Gorebridge UFO hotspot - summer 2012

As of end of summer 2012 there continues to be Ufo activity up and around the Camp area above Gorebridge. Cameraman John Jackie Gillies is still filming large semi-visible structures over the Gorebridge area and has recently started taking pictures of the smaller stuff drifting about the fields to the south near Middleton.

 Mr Gillies continues to film very large Ufos heading north at very high altitude and has started to arrive at the idea that these are in fact closer to Earth at gorebridge because they may be originating from the ground within a 20 mile radius probably in the hills south of Gorebridge.

 Other stories emerging are of very old Templar caverns but this story is on hold just now currently under investigation. Speaking of which - the number of folks with backpacks and walking gear seen around Gorebridge is on the increase and with many more people soon to be buying houses there - it might be that the aliens stay clear of the town airspace - no sign of that yet though :)

 My new book 'Alien Encounters and the Paranormal' is due out soon and has images and stories from the area:

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More summer 2012 briefing on link http://youtu.be/SbO_5UhlnOA


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