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The ABC of Getting Older

The ABC of Getting Older
By AndrewHennessey
When we start out on the path and into our adult creative life we can generally think of ourselves as wanting to get from A – our starting point via our personal and creative skills and attitudes and aptitudes and investments in time and tools, skills development and product and distribution, to the B of our monied outcomes and returns.
Indeed one of our local van-hire companies that took our Folk-Rock band to its dates with destiny and Status Quo on tour in Europe was called A to B van hire. In those times we could often only imagine what incredible cutting-edge tools and processing we as musicians could invest our hopes in. Surely if we bought super-human tools – for super-human money we would be able to easily do the super-human gigs that put us into the ballpark of super-human earnings. Thus went the rhetoric from glossy trade magazines and glib music shop innuendo and so I was able to allocate some money to buy an electric fiddle played by su…

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