We often hear from the planetary masters of illusion and delusion that we as humans can think create our own destiny – but then as most human beings cannot see in the same spectra that our anunnaki and archon/grey farmers predators can – there is very little chance of the average human being being able to spot the secret hacking that takes place in our so called free will.
Sure there are Potteresque books of this and that, Tomes of dark arts and delusion and of sad compromises with powers and principalities that then exact terrible prices, but these don’t prepare the foolish for demonic assimilation.

Our forward vision and intention however [in an ideal world – like heaven] if unpolluted can produce miracles of great power and these are noted in the New Testament – but in general the idea that we ourselves by our own and on our own as human beings can do godlike wonders on earth is a scam first recorded in the Book of Enoch as coming from the fallen Angels and their progeny the nephilim.
The prophet Enoch was informed that these dark arts were worthless and because they were taught to the race of Adam – the Fallen were permanently banished from heaven.
Somehow the race of Adam is caught between the dark ages of the nephilim and their deadly illusions and the idea that with self-determination a human being can become a powerful god.
On this road very often in history, Providential acts of God our Fathers Angels will meet us on the road to help us make choices other than what the dark stuff wants us to do.
Of course if the fallen were so good at these worthless arts they allegedly practise then they were always going to be masters of the universe every day and never going to be short of lottery numbers, interstellar spaceships, interdimensional portals and mountains and stockpiles of magicked things precious beyond the human dreams of avarice.
Masters they are not, gods they are not – hungry they are though and happy to create piles of things we desire if they can feed from us.

We probably realise that the Reptilian Anunnaki didn't need mankind to make technology in our 20th and 21st centuries to enable them to travel anywhere - including mars.
Caverns and satellites full of fallen technology has for millennia been accessed at a whim during some timeout in some muddy campaign of pointy sticks and chain mail.
Why oh why has it got to be us that’s in the muck and misery and disease and specially concocted disease-ridden primitivism at that.
The answer is that Earth is all about reality creation of the darkest order.
Fallen diseased Angels, confined here in this continuum have been creating ages of darkness, images of disease and death to drag the race of Adam down into the darkness – so that we cannot ascend to Heaven.
They hate our Father who created us and know that we are allowed choice and temptation that we may become more mature and responsible.
The fallen and disconnected soul-hungry dark Angels have an agenda to farm and milk souls. Their other agenda is to take people from the race of Adam away from eternal life, their true inheritance and down into that way of death that the condemned are travelling.
To do that they must create millstones of material temptation, delusions and nihilist goals to darken the human vision and aspirations.
This reality-creation vision sold by people like David Icke is certainly an absolute must have when we get free of the demonic matrix hive hacking our minds and spirit beyond our capacity and imagination and processing to comprehend. However although Humanity doesn’t often develop the ability to facilitate advanced spiritual miracles – the dark Angels on the other hand weave their disease-filled real-time illusions as dark Hollywood visions of hopelessness, or bestiality and brutality and disgraceful things and unhuman things and visions not of the Heaven from whence they fell but of dark distorted dystopias and living hell.
Or they manipulate the human social environment to distort it into a lifeless or malignant disease.

In order to take the race of Adam down and render it into a food source – it being generally creative and imaginative being so close to the Father, our Source of all [John 15] there must be woven visions of dark roads in front of us.
Fear must be instilled in our hearts, both spiritual and mortal fear for our lives and our sanity and we must be invited to create contingencies – to be tempted to externalise the outpourings of our gifted souls into this dark nephilim-controlled time space continuum of materialism.

Thus we hear of the alternatives to global destruction and cataclysm where groups of elite humans in companies like Skunkworks [Lockheed] are sending human beings down mechanised portal wormholes in constrained energy packets to places like Mars.
Indeed the drama develops because somehow humans who are then completely retaught physics and acquire new scientific laws are recruited from the mundane charades of academia to save their redundant lives in some super space program.

The Lockheed Mars thing for example is alas just a snare for creative minds and intelligence - and is set up to promote a feeling for those ensnared of false continuity of life – surviving with cans of beans and nice ET’s on some new beginning - getting humans to project their own vision not into eternal and creative energy over matter Christ - but material constructs and futures in some dusty desert made and externalised allegedly by human hands.
It wasn’t as though humans originated this technology on Earth by themselves in the last 150 years.
The genuine hardware has been sitting in the caves or diving in and out of the sun going to warp for millennia.
The vision of science and technology needing creative input for communal advancement in this case of the special chosen ones – isn’t because human beings are being chosen for their ability as masterminds.
Their desired creative input is not their technical ideas – but their spiritual and soul essence investment – they are being entangled in the snares of dark materialism for the life essence that is in their souls.
A much coveted life by the fallen.
The chosen special ones for this futurism scenario [delicatessen] are perhaps being desensitised and processed to be stable and confident outpourers in a hitek environment. In some DUMB or stellar outpost they can reliably and confidently outpour their essence but buying the illusion of the material devastation and the temptation to play gods of reason to create perpetuity.
The ‘special human’ exposure to Anunnaki and archon hitek technology though is more akin to being liberally sprinkled with spiritual and psychological preservative in some meat packing plant.
Disorientated livestock would tend to produce less soul-milk.
The vision of an opportunity to play god is so that they would choose to submit and to stay down here on the deathly road with the fallen - thinking that somehow the little they knew would be an investment in some future continuity of themselves on the 3D road of death and dust.
Reassuring elite visions of special and valuable humans are portrayed not because the humans are actually special and valuable - but in an effort to buy and scam their consent, to agree to become entangled – to empty out their life-force.
They consent to no good future - they not being reptilian .............

What place in a hierarchy of fallen energy vampires is there for a relative monkey with fractional knowledge and inhibited DNA whose consciousness is only relatively two-dimensional ?

You can see these same darkenings of the vision take place for and upon the masses on the perpetual conspiracy lists – Y2K – then the posts reappearing again with dates and details changed for 2012 – invaders here, toxicity there, economic collapse, meteors, comets, disasters, intriguing and engaging scientific lies and injustices, eugenics, brutality, social and political betrayal, failure of democratic and economic due process, racism, anti-life, disease bearing ideologies.

Such is the reality of the Fallen angels however in that very little of these dark conspiracies are actually untrue – most of them really exist.
Our upward heavenly vision though is continually being worn and weighed down to the dark visions of disease we read of on the net or are featured on our television or that we meet with on the streets.

All of this is so that the race of Adam will not look up to Christ and the miraculous intercession of the Angels of Light and the Saints.
With our Churches cynically polluted to turn away the weakening from the path and new ideas posing as a prospectus for human godhood - humans so tempted put their eyes on and project their vision and intentions on the dust road and mars rather than the high road to heaven and Christ.

The dusty road of eugenics and UN Agenda 21 – our blue skies filled with fear and toxins – no mountain high enough or cave deep enough to avoid earth changes or cosmic flares.
People like Laura Magdalen Eisenhower didn't need to go to mars on any piece of junk made at Lockheed – the fallen beings have had access to this sort of technology on and under earth for a very long time.
In this context the scam of the 'human special ones' is all about stocking up a reptilian delicatessen for the shortfall in lifeforce once the human depopulation cull has rolled out in full force.
Black Ops Lockheed in this context is nothing more than organic farming for the nephilim. It is one of many such rat runs for those who choose to operate in the Anunnaki controlled labyrinth.
It is a reptilian hologram that goes beyond human concepts like nations and states and all the glossary of the human condition.
The vision of the dark road that takes a human being to mars is one of many such visions of alleged human continuity predating on the human confusion about life beyond death.
The disorientated human beings who think they can have a berth in such realities are mistaken – for these allegedly developing star trek realities have no truth in them – they are a fiction of the fallen – a snare for disorientated human beings.

After the death of a human being from the race of Adam who is fulfilling the loving pattern of Christ, i.e. loving others and God and respecting self – which is a loving instinct in the world today that is shared by many who have not yet recognised Christian truth – ie. Those who do the will of God, a human being is beyond the predatory darkness and in the fullness of God can create and facilitate and administer the most wonderful reality.

Once we are gone from here though – we are no longer available for predation but it should be our duty now as human beings of common Source and common future to take the minds and vision of our brothers and sisters off this dark cultural disease that seeks to bind us in service to the Fallen and their little evil grey buddies.

Our destiny is not for dust or to be slaves and fodder or to pretend that Earth is being reasonable – our Souls are for eternal life and abundance.
The fallen know that – and they don’t want us to recognise our inheritance.


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