NASA - giving us the big picture - again

If NASA told everybody up front what was going on people would get psychologically sick with stress - so they officially deny it - because people need the reassurance of some rational story to help them cope with their other stresses in life - but as a safety measure NASA slowly drip drip the bigger picture.
I doubt very much that NASA miss these huge ships by accident - that the airbrushing team was sort of taking a coffee or restroom break when these pix hit the official site - don't buy that - they employ way too many people - and yes they can check them all and probably do. They probably have a monthly allowance of how many they are allowed to release.
There is another side to this too - given that the critters are clearly running about our planet abducting and trying to assimilate us by giving us fear and pain and high strangeness then it would seem in their best interests to rack up the wierdneess - obviously if one of these big mining ships around the sun or saturn turned up and was visible - there would be mass panic and therefore mass harvesting by the demonic critters. I've argued in the past that the aliens don't do this because they need the glamour of human distractions in our status quo to more easily assimilate us unconsciously - they keep us dreaming. I've also argued that maybe these allegedly big ships are actually tiny holograms in front of the satellite camera made by the demonic. None of what the demonic does is the whole picture either.
Our skies are not filled with ships horizon to horizon for perhaps another reason. I think its because the Angels of Light are preserving the status quo. That Angels are physically keeping these interruptions to what we think of as normal at bay and out of our sight. That mankind has been given time to choose the Way of Light and Love or choose the Way of Death and desolation and that this time on Earth has been set aside for our evolution by God.
Aliens cannot assimilate all of mankind even if they tried because of the presence of the Angels of the Great Work of liberation of the race of Adam.

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