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Just in Passing

This blog article grew out of its initial rejection in 2019 by a ‘Moderator’ on George Noory’s ‘Coast to Coast’ Facebook Forum. When I first appeared to listeners on the radio show of the same name in 1998 with Jeff Rense 20+ Years ago presenting a Scottish Report along with Joyce Murphy of Rainbow, Texas, and her ‘Beyond Boundaries’ segment it was actually a privilege to do so, for at that time, censorship in the UK had made it impossible for me to get heard at all.
Even the UK UFOlogists of the day in the late 20th Century thought I was ‘something else‘, or, ‘a nutter’, but then rolling forward to 2019, absolutely everyone is talking about and has published on the emergence of globalism, transhumanism and the posthuman.
In 1998, however, with the trends our Transformation Studies Group had been analysing and discussing – we had been some 20 years ahead of the curve.
In 2019, even a ‘reality challenging’, liberal-minded American Conspiracy and UFO ‘research group’ like Coast to C…

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