalline’ intelligent brain which struck a chord with me because that’s what I have also predicted and modelled using my TRE Expert System !!
My philosophical language though that I quote below is full of jargon and symbols that come from previous chapters of my thesis on grand unity which lets be honest you’re unlikely to pick up in the 5 minutes it would ta…

How the interstellar half live - grand unity

I have to admit this - I've been at this general systems theory as a hobby since at least 1976 !! - I'm not saying that I articulate it very well though ... many of my first drafts were laden with my own jargon and neologisms - me not grasping the point that in order to play the game I had to be using everybody elses jargon and neologisms - which really doesn't seem fair !!

Anyway having at one point to bury a huge chapter I wrote on social structures - can't find it now !! it took me years to recognise the magnitude of what I had been attempting - which was a complete rewrite of the scientific paradigm.

Its true to say that allegedly Uncle Sams DoD spent decades and billions of dollars looking for just such a system - and here it is offered for free !!
Mind you the answers to the big money and bigtime hassle questions are often only hinted at - but I was thinking that if ever people wondered where all the star trek technologies went to and why that promise of the tech…



By Andrew Hennessey - (1976, 1999, 2013)

The Human Race for the past 12 millennia since the last ice age have been locked into the most basic set of patterns of growth and decay - as the following model will show.
The idea that there are peaks and troughs in civilisation, rises and falls of empires, wars, renaissances, dark ages and space ages we are all familiar with. What might give us a hard time however is that all our intellectual posturing, industrialisation and politicising has only aped in terms of social evolution the most basic tribe of gorillas with their unprotected supply of bananas.
In 1976 just after leaving school I first started exploring the idea of biological cycles and exponential doubling – by devising a simple model of what I called ‘Peaks and Troughs in Civilisation.’
Replete with many hefty assumptions it predicted that civilisation began about 12 or 15,000 BC and then collapses into a stone-age-like trough in the 21st Century jus…


GREYS From the endless abyss of Mandelbrotta plague like locusts come to the strange attractors that we in this two dimensional world call planets.
Not just any old planet of rock and gas but a golden mean of emerged Platonic forms a rich vibrant chaos sphere that has the sound of growth
And so the swarm descends to the oasis in the chaos, and lesser brothers in the hives and anthills are busy with their two-dimensional quest for pollen and sugars
But the golden essence of life the life of the soul in higher life-forms Mankind is a more complex ecosystem of thought and investments in attachments are actually simple to pluck and harvest by negating and twisting off the vine
Thus with many given names, much theatre and many distractions to engage the complex human mind the ants of the abyss, archons and djinn faeries and fae and latterly grey start to strip the pollens from the flowers of the human souls of the race of Adam
A legion in every region busy stripping the crystallised mind fruits of form our human po…