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No Halt to the Nonsense

When I was a young man – I spent lots of time after College searching for meaning for the science I had been taught. I remember praying to know the truth behind all the paradoxes I was being presented with. OK so I eventually worked out my system of relativity but always seemed to struggle with who the target audience were and therefore what to do with the jargon. After my development of the general systems theory in 1991 called Tripartite Essentialism which is both a chaos-based natural and physical theory and also a programmable metaphysics that maps onto the physical (universal) theory – I thought that maybe it was just a matter of time before at least the physical cosmology became common knowledge and therefore once the facts had been consistently established by scientific and empirical measurements the metaphysics would then be recognised as part of a programming system for such things as Artificial Intelligence because it solved massive issues like the Halting problem – [Church, Tu…

Teslas three-part relativity

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you'd have the key to the universe" - Nikola Tesla (Sep 1899)

Nikola Tesla was a very brilliant man. and in some ways smarter than Einstein.
Some suggest that later in his life he became an obsessive compulsive and he had to have everything in threes or divisible by three.e.g. 3 stacks of 3 napkins on his table to eat.etc and he would only stay in a hotel room that was divisible by 3, 6 or 9 etc

His early 20th century picture of grand unity and the implications of his physics even today transcend our modern 21st century paradox-ridden failures.

Tripartite Essentialism, a grand unifying theory by Andrew Hennessey, 1991 is based on a system of three, six and nine part ‘logical atoms’ (Russell) whose activity models absolutely every transaction in the universe.
At its heart is six keys systems theory. Tripartite Essentialism mirrors the missing Tesla grand unity theory of Environmental Energy – an aether-based chaos theory…