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Reptilians: Looking After the BroodAndrew HennesseyIn view of the fact that there are many human people on this planet who now see a soul farm instead of some society never quite getting there; scientifically, technologically, medically, socially, politically or spiritually its time I think that we amnesiac, reprocessed and deliberately thwarted humans stopped thinking like victims and whining like unhappy cattle.We can see that the planets surface has been inhabited by beings with interstellar capacity for millennia, both underground and overground, and that what we take for the story of human history and evolution has been severely engineered.We can also see that our so-called galactic brothers and sisters have been party to the criminal processes ongoing here between a Reptilian and Grey alliance acting upon the souls of captives and prisoners recycled through a farming scenario akin to the matrix ideas described by Drew Hempel and Mat Delooze, Paul Schroeder, Whitley Streiber, Ale…

forthcoming - HOW TO ESCAPE EARTH



OUR GALAXY, ACCESSORIES TO THE FACTSOur Dilemma.Andrew HennesseyIt has to cross our mind occasionally – you know – do you wish that they show up … and yet as a bulk exercise for the masses of this surreal Disneyland and alleged social circus – its been up till now a total non-show for the masses.Meanwhile enigmatic ‘be goods’ from alleged good races, against a backdrop of the strip mining of our solar system e.g. Saturn evident both from the recent Cassini probe and as early as the 1970’s with Dr Norman Bergrun’s famous ‘Ringmakers of Saturn’.Its always been interstellar business as usual for this solar system and all the various craft continually showing up over epochs of millennia.We can see archaeological evidence for Repto-Grey society on Earth, yet this place could be simultaneously a soul slaughterhouse and soul hospital.For the souls who are more life-filled – it can be seen as a butchers shop ..yet for some beings it can be seen as an opportunity to do what they wilt anytime a…


MIND HOW YOU GOAndrew HennesseyFor many beings on planet Earth who can move distances between the blink of a human eye, or who can teleport themselves and far view or shapeshift themselves and their appearance, and fashionably remodify themselves at a whim.. life on planet Earth can be somewhat of a breeze.Of course those with overlordish powers seem to accrue all the social advantages by use and misuse of telepathy.If we look closer though we can see that for society and its alleged advantages; the gold plating has lost its shine, the fruit its flavour, the moth taken the emperors clothes and dust clings to the dark and dubious transactions of numerous social charades in an engaging but fruitless impersonation of a real society.Many human beings, themselves genetically incapacitated, slower to process, more biology than spirit always seem to be on some fatal and oppressive treadmill from which they are discouraged and dissuaded from leaving.The cycle of the wheel of time.Many will kn…

28 Weeks Later - Running from the infected (Benny Hill)

scotty fails to keep the locals happy at newbattle ..

Fullmonty Official Trailer (NL subs)

scotty gets a job at the virus lab at newbattle beside the abbey, edinburgh

Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

the full monty !

Blueblood Reptiles in Scotland at Rosslyn

demons and greys

little peoples palace - scottish alien hive

alien invasion of edinburgh

what dreams may come

Andrew Hennessey

It happened again and again recently that I became aware that I was having an artificially contrived ‘dream’ shoved in my face for my perusal.
Let’s put it this way … there sometimes isn’t any option at all but to do this .. attempting to bear in mind that Angels are also by our side too and can also supply us if we get depleted.

Our physical body if its human, needs its downtime, and our Spirits too need to get that feeling that they belong to and are connected with somewhere very beautiful. Certainly I do remember that I go places at night, and perhaps its merciful that I cannot remember the love and the light in these places – though I always remember the one dream I was meant to remember of going through to somewhere very beautiful by a lake in a forest with my friends.
I awoke one morning recently, however, and found myself in a troubling and turbulent dream and then I drifted up a wavelength and found that my guardian Angel was holding my hand si…

Before We Go

Andrew Hennessey

Exopolitics as a movement I think, is at an event horizon.
We have databases of well presented documented facts of an alien presence, facts on the use and mis-use of alien high technologies, industrial collaborations, agreements and exchanges plus numerous testimonies to the fact that sections of the human population appear to have been involved in some sort of barter arrangement that many in power would find it hard to apologise for.

We are no longer impeded by the lack of good anecdotal or industrial evidence or by the lack of miles of good digital camcorder footage from either civilian or military sources. We also notice that an institution like the Catholic Church or some officials of Government would not deny Extra Terrestrial life.
Having got the issues coherently packaged despite being attacked by professional decoys and multimedia fakers our job I think, is not to just sit and defend our kudos but to take the next step as a political movement.
We mus…

chaos, exopolitics and escape

Andrew Hennessey

The problem we all have with the internet in general and also UFOLOGY and our attempts to be exopolitical is the obvious presence of semantic chaos.
Its like somebody has put all our ideas and ideologies into a blender and come up with a chunky and often funky mixture of stuff we recognise but which can be a bit inappropriate and contradictory.
Exopolitics like any other human institution is exposed to the same problems of semantic chaos and its contradictions, often issued from people with the robes of credibility who appear to be no more than professional decoys with an elaborately constructed cul de sac for the sheeple.
These charades begin with credible constructions then end up in cynical science fiction and unbelievable assertions.
The problem with our allegedly human institutions therefore are their inbuilt redundancies that seem to be caused by people who have a mind to deliberately perpetrate chaos.
The anti-human performance of the Uni…

the status quo

Andrew Hennessey

It can be seen from some of our academic material that for some time now all is not right with our view of the world.
We have physics and cosmology and sciences and paradoxes that refuse change and solutions and whole ways of doing things seemingly entrenched in obsolete technologies and fuels and medicines – and we have everywhere some war or rumour of war.
I suggest that things in our status quo have very much been like that every century for thousands of years.
There is always some dark evil wolf of human political fabrication at the edge of the pasture to keep the flock nervous, yet for every century that passes the news of the dark alien underground and what goes on there has always supplied us with stories of magical people and their shapeshifting technologies and often evil friends.
Cave paintings, standing stone carvings, ancient monumental sculptures, European Renaissance paintings, the Roswell first contact myth – we have always had some dysfunction…