Andrew Hennessey

For many beings on planet Earth who can move distances between the blink of a human eye, or who can teleport themselves and far view or shapeshift themselves and their appearance, and fashionably remodify themselves at a whim .. life on planet Earth can be somewhat of a breeze.

Of course those with overlordish powers seem to accrue all the social advantages by use and misuse of telepathy.

If we look closer though we can see that for society and its alleged advantages; the gold plating has lost its shine, the fruit its flavour, the moth taken the emperors clothes and dust clings to the dark and dubious transactions of numerous social charades in an engaging but fruitless impersonation of a real society.

Many human beings, themselves genetically incapacitated, slower to process, more biology than spirit always seem to be on some fatal and oppressive treadmill from which they are discouraged and dissuaded from leaving.

The cycle of the wheel of time.

Many will know that there are beautiful places to go beyond here, up the frequencies or even across the galaxy or cosmos but many are more familiar with the idea that somehow they are incarnated in a society that is a lifeless dungeon and desolate maze that is bereft of the ability to evolve.

The problem for humans, as opposed to tourists or farmers or visiting research scientists is that the artificial social cul de sacs are designed to negate the aspirations because of the presence of at least two farming and predatory species. 1. the dark reptilian and 2. the grey.

We look around us as humans and see ourselves being farmed, we hear the stories of stripping; mind stripping and soul stripping [Streiber, W and Schroeder, P and Kerner, N] and essence stripping [Delooze, M] and have to ask how this is being done.

We can see from satellite photography at flashearth.com that outside the houses of [Hennessey, A and Gillies, G] two contactees and experiencers of negative alien activity that there are two identical spherical UFO, about 10-15 feet across that appear to be on vigil and other photographs by Hennessey show that other observation and tracking units have been designated to float after and follow their target.

Indeed others are visible on satellite photographs at other localities in that area.

Potentially therefore, cumbersome human beings appear locked into negatively performing social simulations amongst a mixture of alien controlling technology, controller species plus a mixture of other highly able visitors.

Non-humans and controllers seem to have no problem remembering how they got to planet earth, indeed historically the art of the ages is full of people nipping out to more sophisticated restaurants for a carry out during the Middle Ages of Europe, and indeed I can also see from flashearth satellite photographs that there were people in my neck of the woods in Fife who had been obviously doing the same thing.

So plenty of people have the number of a good taxi or carrier, and plenty can zip about from here to there – another fact obvious from satellite photography .. you can see streaks of light leaving some peoples houses either the owner or a visitor.

Lots of Human Beings alas are still shuffling about like the many zombie films full of the rage social virus mumbling stuff about shopping malls, directed from here to there by televisual or telecommunications signals of one form or another.

Overhead, would be non-human gods – blast out an abundant harvest somewhere to produce want or engineer an energy crisis from the control room of machines that run of energy that is free and abundant.

Something passing itself off as science goes on about an alien virtual reality farming matrix, [Hempel, D] then an industry makes films about it.

Human beings, according to the UN reports are due for compost, and other ravings that were issued from my once childhood hero Jacques Cousteau disassociate us from what we thought was goodness whilst alien madness calls for a harvest of souls.

The problem with user designed human genetic dysfunction however is that what we take for aspects of our mind and our sleep are artificial imo.

Human beings are prone to memory dysfunction, or a sudden inability to perform at things they have always done the best when important, as if they had never before seen their favourite stuff, [jamais vue], whilst from some torrid dream time encounter designed by non-humans to make us feel bad about our lives and drive us down, we recognise in time space during our waking day .. what some malevolent film director had shoved in our face at night [deja vue].

Our minds can be blanked and stripped and our short terms memory can sometimes be shunted and erased.

The desired end result of this farming process is to break us down into disconnected and despairing beings who have lost sight of the lights of out true home. If the Repto-Greys can persuade us that we are merely stardust or dust, or merely the electro-chemical activity of dust – they can commit us to their matrix or soul dust industry as foodstuff. A reptilian ideology demonstrated in the first 20 minutes of the film called The Golden Compass, where demonically hosted people need to eat dustfood to regain their sparkle.

The human mind therefore, unlike the minds of other non-humans is always getting telepathically played in some way on planet Earths surface.

I have met people [Senior Civil Servant] boasting about verbatim recall of whole libraries of information that they had read whilst on earth, and no doubt others have verbatim recall of their interstellar scholastic achievements no doubt having read their way through whole solar systems special collections, or the University libraries. There is also the Russian boy called Boriska who can remember his time in Lemuria and Mars in great detail.

It is true though that some human beings attempting to reconnect with the past might be connecting to a lot more than they were bargaining for. This kind of past lives recall can also be part of a Reptilian hosting process where the demon uses a soul fragment to create an empathic or sympathetic link. The allegedly ancient memories can be fake.

So what happens to the minds of human beings ? where does it all go ?

Here’s my theory.

When we get born as human, we dive down and down the frequencies and get anchored into biology. This though is not just some happy place to start afresh with a blank slate, a tabula rasa state of mind and being.

When we enter our names on the registers here on earth, indeed when our presence first registers here in this soul farm matrix, our pernicious farmers get our number, our frequencies, our capacities and tendencies, our strengths inherited and innate, our possible tactics and or reason for being here – either from previously held data or by scanning and analysis of our aura.

Then they begin to weave our countersong .. the countersong of the Greys, the song of negation.

Many of us came here with our own family of souls already deployed and many would not have come without their own Angels and friends, but everybody here, one way or another, is here to learn more about themselves and the consequences of their choices and about others and the impact of their choices upon their lives.

Whilst we operate our agenda, the Repto-Grey stuff, like some corrosive ideological health spa, continually strips away the stuff that emerges from our souls, the stuff that we come up with to drive us forward and take us onward through the circus.

Being a bit retarded as humans though, we are often too slow to hold onto all our best stuff, and the negating and stripping process, ongoing and continual, 24/7 takes away everything but the stuff we want or think we want and need the most.

We persistently re-create that.

We may have already discussed prior to becoming human what the best things we want out of our life should be and what our agenda is.

We would not remember our agenda, but our Supervisors would, and they can refresh our minds at the right moment when we need to make a right choice or take a next step onto another level of our own educational game plan. They can also ensure also that our exposure to artificial dream time is regulated and therefore not wholly laced with dark alternatives.

Non-humans probably don’t sleep – they just zip about to any dimension they please – beyond time and space – they can go anywhere and are hopefully free to do so.

Humans on the contrary, need sleep, they get run down and disconnected and emptied out.

If there is a model for this stripping activity that humans are experiencing with their cognitive processes it can in my opinion be taken from the internet.

Our short term memory is rather like a cache of internet files. It is full of evidential files that recognise the places we have visited or surfed during our waking day. The mall, the countryside, the city, the rail terminal, the bus, the car, memorable people we don’t know or know.

All of these places are wrapped up in things that we associate with goodness or badness and many link themselves to and embed by associations in memories of other good or bad or contradictory issues and feelings.

Also alien hackers can hijack our browsers and our day – pointing us towards more negative issues.

Our waking memories are like little jpgs, animated GIFs or txt files or cookies, all wrapped up in little parcels for ease of recall.

Many non-people on this planet will remember these things forever in great detail, but for human beings, in my opinion, these items in our short term worldly internet cache of daytime experience can be stripped out by negative greys by malignant telepathy with or without the aid of technology.

Its probably true but I don’t actually know – that if we were uplifted and taken to a planet where Repto-Greys are not in control, and had no matrix stuff deployed, amongst a society of friends and Angels, our memories and long term skills of all these places we have been and libraries that we have read would mostly all come back to us very quickly and easily.

Our amnesia and cognitive dysfunction in my opinion, is wholly artificial – being a product of the farming process here on this planet.

The benefits of being human I suppose are that if we really really want something very very bad .. we keep creating versions of the same GIF file or cookie time and time again.

We might not have known how much we wanted these things before we became human.

Our minds would be full of a myriad of things to do and people to commune with and times to remember – so we wouldn’t be very objective about our own feelings about some new things within us if we are surrounded by all our familiar comforts and yesterdays.

Time therefore for a visit to that unique acid bath on planet Earth, the Last Resort !! – don’t go alone and definitely don’t try to leave alone without being connected to a loving Angelic grapevine.

see [John 15]


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