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The Falkirk Triangle

The Falkirk Triangle Probably the World’s Number 1 UFO Hotspot By Andrew Hennessey of Stargate Edinburgh Tours © 2016 UFO ENCOUNTERS IN AND NEAR THE FALKIRK TRIANGLE In Central Scotland the skies always seem to be busy and not just with the landing lights of jets on their way into our airports. To quote one Falkirk Triangle alien abductee, “They’re here and they’re [still] coming here!” Modern tales of UFO close encounters in Scotland really begin with the ‘Robert Taylor Incident, ’ which took place in 1979 at Dechmont woods near Livingston. Later recorded by the Police as a criminal assault by an unknown or alien entity, a forester working in the area was accosted at night by a UFO as it was scouting over his area of the wood. Several similar incidents were to follow in this central region of Scotland, stretching from Stirling to Falkirk and back to the southern fringes of Edinburgh, which has now become known as ‘The Falkirk Triangle’. These and similar incidents presen…