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Local factors, Some fieldwork, The Story of Hennessey and the Scottish Hive, ‘Interview with an American ….’

The aliens came to Scotland - what was good, what was bad - who would know ... promises, promises, threats and promises - but in those dark nights of the soul - the battle for life and death was being waged in bed - as the trembling lights of Humanity fought for their future and their hopes ... and so the battle for their very souls proceeded whilst deceit, hatred and evil raged and gnawed at the innocent.
For some though, the Angels had truly arrived to guarantor their deliverance.
They didn't wear badges or plastic - but they were keeping it real and imaginable to protect the fragile human spirit from the voracious vampires of darkness that fed on the despair of the mad and the lost in the great times of social trauma and dying.
Hennessey was one of the lucky - he knew less than most whilst in his human ignorance was the key to his death or his life.
Were his visions true. The last I heard of Hennessey - the SAS were going to take him out - and it wasn't for lunch ....
His internet transcripts were much sought after - they served as a warning - it was a pity then that no-one asked him if the Zeta-Reticulii were real and if they were claiming him.
No-one sought to ask him why Zeta security forces had protected and shielded him from starwars attacks.

Perhaps no-one truly cared as the insidious evil that invaded Scotland had so far failed to hit him with several Photon Torpedoes in the hillsides of Fife. US intel did ask a few questions - though - well we thought that it was American Intel - maybe it wasn't.

Shortly before Molton Howe got in contact, the NSA sent in one of their cryptos to freak him out - this is what they sent him.

‘Molton Howe, abductions of Cow, and what she said …’

QUESTIONS: on Light Beyond the Darkness :
by Linda Molton Howe to AT Hennessey.

LMH You wrote, "I finally worked up the courage to explore Spiritualism and trained as a medium at Albany Street in Edinburgh for over three years ..." What provoked you to go from your visual experiences to trying mediumship?

ATH I could hear, smell and see people, colours and events and found that I was communicating with people who appeared to respond to my queries and or surprise in ways that convinced me that I was hearing new information.

LMH When was the first time you saw the beautiful Watcher? Could you describe her in more detail? Is she the same as your "guardian" mentioned later?

ATH I saw her in 1979, and she was feminine without glamour - a bit androgynous she was kneeling at my pillow one morning as I awoke.
I understand that too many visuals could set up a train of dependent thinking which would be unhealthy for me since my life is more about external action.

LMH Intuitively, what is your interpretation of "ah, another slave" by the "man with western clothes, dark hair and big glasses?"

ATH He was one of the many non-human predators of the lower 'astral' and I don't think this guy had a body on the planet.

LMH What is your gut reaction about the meaning of green breath and clouds of green energy with the priestess? Was it a dream? Out of body?

ATH Its my life essence - and she had to be a prana vampire.

LMH Assuming that your experiences are out of body, how could the three people seated around the open ledger harm you?

ATH I think that they had intended to somehow programme me into their itinery for certain people here incarnated .. the inference with the building I was in was one of worldly wealth and power and that they somehow wanted control of my soul.

LMH Why did you know the genetics of the "blood fruit" was human?

ATH When I looked at the tiny organs at the centre of the orange ... I somehow knew that they were human ...

LMH Have you read the books, "The Watchers, Volumes I and II" by Raymond Fowler? Abductee Betty Andreasson has interactions with spheres of light and glowing humanoid figures that play games with spheres of light.

ATH no

LMH Where did the light beings take you that healed your heart and gave you courage to stand fast? What did they do with you to accomplish the healing and strengthening?

ATH It was a very complex experience ... it was as if the formless beings lifted ideas from the human world of form and turned them into harmless theme parks for play which they constituted ... I had the idea that somehow the Dualistic 'mother and father' manifested there in these 'magical' places more readily and that I was somehow participating in a new and fresh universe as though it had just been 'birthed', and that the energies of the dualistic soul that had been created from the foundry [very Nordic context] were a mansion in which visiting parties were welcome to participate.

My soul was shown a vision of eternity and of different ways of being and that that put my temporary worldly problems in perspective.

LMH What does "They (light beings) create vistas for other beings to dwell in and through co-evolution and participation in the experiences of the souls just come from the world of matter, they spread a communal joy amongst the participants."

ATH That's a reference to the 'theme park' idea ... but its as if the magical ideas that they create somehow manifest in the physical world.
There was a point where these gentle and beautiful virtual reality experiences seemed to be defining what I would do in the world the next day - and with whom I would meet and interact. Sometimes the gentle difference of opinion in those visions would be physically very terse and upsetting ...

LMH What happens at night when you "rush towards" the bright pin-prick of light?

ATH I don't get recall for that ... usually I see a point of light like a star or a UFO moving about, I have seen points of light like the constellation of Orion behind my eyes.

LMH What work were you doing in "an out of town lab"? What is the Bush Estate at Roslyn?

ATH I worked at the Institute for Terrestrial Ecology in the tropical reforestation for Nigeria project.
The Bush estate is a huge multifunctioning lab and research complex more famous today for its cloning experiments and dolly the sheep.

LMH When the floating Monk provoked your third eye to open, what did you first see?

ATH I was more into spiritualism and trying to 'reach' across the divide then, but I started to change my attitude to my experiences and realized that as I awoke, I was part of something infinitely richer and greater than my life then was.

LMH What is "Magdalene’s" in Portobello, Edinburgh?

ATH The Magdalene’s are a housing estate.

LMH Intuitively, do you think/feel that the "2-3 foot high silvery sparkling sphere hovering 3 feet above the carpet" is extraterrestrial monitoring technology? Or a probe from another dimension outside this space/matter/time universe? Or a life form itself?

ATH I thought that it was some sort of portal.

LMH "I have memories of strange child-like grey people and a feeling that something wonderful had happened - of white rooms and scientists and many happy things." What wonderful happened?

ATH This is the craziest thing ... my guide told me that something wonderful happened and for a moment I was certain too - but absolutely zero.
The abduction experience represented itself in my mind like a cartoon strip or cinematic frames and in each frame was an event ... I do remember feeling that I really want to hold on to these memories because they were so fascinating .. but as I tried to focus on the images I had of the event, they simply faded from my grasp.
I would still like to find out .. but no-one has offered to regress me as yet.

LMH 1985: What are "forces of darkness?"

ATH I was having a bit of trouble with all sorts of things to which I gave a heading.
In 1985 I was working on a book called 'the jasper key' and had come to the conclusion that something rather alien was giving humanity a bit of a problem - having seen the internal evidence of it at work for myself .. I developed my own conspiracy theory .... however Roberts and Gilbertson published a book called the Dark Gods ... featuring ideas by Lovecraft and evil forces at work behind the world ... of course all this was new to me ... and I felt that Gilbertson had made 10 times better a job researching his ideas.

LMH What is their relationship to Oriental beings?

ATH I had lucid dreams of a ruined civilization and people hiding in the rubble shooting their ships ... rather like a scene out of terminator2 !!

LMH What is your personal interpretation of the doppelgangers?

ATH I had met some very powerful people in the Scottish Knights Templar who were part of a secret inner circle called star temple or Stella Templum.
The head of that organization was a lady who took me into a building that had a 'psychically' bad room .. and I told her not to be afraid and that I would protect her from the forces within .. she accompanied me to the door and took a step in and told me to stay where I was, I disobeyed - and though she was 2-3 feet away, I was pushed hard away from the door - by some force that she emanated.

LMH Are they programmed androids, androids cloned from specific human genetic material? Are they identical copies on purpose?

ATH I think that they projected themselves for me to see that day.

LMH For example, to put "human copies" back among humans as better intelligence cover for whatever the Oriental beings' agenda is?
Were the 2 visitors in grey pinstripe suits that "could have been twins with strange looking oriental eyes" blond haired? Or no hair?

ATH Brown hair .. western colouring

LMH What is the "evil nature" of the man who tried to approach you in bed before your guardian angel lady pulled you out of your body and healed you?

ATH I was being bullied [I believe] by British Intelligence who seemed to have checked out my bigger sister working in a sensitive job in the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine - personal assistant to the deputy head - then me joining an anti Arab organization [they would see] like the Templars ... who also had anti Windsor motivations ... my phone would ring and go dead and people started doing things to my life ... anyway that's a long, long story too .. !!
Just before that attack in my bed, I had been approached by a man claiming to be an intelligence operative who questioned me about my politics and pushed me around.

LMH What does this sentence mean: "In January 1997 in my flat in Leith, a bright and luminous lady appears to me. She is considered beautiful by her own kind, she is Elven Aristocracy..."????

ATH I was laying there and suddenly this luminous lady in white evening gown, long white evening gloves on her spindly arms, white necklace and belt, and white wispy shoulder length hair appeared 3 feet away.
A bit of a shock, then we had eye contact and a telepathic dialogue began.
She spoke mainly about the origins of aristocratic protocol at her Court, and she asked me if I thought she was beautiful .. by human standards .. well she was a bit strange but non the less beautiful as were her eyes, then she told me that she was thought comely by her own kind.
At this point my guide directly intervened - the first time I had ever heard my guide surprised and she said 'its you, its you' - somehow my guide knew this being and definitely didn't want her to interact with me then - then suddenly all went white.

LMH Is she an android if her skin glows with an inner light? What is your interpretation of skin glowing? Is she from this universe? Another universe? Another time line, past or future? Another dimensional frequency?

ATH I think that her fabric was in an intermediate state between one dimension and the next and that had she chosen, she could have fully materialized in either dimension.

LMH What non-human type do you associate with the "beautiful golden human-looking eye?"

ATH I think that that was somehow 'Nordic' or Elohim

LMH Can you elaborate more about the "awesome detail" in the vision the golden humanoid? Or only eye? shared with you?

ATH The vision was a blueprint not just for Scottish ideas, but all the cultures of the earth ... I saw all of this manifested in a planetary construction programme - and I covered imagery from idea, design, manufacture, fabric, furnishing, packaging, corporate structure, new foods, new technologies, software, media, diplomacy, tactical and strategic politics etc etc.

LMH "The harvest of the Human race, I was told, are the billions of cultural products it (Edainne and Elohim) has managed to create and nurture amongst millennia of war and bloodshed." WHY WAR AND BLOODSHED?

ATH I think that I should have said DESPITE millennia of bloodshed - sorry.

LMH I'm convinced that war, violence, bloodshed, rape, all the self-destructiveness of humans plays some perverse role in whatever Something's ultimate agenda is - but WHAT? WHY? TO WHAT END?

ATH I think that the human race is a temporary shell inhabited by various players from various civilizations, active, passive and neutral - and that we should not see the human race as having anything much in common with itself.
Where and who were we all 100 years ago - not all human ??

LMH "Then an Elohim with Golden Eyes said to me that the beautiful produce of Humanity would be used to teach and redeem the Race from the oblivion to which it was condemned." What is the "beautiful produce?"

ATH The produce that's not weapons or able to create division within community, that is cultural and imaginative and poetic and related to the geography and the real lives of the people and their ethnography.

LMH Did Jehovah do the condemning of humanity? Is Jehovah really a mean, territorial, vengeful E.T. who thrives on war and violence itself? See: Old Testament.

ATH I don't know that - but someone did

LMH Back in 1985, a U. S. intelligence agent said this to me literally:
"We've learned that Jehovah is one mean sonofabitch and one of our greatest concerns is when he decides to come back."

ATH There's probably more than one bad player in this game of reality here ?

LMH Isn't there a contradiction from the sentence, "The harvest of the Human race I was told are the billions of cultural products it has managed to create and nurture amongst millennia of war and bloodshed" - as if war and bloodshed were necessary to create the harvest????

ATH replace amongst with despite of

LMH Then, the following sentence, "Each country, each culture has made and manufactured many wondrous items - these shall be preserved, but of those items tainted by darkness and bloodshed, these shall perish."
What is the "desert World" where the new city Oasis and Gardens are
to be manufactured and constructed out of templates stores on a computer/s?

ATH I initially thought it was Mars and now really believe that it will be the rebirth of Mars

LMH What is the "garden Apples of Hesperides, Scotland, England and France"? Genetic clones are doppelgangers, aren't they?

ATH No these are really apples - it was simply to make another orchard using good stock in the same way that other fruits and produce, flowers etc were to be characteristic of the essence of a culture.
It was to symbolize a newer and more mature 'orchard of New Eden'
It may also mean that Genetic Engineering by a benign species will aid in the reconstruction of Civilization - perhaps on Mars.

LMH What do you mean, "a new museum to the Grail" from every "known Galactic Civilization?" What is the Grail to you?

ATH To me the grail cycle is a quest for the souls truth - and that culturally the approaches differ.
If that's true, then it must produce many colourful vistas and cultural tapestries - all representing the quest of the immature creations for greater glory.

LMH Can you explain your sentence, "The Queen (Sara) of human form would also be surrogate to a Race of new Humans, and that those would evolve from a Union of that species: Dinosauroids/Zeta Reticulans/Greys and Humanity?"

ATH The queen would be a hybrid .. but my use of zeta is tentative because I believe that much of the alien stuff we hear about doesn't necessarily come from the stars, but that the dinosaurs evolved to be a race that looked like our current vision of the greys - I would be hesitant to say that my abductions were by beings from a different star [in my case at any rate]

LMH Why does she lead "a quest for the liberation of Mankind?" Liberation from whom? Jehovah/Enlil?

ATH That's my guess. A crusade to liberate the oppressed from the iron rule of the Lizards.

LMH Union of 3 Houses and 3 Races - Whose Houses? Which Races?

ATH Aryan/Elohim/'Grey' or High Elven/

LMH Why would the Zeta's have any interest in Earth in the first place?

ATH I think that zeta is a generic for a particular appearance and that some beings of that appearance are indigenous to Earth and are the Elder Race here.

LMH Scotland = Center of Learning for Fairest of Elohim/Jehovah/Enlil?
12,000 years or more ago during time of Atlantis? Arthur and the Round Table - were they Elohim ET's?

ATH I have a theory about Scotland - and I believe something really strange happened here - and that this was an Enkay place that got hit very hard.

LMH What is the War of Eden?

ATH I would look at Enoch for those clues ... and to the devastation in the solar system.

LMH What is the Stewardship of the Stewarts that will end?

ATH The end of the bad clone kings, to be replaced by a line that 'may' get it together better.

LMH CONFUSION: If new City of Edainne in Caledonia is to house the best of human cultural and national themes without "dark ideas" - what do you mean: "...but, be warned, for the forces of hell and greed bring their own hell with them to this place."

ATH The place would be protected by a telepathic screen that would magnify the minds and thoughts of those who lived there - it would also magnify imperfections and that some really bad imperfections when magnified could make the bearer unwell.

LMH Especially confusing if "the planet Caledonia shall be guarded by the Houses."
What exactly is the Reticulum Empire?

ATH I had the idea that Caledonia was part of a sector of a large empire,
and that this empire was kept together by trading portals rather like
'stargate' but that these portals could also bridge time and space.
That there was an Empire holding together built up of trading blocks, most of these used ships - and that the portal network had some other important function.

LMH What does this sentence mean? "Images of a Universal software that could generate a tartan unique to your origins and species derived from the vast social database of the Cunningham Intelligence agency. (CIA)"???

ATH the idea was partly humour - for the 'CIA' but the idea for the tartan software I could actually implement if I had the programming skill.
My theory of 3ness/relativity when applied to a database that analyses interstellar cultures would allocate background colours to the tartan based on certain cultural criteria. These would be based on the fabric and energies that it utilizes the most. E.g. Dark Earthy Civilizations would use a dark Earthy colour palette and so on.
Other colours in the tartan would be allocated according to social performance and function, and the physical characteristics of the social infrastructure, and the light threads would be coloured according to the aesthetics and evolutionary tends within the society - relatively dark or light etc

LMH Which "powers at work" are you referring to in the sentence: "The visions of greatness and beauty persisted, and then I knew that the Human race would not perish, for powers were at work."??? What's behind the perish path for Humanity versus what's behind the salvation path for Humanity? And why?

ATH I think that the human race, although deeply flawed, seem to manufacture the most wonderful things in their temporal spans .. that they are an asset known to all long lived species - who send souls here rather like a university or a shopping centre or R&D lab, or as; holidaymakers or predators.
and that somehow the franchise on the human race is about to go up for grabs, and that the fate of the human race will be strongly contested. I don't know much more though.

LMH Please elaborate on this sentence: "Yet more than the Human Race would be saved, for the Greys, and the Golden Eyed Angel who spoke to me, knew of things which are yet to pass
(WHAT?) - but that holding on to these images tired me greatly beyond my Human ability - thus I slept at last."

ATH Its a real problem dealing with interactions between states - these Beings are unwilling to interfere in the job description I signed up for when I was born, but they also respect me enough not to simply delete their interaction.
I am however left with the memory of knowing that I saw more than I remember.

LMH What exactly is the relationship of angels in their frequencies to humans in this frequency?
Why do they bother "to hold our hand through our nightmares?"

ATH It's our life - our choices - from what I understand - choosing a life is bit like choosing a new job - we see the paint by numbers outline of the potential that could be - then we go and put in the colouring in our own unique way.
I'm really glad that I have this support - even though I can't get the lottery number.

LMH Do you have any stories and drawings depicting Sula, the Celtic goddess of the sea?

ATH She lives on the volcanic plug off the east coast of Scotland - the high walled sea battered bass rock - home to the indigenous Solan goose or gannet.
The goddess changes into a goose to dive into the seas of fate to fish for Celtic souls - I have a photo of a painting to let you see somewhere by kind permission. I suppose that she was the original shape shifting Princess who started the changes in Eden

LMH Please explain more your sentences: "Being approached by someone that looks familiar or beautiful and arousing in your dreams does not mean that that person is really there. These beings that live in the bit of eternal forest nearest our world ???? take our energies by mimicking???? The person that we would most like to give our energy to." ???? Why? What's the point?

ATH To us there is no point - in the same way that a fish or a lion feeds.
The human race and body has its nervous energies invested in information.
We attribute great store by its quality and content - but really most of it is simply self-referential labels that we attribute to experience. In reality our minds are full of labels that we invented - and we can live our whole lives in these attributes that we have invented for reality.
The 'vampire/mimic' is probably a life form that doesn't pay close attention to the mountain of human labels - it simply wants to release energy for a snack.
The human body's greatest store of energy is the sexual battery - and that particular instinct needs less incentive to get loose.
The attributes and labels of sexual release in human psychology are probably the ones which the mimic can most readily identify - and by engaging in a transaction that will trigger sexual pleasure in humans using the victims own projected needs - it gains its snack. [imo]

LMH I was allowed to send nearly a hundred questions once to a sick and dying U. S. Army Colonel who had spent time with an Eben (sort of oriental looking with vertical slit pupils like a cat's or some snake's and four very long fingers). One of my questions to him was: Is there any truth to reincarnation? His answer was: "Yes, reincarnation, the recycling of souls, is the machinery of the universe."

ATH I truly believe that too.

LMH Is there really a Devil that the powers of light must contend with in order for humans to survive? For all non-Devils to survive? Does a, or the, Devil have a soul? Are Devils the result of eons of cloning that produces containers without souls?

ATH One mans devil is another saviour - its all relative xtian stuff - but there are probably various good guys and bad guys here now - some used to be the good guys no doubt - and some used to be the bad guys - actors on the stage and all that stuff.
I think that the evil clones without souls stuff is most likely wrong and propaganda for fundamentalists.

LMH If there is a finite number of souls in the Mind of God, then are souls ultimately the hottest items in Infinite Time and Space?

ATH I think that the possibility God has for the creation of souls is an infinite capacity.
thanks for your interest Linda and for giving me the opportunity to think about this again.

In My Cosmological ideas, therefore where deep space has little gravity it also has little time. In reality, when we gaze out at deep space, we may be staring at the dark matter of heaven and that the antigravity technology may travel to the frequencies of heaven much faster than it can reach the distant islands of visible light matter that we call the galaxies.
It follows then, that everything we can see is not of heaven, and that all the things we cannot see belong to other states of Being [though not necessarily all good for us]

In my opinion the relative competition/turbulence between differing mixtures of time/mass/gravity in the cosmos may lead to the formation [i.e. 'emergence' [cf. strange attractor]] of an island/bubble/universe - a set of material ingredients - a Cosmic Foam - whose properties tend towards a particular time/frequency but are actually part of a greater cosmos/ set of ingredients with more variable properties.
Rather like a tropical storm in a weather system.
In this model - there cannot be absolute or regular time for any mini
cosmos within the foam, because of the presence of chaotic variables from elsewhere.
This means that with the nature of time and energy really being chaotic and irregular we may really be a lot closer to heaven than we currently think we are. E.g. Time may stand still, or hiccup, or run backwards, and distance may be no object at all or totally unachievable depending on which way the deep space weather systems are blowing.
We see and measure something but we don't really know 'when' it happened.

I also believe that Gravity and Time are one and the same field - and would cite the atomic clock experiment to demonstrate that - i.e. 1 of 2 atomic clocks was kept stationary on the ground [went slower /more time] whilst the other, traveling at speed at very high altitude, went faster [less time] than the one traveling in the air at altitude - further away from the centre of gravity.
We have restrictions and impositions laid upon us as to what constitutes bodies or shells and scales of magnitude for the soul and what time means, but all of these labels have to be irrational junk that we have all grown familiar with and therefore re-use in error.

If eternity has formless beings in realms of energy then why might they not take up occasional residence in stars, galaxies or photons. Why might they not explore without regards to the constraints of what we think time is ? and, why oh why do we think we know what time is at all ? and what notion of eternity can an establishment that believes in death give to people like myself.

The Hubble telescope identifies a thick soup of galaxies extending towards eternal depths, although an obvious Ensteinian lie for the masses – it is nevertheless a truism.
Yet, I would contend that the biggest cluster of all the matter we can see, and all the galaxies we can see put together, is as big as the smallest photon.
And that that biggest cluster is a 'demi-God' - one of many Beings.
And that being full of living energy has an eternity of possibilities within it, much like the Mandelbrot Set or Koch Curve of Chaos Theory.

For each Being, by my theory of particle physics, is composed of the same fractal and wave events and rich diversity of harmonics, symphony and music.
It is our 'human' mind, I would contend, that has the problem with scale, magnitude and time, which restricts and imposes labels and criteria on the shells and events that it inhabits.
Yet what is consciousness - but an individual endowment of life from some Creator beyond First Cause.
Modern New Age stuff based in Eastern Traditions and the fury of Sataniel, has it that God was a bit lonely, so underwent involution and created partitions .. sort of multiple personality disorder so that he could have a bit more fun.
But ultimately its all just a poor sad joke and empty rhetoric say some Daoists.
That we are not really individuals, individually created but part of a God soup that we don't know about and one day if we keep losing our individuality we will become re-assimilated by God and therefore be 'enlightened and dissolved' at the same time.
I would contend not, however, that the sum of all these 'partitions' is never equal to or greater than the Godhead - rather it is the lesser. To me we were deliberately created individuals, not partitions within God - some with dual partners some without - and in that sense we are the additional, individual, sons and daughters of God.
What therefore is consciousness but the gift of interplay and evolution within eternal possibilities of growth and creation.
I have seen that my consciousness can exist beyond the materials and architecture of this Universe.
I was taken from this Cosmos to interact with Beings of Light, and these Beings were formless, some with partners in duality some without - and they seemed to be beyond the Cosmos as we knew it.
This Cosmos - our cosmos, to my eyes was one Being of Light - one globular Cluster filled with galaxies of possibilities - one consciousness whom we are invited to explore.
There were other Beings of Light gathered round and within these were other eternities - other conditions of Being - different materials, different properties, different relationships between souls and time, some non-dual - some with matter that had 'biased' equations.
And it seemed that these Beings conferred, and shared Joy and laughter and seemed to cherish the opportunity to share and interact with the soul mates of others.
I saw the script for planet Earth and realized that what I saw was the most loving interpretation of the most brutal regime - and knew that in the language of eternity there were many explanations for the justice and injustice that happened on Earth.
The Beings of Light would invent a script between them e.g. 'to be, or not to be' then the other Souls would honour that Being by sharing in their energies and their Cosmos within - by taking up various roles within that play to explore it - painfully or joyfully - the opportunity to learn and evolve from the script was adopted by all who attended the many mansions within the energies of that Being.
Each Being was an individual Cosmos.
The Creation of the individual and dual sparks that we ultimately are, I would contend, occur between at least two poles of the Godhead. There the new sparks of consciousness are birthed initially in someone’s eternity where they collect shells about them and evolve towards a natural equilibrium and balance after many mistakes.
They may become too dense with experience and have to shed or strip back shells, retracing their evolutionary steps having identified a cul-de-sac, or they may make the relative error of being sluggish and not accruing enough experience to equip themselves with a direction.
In Eastern Reptoid sabotaged scripture, the soul makes a linear journey towards re-immersion in the 'soup of God' [nirvana] when, eventually, the ladle of creation dips into the pot and puts out another combination of components which may contain a portion of the re-assimilated soul.
In this we are supposed to feel a scrap of comfort that we will not be all lost - but it is a lie, borne out of the hate and envy of Sataniel who corrupted his own life with the sins of pride. He seeks to make us all feel the same guilt of being an individual that he may in his pride and fury punish his own Creator.
I.e. He wants to make us feel the fear of dissolution - to deny eternity, and to take away from us the pride we should feel in our own identity. He does this in revenge for the mess he made with his opportunity, and to show his contempt for creation.

This garbage philosophy featured in the Virtual Reality Animated Film ' FINAL FANTASY - the Spirits Within' - which was quite simply a reptoid-fest of real and imagined omnipotence.
I know, however that the soul is an individual and unique creation a gift of life and love from the Creator and that we have been given eternity to explore - a garden to play in.
In this model that I name continuism, however, the souls journey continues eternal, and individual or dual.
The soul is always sampling diversity and eternity, never tiring of choice, never needing a reason other than joy.
In this model God doesn't give the gift of individual life to later undo it as Eastern teachings say - but endlessly and lovingly unites and re-unites his individual children with themselves, their energies and their creative capacities in an eternal garden of possibilities.

These are ideas about the Cosmos that came to me near a period of abduction, early 1980's - and I actually experienced these ideas and entities in the first person.
They probably don't agree with the New World Order's ideas on the submersion of individuality in the whole - but there's more to life than bread and water.

In January 1997 in my townhouse in Leith, a bright and luminous lady appears to me. She is considered beautiful by her own kind, she is ‘elven aristocracy’ - she wears a long white gown, her eyes are human like, almond shaped and beautiful, her hair is long silvery and wispy to her shoulders, she has beautiful lips, smiling. She wears a pearl necklace of large pearls, her thin arms are covered with long white evening gloves, her skin glows softly with an inner light. She is an ambassador, she wishes to instruct me in the ways of their society, she is a vampire. I look into her eyes and my world instantaneously goes white, for out of time and space some powerful protector decrees NO !! and I can no longer see anything, my room has gone, my body has gone, all is white. I thought for a moment that I had died, but came too forgetting to note the time. The next passage is the only way I can deal with what I know and feel : I apologize for the nature of the language - but feel that whatever happened to me - needs to be expressed like this. My introduction to what was about to happen was the sight of a beautiful golden human looking eye in my mind that I knew was some powerful being. What then took place was very intense - and very beautiful, and seemed to take me beyond where my intellect and imagination had ever been. The words I have expressed these visions in could never convey the awesome detail and wonder that I perceived - and, indeed, like some revered vision, I must keep the wonder intact - and perhaps separate from this world - though it may yet come to pass - in my mind at least, it was, and is, and is to come. And my Guides gave me a vision of Edainne reborn, the Golden City of Edainne, for after the fall of Eden many Aeons ago, there was a promise made by the Elohim, that a Golden Age would be reborn. This vision gripped my mind for 3 days and nights, and the plan and vision of the rebuilding of Eden unfolded before my eyes. The harvest of the Human race I was told, are the billions of cultural products it has managed to create and nurture amongst millennia of war and bloodshed. Then an Elohim with Golden Eyes said to me that the beautiful produce of Humanity would be used to teach and redeem the Race from the oblivion to which it was condemned. Each country, each culture has made and manufactured many wondrous items - these shall be preserved, but of those items tainted by darkness and bloodshed, these shall perish. And I was shown a Valley on a desert World - made and constructed into an Oasis, where a blend of treated rock, glass and steel produced the most wonderful of Cities and sculpted of Gardens. Walkways of inlaid marbles, trellis and ornamental metals, the best of Human historic Architecture blended with the most ambitious coverage of architectural fabric. And I was told that these buildings and intricate inlays could be manufactured and constructed very quickly out of templates stored on computer, and that several factory ships would be deployed to achieve the construction of this new city. And genetic clones of the garden Apples of Hesperides, Scotland, England and France would be used to create a new orchard in the New Eden. And pools and walkways, everywhere lit by beautiful lighting, seats and summer houses, would lace the valley that the new souls of Edainne would find contentment. A new museum to the Grail would be built, and from the archives, images from that archetypal Quest from every known Galactic Civilization would be incorporated to remind us that love, hope and suffrage are Universal, as is the Spirit eternal. And I was told that in that City, a palace would be built for a King and Queen, but that none would take the throne save by those appointed. The Queen would be Sara and the King would be David. Their lives eternal and young. The Queen of human form would also be surrogate to a Race of new Humans, and that those would evolve from a Union of that species : [Dinosauroids/Zeta Reticulans/Greys] and Humanity. The Zetas having delved into this planet have set up a large resource base wherein they collate the information and economic intelligence of their far-flung Empire. There, they will maintain a gate of Worlds, a portal to many places, times and realities. The Elohim then showed me a vision of the Palace, and of the many beautiful objects therein, and said that none shall be fairer than the Empress Sara of Edainne. It is foretold that she will lead a quest for the liberation of Mankind. I asked from what is it that we must be liberated, and I was shown a dark Crystal and told that souls will become heavy as stone, heavy with greed and selfishness, but that the Age of Liberation will have many leaders. Sara of Edainne will become known as a leader of powerful persuasion for her banner is of the Union of 3 Houses and 3 Races. I was told that the planet would be called Caledonia, after Scotland, and that the City of Edainne comes from Dun-Edain or Edinburgh, where once the Fairest of Elohim had a great Centre of learning at the time of 'Atlantis'. Edinburgh, said the Elohim, will be the place of the 3rd Millennium Returning, where those who were left after the War of Eden still live and gather, and that those legends associated with Arthur and Camelot were not untrue. An end there will be to the Stewardship of the Stewarts when the Planetary Governor assumes the Title and Offices of the Planetary Administration. The Angel said that the planet Caledonia would contain many New Cities, each dedicated to housing the best of the Human cultural and national themes e.g. Oceania, Albion, Japan etc but that no dark ideas would be allowed to take root in those Garden Cities. The City of Edainne was to be the home of Scottish Culture, and that the Palace and its embassy were but the board of a new Interstellar Trading Corporation called Caledonian Interstellar. Above the Gardens and Lamps of Edainne at the head of the valley stands a Great Tower wherein shines a light that can be seen from space. This is the Crystal Tower. Therein are contained gemstones of incalculable worth from every Civilization in the known Cosmos. A place of such statement that greed and money are no more - no more shall the glamour of wealth dull the aspirations, but, be warned, for the forces of hell and greed bring their own hell with them to this place. And the planet Caledonia shall be guarded by the Houses, and that great commerce and Intelligence shall reside there. I then was told that Caledonia shall symbolize a means to an end to the fierce competition of the Trading Races. The greatest market intelligence and data store the galaxy has ever known shall reside there, serviced by the Reticulum Empire. And many embassies shall be made to Sara and David that they may settle disputes. In the City of Edainne shall reside the eternal beauty of Scotland, yet a small part of the Great Human Story told in full by the Warders of these Cities of Caledonia that speak of the most beautiful of Human Creations and Endeavour. The planet, linked by a network of technological craft, will be geared for the marketing and production of the most beautiful of the Human Products; Clothing, Food and Drink, Cultural Artifacts, Arts and Software Concepts - and each shall function to teach of the History and brilliance of the Human Species.
Caledonia shall stand as testament to the wonders of Humanity for as long as eternity can endure. Of Caledonian Interstellar, the board of Directors shall sit Sara and David and the many wise specialists drawn from a large pool. How, I asked would such produce be fashioned - from what, for there seemed to be so much garbage as all things human inevitably come from our warring natures. Beautiful Words and Places, textures and images that capture Scotland - and I tried to visualize, then, a flood of images gathered in my mind; Hebridean Hotels, Kelpie and Clovenstone drinks, Stewart retail, Strathspey designer wear, Caledonian crystals made from the sands of the desert that was once Caledonia by another name. Images of a Universal software that could generate a tartan unique to your origins and species derived from the vast social database of the Cunningham Intelligence agency. Ideas both comical and tragic held me as threads that were uniquely Scottish and lifted directly from my own awe-struck mind - spun a tapestry of wonder in my mind and soul. Nothing beautiful would ever be wasted. And then to me came the image of a game that I have never possessed the worldly wealth to play - a game originated in Scotland - and I realized the scope and potential of this enterprise for Interstellar it could be, Universal it could be. I was shown beings playing Golf. The Angel explained to me that all species of every physique could play this game against one another because it is a game that does not require physical contact, yet retains a communal appeal, being a celebration both of skill and the natural beauty of the environment. I was puzzled at this, but was shown the image of a golf ball floating by itself as if full of technology, then realized what was being shown to me when I saw an image of Computers analyzing Beings by weight and mass within and between species. A handicapping system could enable the smallest being to play against the largest, where the flying robot ball could be braked in flight by controlled instructions from the computer if hit by a large physically powerful Being, and augmented in speed if hit by a small lighter Being. I smiled when I realized that Golf could be made into a Universal game - a Scottish contribution to the Civilizations of the Cosmos of eternal proportions. My mind became distracted as I raced to grasp other Human sports from other cultures. The visions of greatness and beauty persisted, and then I knew that the Human race would not Perish, for powers were at work. Yet more than the Human Race would be saved, for the Greys, and the Golden Eyed Angel who spoke to me, knew of things which are yet to pass - but that holding on to these images tired me greatly beyond my Human ability - thus I slept at last.

However, in the dark Insectoid HQ's of some of the worlds most Satanic organizations which seem to be found in abundance in Edinburgh - there is an identifiable mindset emanating from the membership that has also turned the capital into a Sodom and Gomorrah of western Europe.
But what else could be expected of the Reptoid Priest King Capital of the Planets Surface - the New World Orders 'religious' Capital - the City of Nihilism, Lunacy and Pornography.

Above, the Returning Stars of the Host of Christ, and below, the dark alien iniquity that is the ancient underground evil of Edinburgh.

For me, the story begins in 1980, in Edinburgh, Scotland, for others, there is a much more ancient reality behind Edinburgh and the Lothian’s; Dark Secrets, arcane bloodlines and a procession of Alien beings and Scottish Thrones receding into the mists of time - to the fabled remains of Atlantis, and the Watchers whose magical powers have stretched across the Aeons.
They who have waited, trying to guard the gates of the underworld, who have watched, whose grasp on the temporary hopes of humanity today is still yet to be proven and put to the test - are gathering.
But it looks like that time is soon to come.

Britain, the white isle of Atlantis, of the Hesperides, Thule, the isle of the dead, and isle of ancient tombs and underground secrets.
Scotland the holy land, sacred to the Romans for they put the ditch on the English side to protect it from the south.
What terrible secrets what terrible heresy occurred here that even the hands of medieval monks would alter the place names so drastically.
What is the terrible secret of Edinburgh.

Why did JRR Tolkein base the Lord of the Rings around Edinburgh and Scotland, the Lothian’s were Lothlorien a magical and timeless kingdom. The returning King and his wandering company of Elohim/long-lived atlanteans whom Tolkein called the Dunedain after the ancient city of Edinburgh would one day come again to claim the throne from the mortal men the stewards or Stewarts, that a new age may begin. - A Jerusalem of the ancient world written in the formerly banned books of Comyns Beaumont. [1946/7]

These wandering immortals are called the Elohim, the Watchers or fallen angels, left here for the sin - of nurturing and cloning the human race into existence, and for being the cause of the fall of the garden of Eden. Those angels and the serpent - who gave the clones made from the bone marrow of Adam’s rib, the knowledge that they could yet evolve.
Are the serpents of Eden still around today in underground cities and faerie hills that are dotted all over Scotland, the Lothian’s and the East Coast ?
Are they evolved and intelligent dinosaurs that survived the ice age, warm underground, and who look a lot like many of the ET's we see in films today. Have the invading Insectoid Mantis-type aliens done them all underground by sabotage – and did they get any help to do so from other evil aliens on the planet ??

Are the UFO's in the UFO hotspot around Edinburgh really all extra terrestrial or are they the beginning of a new dawn of civilization in Scotland.
The elves and faeries of the Lothian’s, Tolkein’s magical kingdom of Lothlorien are coming out to meet us.

There is an architectural folly - an ornamental building built on a Midlothian estate that was built to demonstrate that Edinburgh was an ancient holy city surrounded by the 7 hills of a Scottish Jerusalem.
Descending into the crypt, like raiders of the lost ark, a staff one cubit long is placed in a receptacle, and at the transit of the sun, a shaft of light streaks down a carefully angled shaft creating a shadow that was anciently called the tena brosa - the shadow of the latitude of Jerusalem.
What secrets lie within the buildings and monuments of the Lothian’s - an American church of Antioch claims that when all the dots are joined up we can clearly see a stargate - another Canadian organization sees the city of Edinburgh as the worlds Camelot.

Edinburgh was a secret and holy city, Camelot or seat of Arthur, and the ancient kingdom of magic and teaching.
Yet underground, the abductees of Edinburgh and the Lothian’s are continually taken to the stone halls of the elves or the greys as we now call them.
The central Edinburgh cathedral of St Giles, the Temple Mount of the ancient Jerusalem has the stone carved head of a grey inside its walls.
Who were the mysterious Dunedain as Tolkein calls them, or the Elohim or Watchers as they are called in the Book of Enoch, the first book of Jude in Ethiopian Christianity, and what were their doom.
In the beginning, the world was populated by intelligent dinosaurs, but comets and devastation saw their remnants set up cities underground.

One of the fallen Angels who taught artifice was called Tubalcain and much revered by the Masons as a God of Craft. His statue stands unrecognized by the University Students in St Patrick Square in Edinburgh.
A plea was made by those of the human race that were stable to the Galactic Emperor, who dispatched a fleet to subdue what was now a rebellion backed by the Reptile species, and their allies.
Many great works in this solar system were destroyed by the conflagration that followed, as battle became engaged on the planets around the Earth.
The 200 followers of Seth were captured and imprisoned and judgment passed on them at Mossmoran for having created the genetic shells which could be inhabited by lower, less evolved daemonic spirits who could not recognize our lives and who in their gigantic chaos of disparity of scale and magnitude, were the original bulls in the organic china shop. [e.g. The Ethiopic Book of Enoch] we had brought ruin to our stupidity.

The Fallen Elohim were then bound over on Earth on orders of the Emperor to watch the following 15 millennia of slaughter as punishment for their crimes until the return of the Task Force in 2012 AD. The most evil of the captured were decreed to remain underground - and the bulk of the armies referred to as the Grigori in the Ethiopic Book of Enoch - were detained elsewhere.

More, they contain evidence of harmonic theory and a knowledge so advanced that it would have taken a special science and a special set of senses to utilize it. Some set of senses that are not at this time Monkey/Human.
The pyramids are twinned with identical geometry to a temple in Thailand and show that a planetary mathematical grid was in place. The pyramids of china, south America and the mathematical temples of Europe, from Delos in Greece, to Rennes les Chateau in France, to Stonehenge and to Central Scotland, are evidence of a planetary civilization of great advancement. Traces of the Coca plant found in Egyptian mummies show us that an ancient and learned civilization used to encompass the entire planet before Lucifer’s death star got here and started melting and vitrifying all the forts with its high energy weapons in Asia, central America and Scotland.

At what point the Empire intervened it is not yet known, but
Wars followed them and the Elohim were then doomed to wander, with their peoples but their base was Dunedain - Edinburgh ! It was to Scotland that they brought the powerful black stone - the stone of destiny after the fall of Atlantis and other artifacts.
The stone of executions though could be any stone as it was the weight of guilt that brought us to our knees in our bloody prime.

It is said that one of the crimes of the Elohim resulted in the birth of giants - so who were the two giants in the stone sarcophagi at a grave near Cairnpapple hill in West Lothian - people so big that their legs had to be broken at the knee to fold them into their coffins.

Ancient Arthur and Merlin ruled these lands. Merlin a magician half lizard, like the legendary daughter of King Lot of the Lothian’s - hybrid children - a Union of the Reptilian Elder races of Earth. Merlin is buried at Norham on the Tweed.
The Firth of Forth translates as 'the way of ways' as it leads the traveler to the white isle of the Hesperides - to eat of its golden apples at Roslyn orchard. Whilst the Isle of May or maidens can be found to be called Avalon.
The alien Watchers or Elohim are immortal but focused their attention here in east central Scotland and up the East coast of Scotland to the charred and melted remains of the human forts around the faerie kingdom of Rosemarkie, known to locals as the 'centre of the Universe.'
Camaelyn, near Falkirk near the source of the Forth, is thought to be a site for Camelot, heart of the UFO Hotspot near Bonnybridge, where there have been thousands of sightings, and hundreds of abduction stories. Also so has a site near the Scottish borders town of Roxburgh, where a Roman Cavalry fort was established in a defensible neck of land created by a very large hair-pin meander in the river Tweed.

The 7 apocalyptic hills that surround Edinburgh and other cities too, are spoken of in Revelations, whilst the several claimants to the bloodline of God and the throne of the holy land of Scotland, parade in the streets and in secret conclave. Perhaps they are unaware that the Steward ship of the Stewarts is coming to an end - that the returning King will be an Alien.

Overhead, some of the most intensive activity of Unidentified Flying Objects anywhere seen take place. From mass alien landings in Falkland, Fife, the biggest recorded event of its kind in the world, to the thousands of erratic wandering stars and low level UFO's and Black Triangles seen over the rooftops of the Lothian’s, the area is steeped in non-human tradition.

In Falkland, Fife there is an intermingling of the sacred Traditions of bees and Hives and the Stewart Bloodline, whilst on the standing stones are carved snakes and serpents.
A video of a Black Triangle was somehow acquired by a chap who flew into Edinburgh airport on a private jet on loan from the Rockefeller Foundation and jetted the only best available evidence out of Scotland long before any Scottish researcher had heard about its existence.

Men-In-Black hound abductees, Black helicopters, Greys, - the bemused population of Falkirk and west Lothian think nothing of chasing the UFO's south down the motorway on a Friday night.
Watches are set up at Tarbrax near a reservoir - a site of a famous abduction, but little is seen in the hills other than strange uncommunicative American troops.
Strange Pizza vans with no lights and one aerial too many drive round in circles out on the desolate moors of Bonnybridge near the hotspot, and investigators are being impersonated by mysterious people.
It has been impossible to borrow maps of underground Lothian’s from the national library at causewayside - these - after an arduous interview process with someone from 'upstairs' are declared to be in transit somewhere - so say 2 researchers who had wanted the maps for different reasons.
Meanwhile, newspapers, TV and media try to ridicule the hundreds of people coming forward, but can't laugh off the mounting camcorder footage as incoming to Edinburgh airport.
The corroborated photo of a Mexican hat type UFO over princes street which appeared in 1997s UFO magazine, and others subsequently appearing in the evening news had everyone talking, but recent press silence doesn't indicate a lapse of activity here in 1998.
What were all the strange little earthquakes that were heard in the mines at the east of Edinburgh - explosions - tunneling ??
Meanwhile, underground, the hum of machinery, the rumour of bases verified by abduction accounts, UFO's seen entering the warren of old mines, and an abductee meeting the Emperor Grey a being with a long and authentic and undeniably Scottish heritage.
He was asked - 'what do you want here' - the reply 'sanctuary' - the Priory of Torphichen, West Lothian is an ancient sanctuary in law.

Hadrian’s wall, contrary to popular belief was built by the Romans to protect this place from the South, the ditch, or vellum, is on the South side. The two walls that the Roman Empire built are on the mathematically
spectacular 55 North and 56 North latitudes, which tells us that the Roman architects had a knowledge of the Global Grid system founded by Atlantis.
The lead mines of Wanlockhead, the silver mines of Torphichen in west Lothian - were these and others the mines of Solomon.
If Pontius Pilate was born in Killin, in Perthshire and Arthur really sat in Edinburgh in between touring the rest of Britain in his flying saucer or Vimana as the Hindus called them, then most of the names we give to places in the ancient world are inaccurate according to Beaumont. He says that Egypt or Gypos originally referred to a person who believed in life after death,
We cannot tell for sure what the ancient roman place stones say around Edinburgh because they have all been erased and defaced in ancient times.

What crime so vast that the Romans erased this region totally from History.
In the National Museum Scotland is all that remains of a massive Bronze cast of a leader on a horse - it is the foot, hacked off and found in a sacked horde in the Borders.
The significance of this statue is that the ancient world only had the resources and technology to cast two as big as that - One stood in Rome, the other in Jerusalem.
The large roman funerary lion pulled out of the sands on Edinburgh's Cramond foreshore was undoubtedly one of a pair, and such grandeur was never seen at a Roman tomb in a mere woad-stained frontier town.

What impossible conspiracy has kept us from the truth, for no mere human organization could have kept this quiet for so long -
What long lived clean up squad has removed all the evidence - it could only have been by alien intervention because humans aren't that good at keeping such an immense secret.

The Templars were returning home with their treasure to Scotland for the day that it would be used to rebuild the ancient Temple of the Real Jerusalem.

Some great ancient offence and evil split the peoples of this Federation.
Did anyone insult the Galactic Emperor - what was this crime so great that the human race was split by the tower of Babel and the Celts forced to wander into confusion through the millennia.
The answer must be here in Edinburgh.
And was Jerusalem builded - here- in Scotland’s green and pleasant land ? the answer was of course yes – but we Fell for getting it wrong.
It was said that the Merovingian Templar dynasty was founded by a union with our reptilian ancestors and the big red hairy Lemurian's of old. Some folks were never too choosy in those dark long nights in Scandinavia.
The two species were scientific and civilized and realized that greater growth and attainment could come from hybridizing their genetics to create an ‘Aryan-type’ humanoid vehicle for their spirits to operate within.
Try looking at any folklore book dealing with world history from any culture on the planet that does not have the image of a serpent in it by the way.
The elves, known by more recent names as the Zeta Reticulans - who may also be part of an interstellar or intercosmic civilization themselves, are one of the planets indigenous and elder races, and their bases and cities are dense around Edinburgh and east Scotland e.g. The Pentland hills south of Edinburgh, the Lomond Hills, where there is also massive UFO activity, and the Dark Isle at Cromarty at Rosemarkie and the centre of the Universe.
Known as the little angels in 3rd World Countries where man is needy, they heal, but they are demonized by Hollywood and the G8 industrial countries as evil and soulless blood bathers.
There has to be black and white, but none of us would want to annihilate the 6 billion humans on this world because some of its elite are evil, yet that's the story.
The truth is that they can confer telepathy and technological gifts which can alter the balance of power and wealth in the rich western countries.
If the population were thus educated, there would be no secret stone left unturned - truly a fearsome thought for some.

It is their hope to rebuild Atlantis as telepathic, beautiful and eternally consistent, and more integrated, hence the Independence days and X-Files etc Hollywood scare tactics used by the Insectoid invaders.
These Beings are used by darkness and Evil .
The King - the alien known as king Arthur may be sleeping and politically inactive in the hills as the legends have it, but he may have to contend with Kings of Scotland, Kings of Europe, Kings of the World - who are due to pop up soon in Tibet as well from his underground abode in Agarti. Perhaps though all the Kings and Queens of the nobility of our brothers and sisters from the Atlantean underworld will emerge soon to reclaim our beautiful world back from the nasty Insectoid and mantis-type aliens and their slaves.
There are legends of sleeping heroes and devils in the hills all over the world.

Yet in the underground cities of the Lothian’s, beneath the sleepy coalmines of Bathgate, Midlothian, Dechmont and the Calder’s - amid caverns lined with sleeping and dreaming elves according to one abductee - the Faerie Queen is stirring.
One abductee was taken to meet an ancient and old wrinkly emperor Grey - who tried to point out to him that they have lives too - just like his. But GW asked - what do you want here ? and the reply was 'Sanctuary.'

These telepathic and advanced reptiles have the same social structure as a hive of bees, with drones, soldiers, nymphs, aristocracy and the Queen.
These beings can materialize and dematerialize at will, and have the power to alter your physical frequency such that you can be floated through walls Scotland’s very first recorded abductee was the Rev Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle who in 1697 reported that the faeries could materialize and dematerialize by hardening bodies around themselves from the air.
The smaller ones could drink energy through their pores.
The Rev Kirk said that the smaller drones took an interest in domestic matters and were called brownies - much in the same way that the inhabitants of the forests of Puerto Rico report these little people taking an interest in their domestic affairs.
The Elven civilization is a network of cities underground Scotland.
There are reputed to be various tribes of Elves in the Pentland and Eildon Hills - areas with strange mystical reputations.
In the borders, Thomas the Rhymer came back from his abduction by the local Faerie Queen with an enigmatic prophesy that one day Scotland would come into its own.
There is high technology, as is seen flying about, and abductees report hybrid breeding experiments and re-education taking place somewhere near Edinburgh . Their focus is not on control and take-over but of co-evolution and symbiosis for mutual benefit.
They are in charge of the social studies that followed the Fall of Atlantis – the great effort to rebuild flawless nurture by eliminating the doubt and the derision from our lives.
Their intent is to embrace the diversity of the human condition, a diversity caused by the many skills and talents our cultures and form possess.
They see the possibilities offered by a more advanced human being, and will side with the returning King as he prepares to take on the Dark Forces of Chaos within and out-with the planet.
Some will be for us and some will be against us.

Now I used to laugh about the idea that beings could shape shift until I realized that folklore is full of this stuff; the Rakshasha from India, Lycanthropy, and the diagrams on the Mayan pyramids that show a reptile in a machine and a human emerging.
Also the Romans, had a term for this phenomenon of shape shifting which was 'versae pellis' - changing skin.
Research into the David Daniels case in the north of England suggests that a very sincere ordinary landlady got very scared when she saw this with one of her lodgers - who had an annoying habit of answering questions before you asked them.

The greys here - some, our long term supporters hope to be a force for change.

If humanity works with this race, the quality of life could increase and competition and aggression could lose its unnecessary qualities. The ills of 12 millennia can disappear and in the peaceful and nurturing mindset that will follow - great works will begin.
Those connected to the source and Godhead will always ultimately have the most power at their disposal.

As the hive of the Lothian’s or Lothlorien reactivates, the very fabric of our waking reality will begin to change.
Whilst over the Lothian’s, star-like UFO's are buzzing about like bees, the people of Bathgate in the centre of the hive area have more chance of winning millions on the lottery than anywhere else in the UK.
Where once the magical woods of Elven Lothlorien once stood, is the Lottery Golden circle where dreams can become reality and one of the busiest UFO hotspots on the planet.
Activity is intense – perhaps even interstellar warfare ???

At Campbeltown in Kintyre, Black Triangles are seen slowly flying into hillsides near Macrihanish - a supposedly deserted American airbase, still guarded by Delta forces rather like an area 52.
North of Stargate Edinburgh, in Fife, the mass landing of ET's via a ship as big as Easter Road stadium, a Black Triangle, signaled the second invasion of Falklands.
The big Insects ran about the field building nests out of hay, brushwood and saliva, whilst taller brown guards took charge of each unit, whilst a white supervisor would teleport about the field. - this in 1996.
In my fevered dreams once, I was hiding in the ruins of a large multilevel city firing a handheld beam weapon at such a black triangle. Are these insects invading here, now ???

Edinburgh is currently full of Steward pretenders to the Alien throne of the holy bloodline and kingdom of Scotland.
From the hallowed halls of Roslyn and the St Clair’s of the grail line, to Bavaria, America, Canada, Belgium and MI5 and their sister organization D17 or special operations.

Roslyn, part of some deeper mystery than the deep mystery apparent.
The chapel - a carved Gnostic encyclopedia, the green man, the grail, the true cross, the head of God, the ark of the covenant, the scrolls of Matthew, the scrolls of Jesus - and as someone has said - perhaps the entire crew of the Marie Celeste. - All these wondrous books give us this stuff, but are we digging deep enough.

Could it be that the vast underground network rumoured to circulate around Roslyn, Hawthornden Castle, Crichton Castle and Gullane Priory is part of a much older network, and that perhaps there are still important high technology caches to be discovered in that place of major significance to the human race.

In the cities of the stargate/hive, strange things go on whilst the population sleeps.
Here is a typical example of the amazing things that go on in Edinburgh under the very noses of the population.
In 1980 in corstorphine a guy sharing a bedroom with his brother wakes up horrified but no amount of shaking can rouse his brother.
A large silvery sphere at the foot of the bed starts to speak to him, at this he leaps out of bed and karate chops it in two - and it vanishes.
In 1980, in Portobello, Edinburgh, near the biblical sounding Magdalene’s, a large silvery sphere is seen drifting through a joiners shop by two people.
In 1980, in Portobello, Edinburgh near the biblical sounding port of Joppa,
I'm lying in my bedroom at night at 10pm, watching little fluorescent green balls slowly bounce over the books in my bookcase.
Horrified, I look away, thinking I'm seeing things. Half an hour later I look again and they are still there.
I sit up in bed because the room appears to be lit - as if there was a table lamp in the corner -
It wasn't a table lamp - it was a 2-3 foot high silvery sparkling sphere hovering 3 foot above the carpet - casting a fizzy light and causing flickering shadows in the room.
I was gob smacked - it moved to the end of my bed and, a voice in my head said, don't be afraid - if you're afraid, pull the covers over your head.
Well that seemed like the sensible thing to do, and did so with my arms folded over my face.
I come too 2 hours later and my arms are by my side, with my bedclothes folded down, and I am very tightly tucked in.
So tightly in fact that I have to wrestle my shoulders to get free.
I have memories of strange child-like grey people and a feeling that something wonderful had happened - of white rooms and scientists and many happy things.
In my dreams I see them, bright and luminous in their cold dark caves, needing the warmth and light of human creativity to make their race a home.

Another abductee from the south of Edinburgh who has regular visits was driving along with his son in the back of the car when suddenly all went white for him. But it wasn't his imagination because his son cried out too
Having been surprised by the same thing.
Another Abductee from Meadowbank has shown me the diagrams and notes that record his frequent night visits. A man who is not too alarmed at the negative side of seeing minute triangular blood marks made by some implement on his pillow case - the photos which exist clearly show that this was no ordinary nosebleed.
These worthies however seem to visit him regularly intent on looking after his health - one night recently in 1998 - he came back with a sun tan - and if you knew the guy, you would realize how extraordinary a thing that is.
They take him away and scan him for cancer and perform other checks on his wellbeing.

There are probably thoughts by the secret service that abductees are somehow under secret instruction going to relieve them of command.
I could not think of a more horrible thing - and considering senior politicians in Scotland of retiral age are dropping like flies, who would be a politician.
Stories hit the press of strange right wing ninjas and high priestesses wanting to become Queen of Scotland.
It may be that Edinburgh Castle will be the command centre of a new City State ruled by Feudal Lords, high tek and martial arts - but under Edinburgh Castle Rock, under even the military bunker there is a strange state of affairs.
In 1980 when there had been a landslide in the castle rock at Johnstone terrace, two ex-military people then in construction were called to brick up a crack that had appeared in the castle rock.
The pair decided to squeeze inside to take a look, and they found themselves in a series of winding passageways that led behind the officers mess and eventually they could peer out one point and see princes street.
They came to a shaft going down, and they dropped a stone to try to test the depth - suddenly in front of them appeared this luminous green reptilian figure - which proceeded to lope after them as they high tailed it to sanity and Johnstone terrace.
What amounts to corroboration may follow next.
In what used to be a workshop in the buildings in Johnstone terrace, the owners of the business were plagued by noises in their lowest cellar.
Bravely going down to investigate, they were scared witless when they spotted a luminous green reptilian hopping about in the dark.

As that story broke, MI5 fed a local investigator the news that a respectable archeologist had discovered state secrets in an Edinburgh castle cellar that conclusively proved that the Duke of Edinburgh was an alien from the gangster Civilization of Marcab -- where the Men in Black come from.
Mind you, few would now find that incredible seeing that most of his public social comments appear to be off the planet.
Marcab is an invention of Scientology guru L Ron Hubbard who also said that we evolved from clams and that DC10s fly regularly between the stars.

There may indeed be a great deal of truth that Evil extra terrestrial species are here for a piece of the action.
'Why don't they land on the Whitehouse lawn' asked a skeptic - well they've landed just about everywhere else. There is really no need for them to land on the Whitehouse lawn when their feet are already under the desk.
Just before the 1998 world cup a Flying Saucer hovered above a midweek football match in Ecuador in front of a crowd of 100,000 and the watching TV cameras.
The footage was screened on Ecuador TV, but when asked, the London BBC TV News did not think that it was newsworthy - even as a 'and finally' to relieve the monotony of the football.
It would have been an ideal time to introduce user friendly ET's to a captive world audience - I mean everyone wasn't going to run screaming through the streets like headless chickens - these guys like football.

Information and disinformation, phone taps and strange internet connections that never get straight to the world wide web.
Instead my dial up connection tours the military installations of Bristol and Cheltenham, Cambridge and 2 Linux mainframes in London.
My internet company have confirmed that I do not connect to their service.
'Should I be talking to you' said the guy with core access clearance who made the checks for me - he sounded a bit nervous.
So my new theories of particle physics and free energy of time and Cosmology that I have acquired since my abduction never go anywhere
No matter how hard I try.
I know Stephen Hawking said that its good to talk - but who to ?
I give people my website address, but they can't get through - even when you type in the specific details on my card - what happens is that you get informed of a diversion, the browser loads up a dummy photograph and tells you that its completed its task.

Meanwhile in town, various Templar and Masonic orders and societies, star temples, magical orders vie for the right to check the certificates of the incoming King of Scotland. Silly witches get into local newspaper proclaiming that the real Stone of Destiny is English - they wish - and too late for them.

Talk of a second coming is passé - talk of earth changes, meteorites, earthquakes, new order, wheat from the chaff is rife -
Strange Esoteric Schools full of seemingly gentle, refined old men talk of justice without mercy - and they pray to the ET's living in Shamballa every full moon that they will be the chosen Lords of the new race of man - as true servants of their cruel masters.

Enclaves of Golden Dawns, magic mumbo jumbo and risqué liberal sex meet with the intent to be holy, but desecrate dignity as they look forward to the cleansing slaughter of 4 billion people in some coming cataclysm.
Their sickness casts shadows before them, as their worldly wealth bears no clue to the darkness and inhumanity of their souls.

Will the dark Lord of the World, the antichrist come to challenge the new rightful King of Scotland and mankind.
The last battle of the end days will probably take place in the Edinburgh Stargate region.
The pieces are in place here, the game is afoot - in dimly lit rooms in Dunedain, the flutter of ceremonial cloaks and ceremonial dreams
, the smile of scapegoats and the blow of the coward - masks behind masks -
never have so many people so eagerly awaited the fruition of their vices - so much chaff and so much wheat.
For a that and a that its comin' yet for a that, that man to man the world o'er shall brothers be for a that - I was told that I didn't understand what that meant.
In Edinburgh congregate Satanists - i.e. ; Bishops of strange religions, geomancers, necromancers, nihilists, descendents of Genghis Khan, Pretenders to various thrones, Ninjas, Masters, CIA, MK ultra, MI5, Mi6, DI7, neo-politicians, neo-Nazis, new-agars, werewolves, vampires, Rainbow Tribes who urge you to take to the hills and take things that grow --or the meteorite will hit the earth like the cosmic sperm hits the egg, reincarnations of the entire planets aristocracy - when more than 2 King Henrys meet - one says how dare you.
You can be a Russian Count for £50 but don't call someone an imposter, you may get sued.

There are people in town who have lived for thousands of years and can read minds, so there must be Elohim in Edinburgh - very powerful people at least on the side of good since this area is their home base.
It may ultimately be the human race that are the illegal aliens on this planet the unwanted leftovers of an illegal colony. Although all this materialization and longevity lets us ask the question - what worlds were we all living on 100 years ago today.

But unlike the USA whose Federal Code against alien infestation was recently repealed - presumably in favour of a more direct intervention by the Federal Emergency Agency, the British did not revoke its alien quarantine law - which we are not allowed to get sight of from the MOD library in Whitehall despite 2 registered letters.

Rex Muundi the King of the World, 19th Century prophesies at Llassa in Tibet tell, will lead his great and powerful human looking ET army to assume control.
They are supposed to be the Lieutenants of Brahma, burning away the chaff, perhaps as they did in ancient times during the wars between the stars.
This people, the Vrilya use life-force in their bodies to operate technology
Society, magic and humanity.
They the Master Race that Hitler ultimately sought to emulate and petition - the tall beings with burning eyes he often saw - these are the Coming Race he spoke of - or at least, so they think.

Here the video surveillance is all pervasive - here the re-enactment of Sodom and the Reptoid way of Being is crystallizing into dark iniquities.
But over the mock Greek ruin and Cleopatra’s needle - for the worship of Baal,
Over the dark underground city with its own Bohemian Grove - the starry angels of Christ and their host of ships are there to be seen if we look up.
Here a gateway to the stars of heaven will be forged, and the torch of hope rekindled forever. It is probably in Edinburgh that a battle for the future of this planet will be waged.


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