Andrew Hennessey

I outline a model here which you must not take verbatim true as only the vision within your own heart can confirm or deny it.

When its finally all over and our escaping souls have had turbulent visions dragged off our eyes that manifest as demons or devils that then get vanquished and driven down the frequencies as we ascend, helped by Angels of Light we can finally peacefully take stock of the lessons that we have learned about ourselves from our performance on the global stage.
When we have got clear of the alien design amnesia field generators around our Repto-Grey matrix Earth and we have got to safe distance in either a nearby heavenly zone that is free of infestation or where we can wait in community till we stabilise and purge our consciousness we can talk with our true family about what we have just done.
We are protected by strong healing Angels and Saints guarded as we await true healing and total sentience and total love and heavenly society to come to us. Our healing spirits start to pick up their true inborn speed and start to come back to real life, or our Earthly spiritual disease drags us down and down to the frequencies of the demonic in the planes under our world below.

In those healing moments and places before we take our adjudged journey to the real Heaven as part of Christ’s flock we may meet other people convalescing that were human but were not from Earth as we know it.

John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

By the powers of mind over matter, certain of these other worldly ‘Earth-holiday’ visions are reproduced at community meetings and we might find ourselves talking to other human beings from all over the galaxies in the dimension below that were American or Scottish or Chinese, that stayed in Brooklyn or California or Edinburgh or Tokyo or Moscow and that enjoyed Hollywood – but that the images of these cities and continents and mountain ranges and rivers were all slightly or very different.
In some of these Reptilian made and Grey managed farms, the Rolling Stones rock group originates in a version of America that is as small a country as Iceland, and that Scotland is a place on some worlds that is as big as America or China and that all the major inventors of technology were not from Scotland but from Ethiopia or India and perhaps native Americans wove tartans out of seashell beads.

It is good herd management to be able to do direct transfers of livestock and investments into a known and workable system that new generations of upcoming evolving Reptilians fresh from the swamp can easily get to grips with. They can take their transferable skills with them learned in those human zones elsewhere in the Imperium.

I predict interstellar chains of this Earthworld type planetary prison franchise in place to process the prisoners of an eternal war on soulhunger.

Indeed some Earthworlds might operate different human Earth epochs. e.g. having the simplicity of barbarism and the iron age, some might be in their Mad Max phase and some might have primitive human technologies to greater or lesser extents – none of it interstellar.
In this redundancy, dysfunction and disease – feeding and educating the dark things of the Imperium is the order of every day.

In these other worlds – mere soul-food factories for the Reptilians/Devils and Greys/Demons, animistic human belief systems emerging out of the infestation and manipulation of geography and local materials by alleged beings that promise powers if appropriately solicited or sacrificed to would be in place to drag similarly imprisoned interstellar human souls away from human values of love and commune and into the distorted and bestial symmetries of the self-empowered predator.

It is my belief that God, our Father called for Christ to come to this Earth and that His example of sacrifice was the first and only time that such a torment and ransom is necessary. Christ, fully sentient and aware in the Highest time-space was fully sentient and felt totally aware of every brutal moment to the nth degree in this our dense time-space.

These dark islets and pockets of material relativity at the wrong end of the spectrum of happiness are chosen as the pits into which the Repto-Grey Imperium store and farm their captured assets.

I once had a dream in my youth many years before the film the Matrix trilogy came out and it was a vision of rows and rows of floating black and hitek sarcophagi floating suspended somehow in some dimension and that I was being drawn to one and that somehow it was programmed to resonate with my passions and use them to drive me or weld me into its interface and tomb.
I could not stop myself from being drawn to it – but at the last moment my Guardian Angel grabbed my straying spirit and carried me to safety.

There is without doubt a Great Work of liberation that is ongoing on an enormous scale and it is not a work that by our own hacked human minds that we can engage with or attempt to visualise. We can with our hearts though by prayer resonate as part of that Holy Family of Love and as a plant cell in the greater Vine community [John 15] and draw empathy, strength and support from it and make our contribution that way.

Just how many Scotlands, Englands, USA and Canada and China and Oz and New Yorks and Einsteins and Teslas and Texas and Alexander Graham Bells and Beatles and Hollywoods and Great Walls of China and Congresses and histories of Arthur and Ghengis Khans and Vikings and Renaissances and great human culls using the Black Death there are remains to be seen. However, because we are dealing with a huge Reptilian and Grey warmongering and therefore soul hungry Federation the answer has to be very many indeed – hundreds at least.

Being evil and disconnected from the source because they have turned their back on community, love and the Father the Repto-Greys are a dimension of predators thirsting for life and generally speaking tending to die off unless they can do the HP Lovecraft thing of getting some new stuff trained up from the swamps.
That when it is said that we have to lose our attachments to Earth – this can take the meaning of artificial memories and alleged gifts that have been grafted on to our life as false gifts – but in truth were predatory feeding links by Reptilian spawn.

Getting free of this junk can only happen in a loving community not of this Earth or by the repeated actions of Deliverances and Exorcism on Earth that are somehow able to plug the weakness of character in the victim that can often re-open the door for their kind to return.
In the New Testament it notes that the ones that can come back to fill that niche can be stronger than the first ones.
Healing our weaknesses on Earth therefore doesn’t seem to have too many shortcuts but it is written that Christ will redeem us and that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate of truth will come to us.

Growing in love as a loving being on Earth can fill out and smooth out these dark niches and dark footholds in our spirits journey and bring us closer and closer in sympathy and in power of resonance with our true and strongest and divine pattern of human love in Christ.

The great work of Liberation though in many worlds like this in these densities and planes and also beyond even the Reptilian and Grey continuum unfolds. Beyond our own stay in this uncomfortable and somewhat predictable time-space there is totally facilitated loving community and Kingdom. Here, we are somewhat unhappy with life that can be likened to playing in a football match in a straightjacket and with broken legs – as the other side runs around scoring and kicking at will and generally looking ultra cool in the process with all the kit and connections and accessories that we can never afford.
If we do get these accessories they don’t tend to keep working for some reason …
Here our capacity for despair is being milked – but in truth these days do and are coming to an end.
We have a future that these Reptilians and Greys cannot possess.

Andrew Hennessey


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