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harvesting the negated - outline

HARVESTING THE NEGATED INTRODUCTION In writing a book on being disconnected from God by various entities, one has to attempt to understand how and why we are connected to Him in the first place, otherwise some folks may be tempted to think that disconnection is no great loss anyway. Connection and disconnection to our eternal roots can happen at many levels; supra-physical, physical, spiritual, mental, soul etc and it is my intention here to describe both how we are connected and why, and how we are disconnected and why. I will attempt to describe the hidden or ‘occult’ processes by which mankind is assailed using the ‘no smoke without fire’ – i.e. an ontological argument. Having personally photographed some of these ‘assailants’ though I can find myself accused of mis-interpreting my own photographs, but then there will always be people who are in a state of denial even of the obvious. Although the topic of demonic attack is often subjective and personal, there are many pieces of objectiv…

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