Gateway to Hell


When I was younger I looked into alternative physics and came up with my own particle physics theory similar in nature to Tesla’s Theory of Environmental Energy.
I also devised a logical metaphysics with which to chart all the exchanges and transactions that take place at every level in our Cosmos or indeed any cosmos.
This was very programmable and solved paradoxes like the infamous Halting problem noted by Turing – where if any machine tries to intelligently compute in infinite environments it always ends up crashing out because it cannot deal with an infinity of labels.
My take on it was different – forget the manmade arbitrary infinite labels and think on the more simple idea that although there are an infinity of objects and labels in that vast infinity – each and every one of them was actually comprised of a very limited and closed set of chemical atoms e.g. around 200 – though in my system 729 to be very precise (which is made up of  (3x3x3) = 27 to the power 2 = 729.
It may look like an odd arbitrary number out of a hat – but its derivation very logical and ‘law-like’.

When you start stripping away all the arbitrary labels we invent and start looking into the basics of what all these objects are doing – the one unchanging truth is that they are involved in transactions of varying sorts within their own context.
Suddenly (Hennessey, 1991)  the allegedly insoluble Halting problem in artificial intelligence has a solution if computation looks at transactions rather than labels.
When you start putting Tesla’s physics into these transactions and looking at artificially intelligent computation – one ends up heading in the direction of teleportation, stargates and intercosmic travel.

Oddly enough – although its been known by some major players on the exopolitics scene that Lockheed Skunkworks in collaboration with Greys in the 1970’s were rolling out the Stargate program called the American Deep Space Platform in conjunction with Frank Harvey Ferguson – radar and guidance scientist with a physical unified picture called ‘constrained undulating motion’ that would allegedly funnel people between jump points – it was disturbing news to me that apparently teams of 50 PhD’s were unable to devise this language of 729 exchanges to enable artificial guidance – and instead opted to try to plug pilots into mind machine interfaces in a weird attempt to get a disorientated human cortex to sort out context based decisions.

It suggests therefore that any deal Lockheed did with aliens actively prevented them from making the advances in artificial intelligence that would empower them to leave the solar system under their own steam.

We know the greys to be demonic and devious from our historical records – it isn’t as if ‘they just got here’ in 1947 – more like 19047BC
Even Crowleigh talks about evil sounding fleshy flying saucers in his Lam story.

As we know the exopolitics movement is currently rolling out the Obama on mars stories – jump rooms, stargates – so given there could well be jump rooms and stargates that allege interstellar travel destinations what could be the more sinister reality behind these.

We have it that the Greys have been operating their (highly illustrated and documented) beehive matrix here even in the days of shining armor and battle axes – that human beings have been actively prevented from making real technological advances even during the dark ages – with the holding back of the evolution of the heavy plough for 500 years (A Burford, in Cities and Technology, 1999) – that postponed intensive agriculture and population specialism and scientific advances – and we know that free energy theory and devices have been around since at least 1890 with Faraday.
Nigel Kerner suggests (as do I) that the Greys have been manipulating and farming humans – so in this light – the interdimensional demonic swarm are historically all around the lives and souls of planet earth.
The Christian message of detachment from possessions and disengagement in turning the other cheek and in loving one another seems the most spiritually hygienic way of avoiding being sucked into these evil millstones of the soul.

If this is true that Stargate technology exists – where could these alleged jump rooms be jumping to ???
People might well get on some sort of Dr Zorg shuttle in their elite white jump suits – feel paranoid about their chosenness and greatness as they fly above the struggling earth on the primitive antigravity technologies we have been allowed – then they get to their jump station for their ‘stargate universe’ jump maybe in a station on some dusty plain on mars – certainly far enough away from earth to get them into the mood and get their imaginations all fired up – then they go into their jump rooms with a clear picture of where they are going – jump the jump – get abducted and stored in a cubicle whilst they dream the dream finding exactly what they expected to find – living out their fantasies – and then they are allowed to return – though they probably never left the solar system at all.
Some might bring back artefacts and souvenirs that then burst into flames, evaporate or implode but that is because they are made of the substance of virtual reality – exotic matter – probably manufactured and harmonically refined out of local solar energy.
Its highly likely that human Stargate systems devised by the Greys don’t actually go anywhere out of this solar system.

The Greys certainly don’t want us to be self-determined with real operational interstellar technologies in case we escape their thrall.
Whats worrying from my point of view is that the rationale – the logic and metaphysics that gives us the peoples of earth true self-determination in our physical environment isn’t rocket science – but perhaps people are unable to recognise logical truth if they have hive demonology on their backs.
In that case isn’t it time more people got to hear of the miraculous battles and exorcisms of Stella Davis ?


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