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the picture of the grey that I personally took and own is being stopped from displaying on here - oh well then words will have to do - its a classic cutesy grey standing in long grass - looking a bit grey and skinny - but with a technological orb thingy on its shoulder - and probably wants very much to eat my soul :) the stopped picture was one of several of this being that i was permitted to take at Gorebridge before it turned on its invisibility shield - its a shame really because it made the point about the ancient archons - the greys - those manipulators of the human matrix - although the image is a clear evidential image of an actual being in or near small town Scotland.
I hope that I have painted a scene setting picture that illustrates the establishments complicity and guilt in hiding their arrangement with these dark beings.

a guy believing himself to be of an order of Angelic activism on Earth and with a very important sounding cabbalistic mastercode that explains the third an…

False Signs and Wonders

With Angelic appearances and gems appearing to members of a church in Coeur d'Alene Idaho people of earth will be faced with the question: Is this of God?
In other evangelical meetings there are falls of gold dust and some peoples mercury amalgam dental fillings and dental bridge work turn to gold.
Elsewhere an Angel with wings is on video dancing around a fire.
The gemstones have been tested by a gemologist and seen to be of perfect composition with almost no chemical flaws and were doubtless manufactured by forces and processes outwith our immediate material universe.
Consequently many evangelical churches are praying to God to give them more gemstones and treasures.
For them this may be taken as a sign of the Kingdom of Heaven being made manifest on Earth and a sign of the return of the Kingdom of Christ and the Second Coming of Christ.
There are however consequences for praying for material treasures Matthew 6:20
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither mo…



We often hear from the planetary masters of illusion and delusion that we as humans can think create our own destiny – but then as most human beings cannot see in the same spectra that our anunnaki and archon/grey farmers predators can – there is very little chance of the average human being being able to spot the secret hacking that takes place in our so called free will.
Sure there are Potteresque books of this and that, Tomes of dark arts and delusion and of sad compromises with powers and principalities that then exact terrible prices, but these don’t prepare the foolish for demonic assimilation.

Our forward vision and intention however [in an ideal world – like heaven] if unpolluted can produce miracles of great power and these are noted in the New Testament – but in general the idea that we ourselves by our own and on our own as human beings can do godlike wonders on earth is a scam first recorded in the Book of Enoch as coming from the fallen Angels and the…


Us humans are juicy colours for the Reptilian lotus eaters - as easy as ABC or RGB !!!
Abundance and security, deficiency and insecurity and false integrity visible at a glance. Reptilian Visionary Theosophist CW Leadbeater wrote of this system of energy and colours visible to only a few

GOREBRIDGE UPDATE - Halloween 2011


If you have been following the Gorebridge encounter stories you will probably know that there are many witnesses to the fact that something more alien than is usual is happening at Gorebridge, 15 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

Independent witnesses have been coming forward to talk to the local press, there has been a call for a probe into the misuse of civilian airspace and the sheer number and variety of highly weird things seen on the ground suggests that its Halloween all the year round at Gorebridge.

The story starts innocuously enough in 1999 when John Jackie Gillies reports to what he thought was a credible Scottish UFO forum that he had been filming UFO’s up close at Gorebridge.
We are still unclear as to why a master tape sent to that group for analysis – came back with the UK soap opera Eastenders taped all over it.
Suffice to say that a few lone voices at Gorebridge in small town Scotland were easy picking for the UK Fortean…

The Songs of Earth

The Songs of Earth

Beloved Nature gives me cause
to speak about the truthful law
that holds us in one place,
both energy and matter have
given us the grace to say
that both are one as energy
as energy is Universe as Universe is time
and time is all of space.

Then matter being all of time
is partly in its life delayed
and cannot rejoin to form a whole
because its oneness is outweighed
by movements and commotion
the moving thought of God.
And in this movement matter needs
to recombine
as movement feeds
its end result of form.
Some form is forceful,
some unable to be attracted
to enable union to ensue.

The forceful then a furnace starts,
with purpose now it becomes dense
and light and heat become immense
as light becomes a builder.

As matter grows amongst this power
solids join all in that hour
for what were the primal notes of eight
are symphonies that won't abate
in the mind of the composer
and so, the stars.
As the plasma starts to cool
matter follows matters …

Startan - the 21st Century Tartan Revolution - the Book

Critics - some close encounters on the road

CRITICS - Plenty of people willing to share their gems of wisdom with you.

It must be said that quite often people will write and thank me for having presented my writing to the world. When that happens it really feels like I have been useful in the big picture.
Before I really started writing my eBooks such as Monkeys of Eden, (1999) the Turning of the Tide, (2006) Escape from Earth (2008) and Harvesting the Disconnected (2010) - though there were rather a lot of put-downs.
I present a sample of quotes from some of my social encounters before my writing started to filter out a bit more into the wide world.
You can see from these that the ‘wide world’ had already got to me long before anyone else ever did !!
These quotes illustrate the circus that can descend at a moments notice to suffocate and dishearten seekers after truth.

‘ Hennessey is Demonic !’
Stephen Prior, MI6 Parapsychology, Gullane

‘I’ll introduce you to my Mother !’
Imperial Princess, Star Empire

‘irrational spew’


The Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh is the culmination of many years research into the belief systems of many of the secret societies that operate in and around Edinburgh, the Capital city of Scotland. What is the truth there ? ultimately only Christ - but this CD is a snapshot of who believes what in the land of Templars and Scottish rites.

A Farewell to Dawn

For those looking for the Solan Company's A FAREWELL TO DAWN here is a link to its new hosting site at REVERBNATION (ScottishAndrew)