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US govt asset on Ohare UFO says andrew responsible for further non-disclosure

US GOVERNMENT ASSET ON O'HARE DISCLOSURE BLAMES NON-DISCLOSURE  ON ANDREW Learning alot these days... especially about how entrenched people are in their own agendas and beliefs, how willing they are to burn down the entire barn to support their beliefs at the expense of legitimate inquiry and how equally myopic they are when it comes to the science that they claim is so apathetic.... In this case we, my group, have campaigned for reasonability and common sense, the prevelance of critical thought and aggressive pursuit of the resolution of a mystery. We have learned alot but what we have failed to overcome is a population that has come to its own conclusions. We all have the right to believe what we want, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. Beliefs are powerful things and without control and restraint, can stifle, deny and bury the truth. Andrew has a right to believe what he wants and he can tell you whatever he feels like... but he can't prove it to you and …