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The Prisoners of Earth

THE PRISONERSby andrew hennesseyA Long time ago in the 20th century of Mankind in the sixties on British TV was a long running cult series called ‘The Prisoner’ starring Patrick McGoohan.It was about a rebel secret agent being taken to and held in a place called ‘The Village’ which was a high security mind control holiday resort and various number 2’s in the hierarchy kept trying to break him .. for information – they insisted that he was number 6 but Patrick insisted that he was not a number, he was a free man …. To the resounding laughs of the controller …We all knew that this series was an analogy for planet Earth but in the very last episode of the Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan alias number six gets to meet his captor and tears the mask off finding himself facing none other than himself. Essentially it was the dark side of number 6 that held him prisoner in the Disneyland high security resort.I will argue that this is exactly the real ExtraTerrestrial position for pla…

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Local factors, Some fieldwork, The Story of Hennessey and the Scottish Hive, ‘Interview with an American ….’

The aliens came to Scotland - what was good, what was bad - who would know ... promises, promises, threats and promises - but in those dark nights of the soul - the battle for life and death was being waged in bed - as the trembling lights of Humanity fought for their future and their hopes ... and so the battle for their very souls proceeded whilst deceit, hatred and evil raged and gnawed at the innocent.
For some though, the Angels had truly arrived to guarantor their deliverance.
They didn't wear badges or plastic - but they were keeping it real and imaginable to protect the fragile human spirit from the voracious vampires of darkness that fed on the despair of the mad and the lost in the great times of social trauma and dying.
Hennessey was one of the lucky - he knew less than most whilst in his human ignorance was the key to his d…

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‘It Begins …’
Scotland’s unique and eternal contribution to the Cosmosand how I came by the very idea. These are excerpts from my Journal from the days when a B Movie alien was thought to be scary. Strange tales precede strange times, strange truths so I have altered some details only slightly to preserve the identities and make a record of what is so that we can discuss what will be.Up in Glencoe, after a deer shoot gig in 1996, I am lying in my bunk bed in a room in the staff quarters, having had a good few glasses of Islay malt, Laphroig I think, and exchanged a couple of tall salmon fishing tales with the local Gillie. Listening to the howls of the banshee winds through the old pine forest, a dark winter sky outside, suddenly into my mind appears this grey lady with dark eyes, with a black robe of the most beautiful and intricate weave, and she then embraced me, suddenly showing terrible white fangs and si…