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Interdimensional Activity @ Gorebridge


A Scottish Abductee

Christiane Burns
Is part of the living tradition of Scottish folklore and close encounters. In her childhood she recalls … ‘There was a small figure against the skyline at dusk. Mother was taking us down to the village and when I told her there was someone there she said, ignore it, keep walking. The village is Clachan, Western Scotland, and it would be the hill to the north of the village. There was a small house in the big wood, built under an overhang of rock. Slate roof. About as tall as me. I was 15 when I found it, never seen it before. There was a weird feeling about it so I moved on very quickly!’
We know from the folklore collections of; Banks, Campbell, Kirk etc that the little people or greys or faeries, or archons or djinn or elementals or demons have many such places throughout Scotland, and are thought to be responsible for huge cavern systems, small surface dwellings, technology, historically abducting people and of allegedly conducting hybridisation experiments and fe…

The Holy Spirit with a Scottish/Celtic Saint

THE LIFE OF ST KENTIGERN from THE BOOK OF GLASGOW CATHEDRAL, GLASGOW, 1898,Meanwhile, during Kentigern's absence from Glasgow, the people of that neighbourhood relapsed into paganism, and, at the same time, it is to be gathered, the kingdom fell into confusion. Reading between the lines, it is evident that the strife of the period was between the influences of the old Druidism and the newer Christianity. At first, apparently, to judge from the flight of Kentigern, the Druid faction carried all before it, and the old victories of Arthur, thirty years before, seemed likely to be reversed. Presently, however, there arose a new king, Rhydderch, son of Tothail, 2 who had been baptized in Ireland, and who turned the tide of fortune in favour of Christianity. The strife culminated in a great battle, fought in the year 573 (" Annales Cambrite.") atArdderyd, now Arthuret, near Carlisle. In this encounter the pagan faction was commanded by Gwendolew, and the Christian by Rhydderch…

THE WICKER MAN Tradition in Scotland

THE WICKER MANFrom the Book of Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow, 1898Fullest of all, however, in his description of the worship carried on in these Druidic temples, is Caesar himself. The whole Celtic race, he declares, was given over to religion, and it was the custom for those afflicted with grievous sicknesses, and those engaged in battles and dangerous enterprises, either to sacrifice other men as victims, or to vow themselves to the sacrifice. At these oblations the Druids were the ministers. They judged it impossible to appease the mind of the gods for the life of one man except by the offering up of the life of another. Sacrifices of this sort were publicly offered. Some of the tribes were in the habit of weaving wicker images of huge size ; the interior of these was filled with living persons, fire was kindled below, and the whole reduced to ashes. Such sacrifices they deemed highly pleasing to the immortal gods. The sacrificed were generally persons taken in the act of murder or th…

Toxic Spirits

We think, generally, that if we are part of the socially serviced west with our HD TV’s and playstationed kids that we’re doing well as people – and can take it easy whilst being cosseted by popular culture. We can immerse ourselves in media and humor and visions of people in adverts with computers that actually work properly, whilst the uncomfortable visions of starving and abused children and animals, are sandwiched between the next Hollywood bloodbath.
With religious hypocrisy giving us no reason to embrace a spiritual rock in this flood, many of us have no compass to orientate our process of understanding and discernment of the uncompromising and desensitising brutality that is pounding our souls.
A case in point is an advert for a ‘humorous’ film – where a guy is driving some animals in the back of his convertible down a freeway. One of the animals is a giraffe – and its head and neck soar many feet above the car. Next we see the driver approach a very low bridge at speed. Without see…

Anunnaki - they live

Films about them get stopped in their tracks, online textbooks get edited out, truly history belongs to the victors for a short while. What we know of the Anunnaki today - their good guys and bad guys would have been the equivalent of letting Tony Blair write the definitive history of the Iraq war !!
In the last picture we see the half fish half men reptilians drawing from the tree of life with their pineal gland pine cones - getting juiced up on natures free energy.
What evidence we have of some of them today is of youtube videos of news readers salivating so much over the thought of conflicts that they lose their form and half their face goes reptilian.
Plenty of photoshop jokes made with leading US politicians but this should not deflect from the reality that is appearing even on our prime time television. They Live.
Perhaps also many of them live well - without a world of hurt and disease needed to sustain themselves as their fallen kindred milk the juices of the grapes of wrath …

Ancient Anunnaki and Greys versus Humans

The Narmer Palette 3100 BC image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons shows the horned giant motif, in our century the devil, it shows the triangular all-seeing eye of the Illuminati/Anunnaki and their giant proportions in relation to humans - also seen in proportion is a bunch of greys levitating and stacking up the human dead rather like the visions of imps in hell.
This image of god-like rule and justice incorporates in 3100BC that is over 5000 years ago  - all the illuminati information that many of us are familiar with today as it plays out amongst our manufactured nation states with their handicapped sciences and technologies.

The 2 sided plate is alleged to depict the unification by victorious battle of Upper and Lower Egypt and can be dated to almost 4800BC and somehow related to the onset of the age of taurus - regardless of the headline events it is commemorating - the depiction of various non-human-looking beings in their 21st century familiar relative sizes and proportions indicate…