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Mars Teeming With Life - Disinfo campaign by NASA

I must admit – when I saw the NASA images of the lady striking an artistic pose on the rock and then heard NASA’s subsequent denial and that the object was according to them actually a two inch wind blown and shaped rock – I like everyone else had to have said – you’ve got to be kidding.

This was indeed or so we are being led to believe, ultimate proof of life on Mars. In fact its such incredible proof, such surreal proof from the NASA Spirit Rover that it has to be questionable.
What was going to be next – a gopher in a donkey jacket, yes that happened too – and then maybe also the toons from the Walt Disney epics.
Certainly, as A J Hynek noted – ‘High Strangeness’ is a blatant feature of this alien phenomenon that revels in mind games with the human race.

Then I had another thought about that – alien holograms or no, there is something else that is very very important about the particular picture that the attention seeking alie…

Spinning Magnets since 1890

Faraday's monopolar generator, 1890, Tesla in the 1930's, Townsend Brown in 1938 Adolf Hitler in the 1940's .... a Haunebu-type German flying saucer, similar in appearance to craft allegedly photographed by George Adamski, Reinhold Schmidt, Howard Menger, and Stephen Darbishire.

The HAUNEBU nazi UFO's

A Scottish UFO from Gorebridge; Prints, T Shirts, etc

Relatively Speaking


Triangles in the Sun

Link to Lucy Pringle website - solar triangle crop circle

NASA - the resolution of problems


NASA turns up the compression march 2012 - big stuff seen

shocking compression on images from NASA during a big ufo flap - this image here isn't the big stuff thats been seen - there Was much more - but when I looked through the NASA stereo sun camera march archives - all I could see was orange lego

Andrew Hennessey's Weblinks Page

www. WEBLINKS PAGE LINK This page has links to all my websites, and free stuff. There are links to my ufology and xenopolitics - all of my research material is out there for free. I think its important to keep this sort of information readily available as so many people are affected by the cover up. There's also links to my music and other art projects and some of the tracks are downloadable for free from myspace or reverbnation if you're into contemporary Scottish music.


Our connection to the True Vine of John 15, our resonance with and commitment to the perfect human family and perfect source of Divine human Grace refreshes the pattern of our own ailing soul and keeps us connected to a loving human vision of Heaven, the Way of Christ that heads up and out of the frequency pit on Earth.

When we see the obvious provenance and universal truth behind the physical reality of Christ’s new covenant, we might start the pilgrimage on that Way of Life He suffered to illustrate, that will take us out of our low frequency lives and low ways towards a more life-filled and love-filled abundance.

It is possible to demonstrate an enduring and obvious lawful and universal truth in all things made by God. The central message of Christianity, from the gospel with its new Covenant; i.e. to love one another as ourselves and love ourselves as we love God, is the key an…

The Noble lie or inconvenient truth ?

In politics a noble lie is a myth or untruth, often, but not invariably, of a religious nature, knowingly told by an elite to maintain social harmony. The noble lie is a concept originated by Plato as described in the Republic.
In the case of establishment denial of Ufology the lie also creates a rational bottom line for the status quo on Earth acting like a placebo for those people who would normally be stressed by even everyday stresses of life. These folks may be very content with any rational alternative invented by a man or woman in a white coat.
The placebo effect is a psychosomatic phenomenon in which symptoms of a disease or condition lessen - or even appear to be cured completely - due to the patient being exposed to a purported treatment, in this case the establishment rational explanations of there being no UFOs. The citizen consequently believes that their human condition will be improved, or maintained irrespective of whether the lie has any genuine truth.
The placebo ef…

NASA - giving us the big picture - again

If NASA told everybody up front what was going on people would get psychologically sick with stress - so they officially deny it - because people need the reassurance of some rational story to help them cope with their other stresses in life - but as a safety measure NASA slowly drip drip the bigger picture.
I doubt very much that NASA miss these huge ships by accident - that the airbrushing team was sort of taking a coffee or restroom break when these pix hit the official site - don't buy that - they employ way too many people - and yes they can check them all and probably do. They probably have a monthly allowance of how many they are allowed to release.
There is another side to this too - given that the critters are clearly running about our planet abducting and trying to assimilate us by giving us fear and pain and high strangeness then it would seem in their best interests to rack up the wierdneess - obviously if one of these big mining ships around the sun or saturn turned …


I don't agree with his physics and cosmology - but I do agree with this ...

Hawking also said that advanced life forms may be "nomads, looking to conquer and colonize" new planets. Hawking has suggested that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist, but that instead of seeking them out, humanity should be doing all it that can to avoid any contact.

The suggestions from one of the world's leading scientists come in a new documentary series. Hawking recently warned that malevolent aliens could lead to the destruction of humanity.

Crashed ship on Phobos

Monolith on Phobos - Mars' moon - probably a crashed space ship

Feeling More Secure

Having been listening to the son of a former Black Ops physicist whose father Frank Harvey Ferguson worked on the American ‘Deep Space Platform’ in the 1970’s at Lockheed Skunkworks, I was recently interested to hear that they didn’t use Einstein’s General Relativity on their interstellar program – but had been consulting with a mathematician called Vaclav Hlavaty and also operating with Dr Ferguson’s own unifying wave theory called ‘Constrained Undulating Motion’.
I often wondered whether Steven Segal would be dispatched on one of the many ‘Air America’ secret military flights with a ninja-team to sort out their Scottish liability.
No worries there though as it appears that the local RAF base at Leuchars – currently threatened with closure, and its personnel with relocation and demobilisation etc may have found a couple of people some part time work which will keep them enjoying the local golf and beaches for some time to come.
My phone – currently Leven 01333 on the ESLEV exchange i…