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man of carbon - chancellor brown

The Man of Carbon.He's finally coming – clean mean and green Chancellor Brown, the PM in waiting for the disunited Kingdom.With Tony hanging around to take as much blame as possible, the coming of Gogs or Gordon will be a squeaky clean if sombre event.How to follow an act like Tony has already been discussed … as Gogs has outlined his plan for a new era of Green taxes to save the planet and line the pockets of the super rich.Cue the television programmes focussing on peer groups from various villages in the English heartlands. Concerned carbon producers get a Gestapo style lambasting about their carbon rich lifestyle …Adverts on TV prepare the way … carbon laden and waste bins laden with carbon, tropical carbon, carbon miles, evil carbon and suddenly in a country where a paediatric surgeon is driven out of her home for being a pedophile … we have the possibility of Italian restaurants being torched for serving up spaghetti carbonarra.Evil carbon users – new term 'c…

Fw: humanity and reptilian racism

hi,here's hopefully some progress beyond where monkeys of edenleft off !!?Monkeys of Eden - at http://www.hereticscience.cpmandrew>>the main issue I found relevant in my life is that manyof the people who choose to get born with massive capacities arein fact underperforming and underachieving relative to me.<<Why are they underachieving, and are you referring to humans?I think that this planet is a spiritual; hospital/nursery/prisonAnd that souls are brought here by the elder civilisations of this and other galaxies like a strict health farm to work out their issues.Some people however choose to be born with every facility and capacity open to them .. e.g. known peer groups that would facilitate all their creative development that they plan out BEFORE they are born here … that means that they will deliberately choose genetics and form in which they can compose Mozart do math like Einstein whilst starring in high speed bruce lee films and extreme skateboarding down mou…



A conversation between George Baaden and Acharya.

(Acharya): Thanks, George. I read many of Sitchin's book years ago. I
am well aware of his arguments, which I thought was obvious from my

(George) YES, I did read your article, and YES , I agree you know
Sitchin's Work well!!!

(A). I don't concur with HIS translations and interpretations of the data.
I have studied the conclusions of others who also know Sumerian, and
it is clear that Sitchin is throwing in his own, modern knowledge in
his translations and interpretation.

(G). I Agree that Sitchin could have misinterpreted the Ancient
Sumerian Texts!!! And he could have gotten it right, or some of it
right and etc. and etc. and etc.!!! As well as the OTHER Sumerian

(A). The conclusion that the advanced knowledge of the solar system by
the ancients means that they had to have been there is erroneous as well.

(G). My point is this, Sitchin did his Translations of the Sumerian


By Facilitator ANDREW HENNESSEYHUMANITY AS GALACTIC CITIZENSINTRODUCTIONThe 21st Century of Mankind brings its own challenges with extreme environmental changes, maximum levels of solar radiation, and minimal advances in science and technology. Never has so much crises been answered with so little scientific advance.Whereas the technological remit of multinational corporations has increased the supply of items to consumers, there is no sign that the free energy technologies and theories currently and historically available are being deployed for the benefit of mankind and the planet.100 years of failed scientific theories by the established order are yet corrupting and impacting on the deployment of new solutions.
It is the agenda of the new star party to supply and deploy interstellar science to this planet.With a starship drive, advanced robotics and working nanotechnology the human race will be able to supply its needs from resource bases within the solar system.The new star pa…

the fallacy of einstein

t IS funny, being on the internet, where
very few have learned to read or write, and
here we are discussing (seemingly reading
and writing!) on topics for which we had to
go through hundreds of books and thousands
of papers, and countless classrooms and
labs and conferences ...

To explain to someone who has never been
to college or university, or worked for the govt
or an aerospace corporation, how you show
up in your General Relativity class at Stanford
and the very first lecture (ref. the Classical
Electrodynamics text) by Professor Robert
Wagoner, and you are obliged to copy total
nonsense from the chalkboard on which he
is writing. [not picking on Wagoner, it is the
same with every physics class or lab in all

I remember the same from my earliest
chemistry and physics labs, which got worse
as you ascended to the upper division then
graduate level then post-graduate labs.
You didn't get through the lab unless you
got the RIGHT results, which you might
have to do time after time, CHANGING