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Gorebridge UFO hotspot - summer 2012

As of end of summer 2012 there continues to be Ufo activity up and around the Camp area above Gorebridge. Cameraman John Jackie Gillies is still filming large semi-visible structures over the Gorebridge area and has recently started taking pictures of the smaller stuff drifting about the fields to the south near Middleton.

 Mr Gillies continues to film very large Ufos heading north at very high altitude and has started to arrive at the idea that these are in fact closer to Earth at gorebridge because they may be originating from the ground within a 20 mile radius probably in the hills south of Gorebridge.

 Other stories emerging are of very old Templar caverns but this story is on hold just now currently under investigation. Speaking of which - the number of folks with backpacks and walking gear seen around Gorebridge is on the increase and with many more people soon to be buying houses there - it might be that the aliens stay clear of the town airspace - no sign of that yet though :…



Captain Carter's Curious Martian Skies

Having finally watched the panned and hated Disney Movie John Carter of Mars - it was no surprise to me that the film was actually a great B Movie. The theme is that a US cavalry officer looking for gold after the Civil war happens on this cave finds an alien has a fight and gets teleported to Mars from the 18th Century. You can of course tell from the photo here that the cameras in use in the 18th Century were of low resolution and tended to do sepia or black and white. Captain Carter though does deliver his photo artefacts back to our planet. You can see from the images from this Walmart basic webcam mounted on our multibillion space program that there is near field stuff flying about in the Martian skies.
Thats about all we can tell except that its not dust on the lens from viewing other photos by the same camera.

The mysterious hate campaign that panned the John Carter of Mars film was wierd - for the most valuable concepts in that film was the portrayal of the men-in-black type …

hivehead art or is it really a whirlpool ?

In the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh in the masonic labyrinth extension called the Hawthornden wing sits the alleged Corryvechan whirlpool near to where they had the art and industry exhibit with lots of greys in the artwork. This by any stretch of the imagination is no more than a beehive and a barcode. enter the alien matrix in Scotland !!

Cairnpapple hill - faerie hill, Scotland

Re:The influence of the ‘Pictish Brown boy’ ghost/faerie apparition on the discovery of Cairnpapple hill as a major BronzeAge site.

I wrote to Tam asking him to confirm the story that during his childhood at a picnic on Cairnpapple hill with his mother and brother that his brother who had gone off to play had given his new coat to a ‘brown boy’ on the hill who subsequently disappeared with it. I also asked him in the letter if this event had been influential in his mother’s later campaign for archaeological digs at the hill in the 1940’s that led to the discovery of the hill’s true significance in Scottish history.
Tam said that he was most interested in my letter – which also recounted my own experience on Cairnpapple hill with the hilltop shaking and the sound of a stone door grating open in a cavern somewhere below.
He replied that both his mother and grandmother did generally believe in little brown men in the Pictish tradition. They had seen visions of these ghosts or beings on …