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THE CHILDREN OF THE DARKWORLDSAndrew HennesseyThis ideological exploration looks at the consequences of unhumanity as we know it on Earth.It attempts to explain and enable recognition of unhuman behaviour on Earth that appears alien to us so that we can console ourselves.This post is definitely addressing issues of our world and some other beings on some other worlds whose souls have disconnected from the Source and the human social pattern of love and nurture.The children of the world, those enjoying the fruits of evil by all accounts of their making are having a very good time indeed. Their time is now.Yet what a time it is. It is not good at all.What one amongst them has enjoyed the obvious presence of really high tek civilisation, its media, its recreation, its loving facilitation, its great advantages and its goods and designs and art and artistry that are full of good taste and aesthetic quality. Who of this world has enjoyed life free of carnal disease and empty promises and di…


THE SEARCH FOR ANCIENT TRUTHAndrew HennesseyI have discovered some very interesting quotes from Biblical sources that very much relate to recent discoveries and announcements in UFOLOGY and scientific cosmology.I see evidence for a very well developed Chaos theory as used by the ancients and also by people like Nigel Kerner who wrote about Grey soul farming a few years ago.I also found a quote that totally shook me up … as it totally augments my position on soul farming here on Earth and the deliberate engineering of nihilistic social charades and desolate negation by a grasshopper species and their artificial matrix-tent. Isaiah 40:21-24 which I develop below.Using a free bible software called Theophilus, word searches in the King James bible can turn up evidence for very deep knowledge of a cosmology that is far beyond its time in terms of its wisdom and knowledge of chaos theory.Comparable cosmology to the alleged post Atlantean Hindu Sanskrit tablets of Dyzan quoted in HP Blavatsk…

the galactic federation embassy pays a visit

telling like it is !! well maybe not all of everything is bad


STARBURST TARTAN OR STARTAN – THE VERY IDEAAndrew HennesseyTartan has a healthy and proven global market and in this context Starburst tartan or Startan is a revolutionary and new idea.
There are limitless combinations of tartan setts within limitlessly interacting geometric shapes.
The idea to do this with Traditional Scottish Tartan Setts is the idea of myself, Andrew Hennessey in [October 2007].
I would hope that an established graphic designer and textile designer can take this into a ready made marketplace using their industrial software and arts experience.
It is my intention to either sell or license the idea in this context.
Starburst Tartan, or ‘Startan’ can be defined as; ‘An asymmetric interweave of the multicoloured stripes of a Tartan Sett. These Sett colours radiate, thicken and expand in proportion from some point or origin within various geometric many sided (polygonal) objects as they reach the circumference of the design object. When overlapped with other similar or dif…


THE FATE OF THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLDThe power of wishful thinking is now being put to the test.[Dr Michael Salla" wrote: post 44576, 20/07/08]

>My colleague Alfred Webre is quite correct in his Mt Adams statement,
that there won't be a disaster scenario emerging during the 2012
transition. That is due to the rise in human consciousness which is
influencing global events in a positive direction. Those promoting the
idea that global disaster will strike and ETs will come down at the
last moment to conduct a global evacuation are promoting an old meme
based on a disempowered humanity.

Thanks for clarifying, Dr. Salla!

It's quite amazing to me how many deep down still want this disaster
to happen, still become quite enthusiastic about each new "warning
sign" (such as earthquakes, etc), and love to enumerate all the
possible causes for hell & damnation. It's these people who are
keeping the old meme alive, and at the core, their secret is -- they
can't endure them…