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Gorebridge UFO Hotspot report Summer 2012

John Jackie Gillies and others have continued to film extensive high flying Ufos heading north over Gorebridge. These do not check out as satellites on all the available software and databases. Lower down there continues to be Ufo activity from smaller Ufos reported over the old Blinkbonny mine or ‘camp’ at Gorebridge.
Attempts to film glowing and semi visible superstructure over the town by Mr Gillies resulted in footage that could not resolve itself into any format – so this evidence was recently lost. There is though lots of footage still coming out of Gorebridge on Mr Gillies Skywatcherscotland channel on Youtube. There is footage that suggests lots of detuned superstructure in the skies above Dalhousie castle west of Gorebridge. This was a place noted for a corroborated multiple abduction.
Its rumoured that Anonymous Scotland are interested in the Gorebridge phenomenon, but so are the intelligence agencies and also…

Catching the rays for over a week

This shows up after the big big armada had been photographed SWARMING around the sun - it arrived about 3.30 in the afternoon on 18th july 2012 and last check is still there in static parking orbit very close to the sun. Shows up in NASA's  LASCO C2 SOHO Stereo Suncamera

Nameless and faceless

In the town of Metohia, Yugoslavia, in the Visoki Decani Monastery, built in 1330 above the chapel altar, is a fresco completed in 1350, depicting space ships over the scene of the Crucifixion.

The space ship rather looks like the implied comet at the heart of a logo for a certain nameless corporate event taking place in a small corner of Europe whose official language is French. Many formerly innocent words in another language also spoken at this event have had their usage criminalized by a raft of new laws. It is entirely possible to get arrested at said event for eating the wrong French fries and wearing the wrong trainers. Just what the right French fries are and what the right trainers are are yet to be fully understood.
In Scotland after the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745 the name of Bonnie Prince Charlie was banned in law and therefore folks in Scotland (and England) that were pro-Jacobite got very inventive. Here is a song from that period:
My Bonnie Moorhen
My bonnie moorhen, my bonnie…

the biggest lie

The biggest lie on planet earth is the promise that with our minds and our reason we can manufacture human evolution towards some end-based goal of social godhood.
We have several medieval examples of technological senescence where we headed up a cul de sac for 500 years e.g. the failure of any human being in western Europe for 500 years after the fall of Rome to adapt an Ox harness to harness the heavy horse. If they had duplicated what the Chinese in the Far East had already accomplished in that respect they would have intensified agriculture, supported large amounts of population and created and supported specialist artisans and scientists which would have precipitated a full scale industrial revolution and renaissance 500 years before it actually happened. Alan Burford also writes in Cities and Technology, Chant and Goodman, 1999, that the Ox was sufficient for Rome perhaps forgetting the absurdity of a thousand years of cavalry based warfare in Western Europe and the total familiari…

The Odd Particle - No Two the Same

They would deny that its a unique one of a kind at any one time particle hybrid - no two the same - formed out of infinitely divisible chunks of aether in chaos theory and turbulence - as individual as a weather system, its as unique as a fingerprint and has not any identical peer at time1 time 2 or any other time ever. It fits into a class of particles in a zoo that behave roughly (probably) the same.

Ask any Ufo skeptic that has been bugging innocent witnesses on the net for decades just how rational probability is - IT ISN'T RATIONAL - It isn't logical or rational knowledge. It isn't mathematical truth - its after the fact totally constructed irrationalism.
Paragons of science have been going after vulnerable Ufo witnesses for years with the same kind of critique that we all should now be giving the Odd Particle - it isn't rational - its scientific marsh gas ...

The so-called Higgs Massless Vector Boson God Particle - no such turkey on 4th july 2012 - props up Eins…

Gateway to Hell

When I was younger I looked into alternative physics and came up with my own particle physics theory similar in nature to Tesla’s Theory of Environmental Energy. I also devised a logical metaphysics with which to chart all the exchanges and transactions that take place at every level in our Cosmos or indeed any cosmos. This was very programmable and solved paradoxes like the infamous Halting problem noted by Turing – where if any machine tries to intelligently compute in infinite environments it always ends up crashing out because it cannot deal with an infinity of labels. My take on it was different – forget the manmade arbitrary infinite labels and think on the more simple idea that although there are an infinity of objects and labels in that vast infinity – each and every one of them was actually comprised of a very limited and closed set of chemical atoms e.g. around 200 – though in my system 729 to be very precise (which is made up of  (3x3x3) = 27 to the power 2 = …

Photoshop revolution

I can see lots of examples of fotos of protests on the net where Photoshop could have been employed to create the illusion of greater numbers than there actually were.
It can take 5 minutes to manufacture a mob in a picture of some alleged protest where millions were supposed to have taken to the streets.  lassoo to roughly encircle a bunch of heads, cut and paste several times into a street corner - then used touch and blur tool to take out any repetitive looking heads with red scarves. I'm reminded that of course democracy needs to be healthy and that people are entitled to their legitimate opinions and rights but then this new genre of fotos not only appeal to anarchists trying to create a stampede, but also governments trying to intimidate.
I'm not saying that news outlets will necessarily cover some mass global change in the populations - its just that the resolution and visible detail of these 'revolutionary' pictures circulating e.g. facebook and the internet a…

Bach to Basics

In all parts of the western world before the catastrophic and possibly criminally orchestrated financial meltdowns created by speculation, short selling etc – the western world used to be all about things like the American dream …  where the much sought after luxuries and designs and styles and fashions became obsolete every few months to be replaced and upgraded by something else equally lavish. That vision of consumer society was traded through the media and Hollywood and latterly became the target for the green movement that was reacting against the obvious wastage in the socio-economic policies of ‘planned obsolescence’.
As global governance rolls out its population reduction measures typified in UN Agenda 21, and its austerity measures, however the vision of life for the vast majority of people on planet earth has become focussed on the energy of existence.
In a formerly industrially advanced country like the UK, more and more people are living in fuel poverty as they find that they…