US govt asset on Ohare UFO says andrew responsible for further non-disclosure

Learning alot these days... especially about how entrenched people are in their own agendas and beliefs, how willing they are to burn down the entire barn to support their beliefs at the expense of legitimate inquiry and how equally myopic they are when it comes to the science that they claim is so apathetic....
In this case we, my group, have campaigned for reasonability and common sense, the prevelance of critical thought and aggressive pursuit of the resolution of a mystery. We have learned alot but what we have failed to overcome is a population that has come to its own conclusions.
We all have the right to believe what we want, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. Beliefs are powerful things and without control and restraint, can stifle, deny and bury the truth.
Andrew has a right to believe what he wants and he can tell you whatever he feels like... but he can't prove it to you and he won't change to meet critical standards.
[andrew – that's just not true about having no proof]
His voice will always be equal to mine though we are not equals in
almost every way when it comes to this topic of aliens and flying saucers. He offers drama, entertainment, unvalidated reports, stories and pictures and that is what he and the rest of the public want.
[andrew – validated sightings – though not by government stooges]
 He KNOWS what is gong on and is
ready to tell anyone who will listen. He would have you believe that what he KNOWS is THE TRUTH and will sacrifice any and all who suggest otherwise...
[that's total BS – I have never claimed that I know absolute universal truths about ufology – but I have met good Ets and bad ETs]
You all want what he has to offer and his opinion about what we do is more important than what we have to say about what we do....
[andrew – yes but that's because you're keeping things as lights in the sky, not the underground cities and overhead cities – for which we have photos too btw you're limiting real disclosure and suppressing people like me as they come forward with their personal contribution re contact]
I look at our website stats and almost nobody actually reads our reports. The majority of visits are just to the home page... and the visits to the actual documents are far too short to indicate that they are actually being read.
[andrew - could that be because nobody really cares about whether a light in the sky is a ufo – that they really want to know who is driving that is alien and who is government, where they park, what payloads etc – who today cares if 'pilot Bob' saw a light ???]
Further, the email I receive rarely engages the work at all... just want my opinion about ET.. which, if they actually even read the homepage is rather clearly spelled out in a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.... Further, our reports and references appear all over the net as UFO nuts try to capitalize on our work and claim it somehow supports their contentions. The media interest in us invariably arises from one of these other sources, not from an interest in our work...
[andrew – this guy went through some of our images – really good ufo images and footage at, dismisses it but undertakes to send 'pilot Bob' on solo flights to prove ufos are not oil refineries – this ideologically infantile pseudo science is Not genuine enquiry into alien contact ]
We work with the aviation community and we get a tiny fraction of those folks contacting us compared to the daily deluge of news about alien skulls, declarations about upcoming films and documentaries, assertions from various folks that they know what UAP are.... it is a continuous stream of bs and a total waste of time.
[andrew – lights in the sky, lights in the sky … people are not stupid honestly – folks are well aware of stuff that is happening down on the ground.]
There is no sense in working in the public domain on this I am folding up my chatroom id at, unsubscribing from these elists, firing about half our staff and anyone who are even seems slightly as uncritical as Andrew after ten beers, dismantling our website and making our work available on a need to know only basis to the aviation safety community and NASA.
[andrew – that's defamation – I don't drink but while you're on about it I suspect that NASA are too busy airbrushing obvious photos to bother whether or not any semantic exercise that you conduct would have any impact]
If our docs are going to be publicly listed by the gov, as they sometimes are, I will leave it to their discretion but after the Ohare release I am going to take everystep I can to shut it back.. I respect our staff, our work, the reputations of those we work with and serve, the phenomena and myself too much to let this crap continue if I can separate us from it.
[andrew – I'm sure that there wouldn't be much black pen used on your papers in the event of public release]
I am going to meet with our executive comittee and gain their opinion on this, as most of them were already for not working on this in the media or the public domain, it was my idea to make it a nonprofit and to publish widely. I had hoped it would help us find funders and serious support and offer a sane alternative to the Andrew's of this world.
[andrew -, ps there's two m's in committee]
Whatever support and funding we have acquired didn't come through the net, it came in the form of offers of assistance from various gov agencies and private individuals.
[andrew – so you're a real ass et then ??]
It hasn't helped us or the topic one bit to be publicly accessible. It isn't helping now and I am not going to continue doing what isn't helping us. We don't have to be a public nonprofit, we can be a private research org, sequester it behind security firewalls and let the UFO nuts find somebody else's research to parasitize to support their own ridiculous beliefs.
[andrew – you're delivering grievous and banal insults to many many people who have been left totally alone, exposed and in the painful dark by your Masters]
I have already developed a hearty distaste for the egotistical nastiness of the UFO community to begin with, for the most part they are delusional, unfamiliar with the facts and don't publish anything of an influential caliber... certainly nothing I would put in front of an airport manager, a pilot or a congressmen.
[andrew – there are already established contingencies for such things – I know, I know … time is short and the underground bunker is already filling up …]
Imagine the abuse I would recieve if I used Andrew's website
and content as a supporting document when talking with aviation incident analysts at the ASRS bunker at Batelle...or in the office of the regional ICAO representatives in Mexico City....Andrew might suggest that they were conspiratorial, they would suggest that he is delusional... either way, we lose.
[andrew – I have not played the academic shell game – could but don't try to appeal to their sets of rules – why should I ? – we should be using free energy and have access to resources in the solar system and should have science free of the current crop of garbage theorems that are paradox filled  redundant cartoons –
fairplay that 'analysts and representatives of government already have their plastic cards to the underground Hiltons and work for Intel anyway – do you  ?]
This situation with UFO could be the greatest story of the modern era, but only if we get it right and the data not only points at the ETH but is based upon very strong foundational work. It can happen only if we hold out for real knowlege vs opinions and claims like Andrew's below.
[andrew – I claimed that I had made contact with good ETs – I also have a photo to prove it – but then we never got that far did we .. I suppose its all about control – joe public coming forward upsets the priorities at the queue at the salad table in area 251]
It can happen only if we demand better and reject what is not supported by anything but uncritical nonsense and self delusion. Only if we can separate belief from truth.
[andrew – the establishment has wasted whole rainforests on text books and papers supporting their redundant world view/paradigm and persist in the face of all refutations and contradictions. They keep the cartoon in place because there isn't too long to go before geological catastrophe. Why would they let us have access to the underground cinema, health club and jacouzi – and crowd them out]
How can we learn the truth about UAP when everyone is a self-proclaimed expert and nobody produces any kind of acceptable documentation and nobody has the ability or the will to present that material and work it through the system the way all legitimate discoveries are managed. I am willing to bet everything I am that what is actually learned about this UAP/UFO matter will be something other than what we find below in Andrew's post....
[andrew – I alluded to my understanding and belief that the Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse represents one amongst the very many there are – ET journeys. That I know is entirely subjective but was talking informally and freely about an experience I had. It was an anecdote. I also use an ontological strategy to explain and verify beliefs – as I explained earlier e.g.
[andrew – this is what we spoke of earlier]
> You can't prove that a light in the sky is an alien space ship.
>You can't prove it with video, photography or radar. Science is about
>testability and there is nothing there to test that would definitively
> point to the conclusion you offer.
[andrew -yes that's the ultimate rub - Touch Verificationism coined by
Wittgenstein within the doctrine of Logical Realism .. if you cannot
touch it and verify it for yourself - it cannot therefore logically
exist - which is a deontological approach ...
because the next step that all these skeptics and pseudos take to deny
you is to take it one step further back from reality using Descartes
and epistemological skepticism that is 'how can we know anything' and
suddenly even if you touch and verify the object how can you even know
if its not a trick of the mind ... and then from there the next step
is medication to help us all with our delusions etc etc
I really think trying to rationalise with these cover up turkeys is a
lost cause .
My approach is ontological and actually populist and common sense.
for example even if you've never been to China and touched it .. you
could pretty safely assume China exists -
there's no smoke without fire/oxidation] UFO experiences can be proved by supporting evidence from the context]
When Vallee addressed the UN in 1978 he warned us of consequences for failing to study the UFO matter thoroughly... those consequences included warnings of social and psychological illness, cults and confidence schemes, etc... and as nearly as I can tell, he was right. Rael, Heavens Gate, right down to individuals whom nobody dares to call crazy but who clearly aren't well or certainly aren't concerned with credibility are the predominate voices in this exploration.
[andrew – you dismissed a very obvious looking non-aerodynamic square shaped antigravitational flying machine against the tiles of  a house roof as 'not obvious' I would like to suggest that you are therefore deluded though not omnipotent]
No wonder science can't get at an ephemeral phenomena and tease it out with good data, no wonder that nobody will risk their reputation on a report like the Condign report that might point at the ETH, no wonder the FAA claimed that the Ohare matter was a "weather phenomenon" I don't blame them one bit.
[andrew – the UK MoD Condign Report wasn't about reputations it was about denial and damage limitation – you don't blame them because of me and my 'beliefs' or because of me and my 'proofs' – I think you're hiding from reality.]
Of course, Andrew isn't alone, there are about 1.2 million plus UFO websites out there, all of them saying just about the same thing.... "I see Aliens, I know about Aliens, I am right about Aliens, Come to me if you want to know about Aliens, the government lies to you about aliens but I know the whole truth, letme tell you what is really going on...." I will be god damned if I allow myself,
my team or our work be part of that crap.
[andrew – I know – he's using me as a straw man … but he is using universals – my own personal pet hate – how about I see SOME aliens, I know about SOME aliens, I know about SOME truth]
The bottom line is that no good research can be conducted in this inferno of ignorance, egos and self-proclaimed expertise.
[andrew – of which you are a primo example squire]

We are releasing our report on the Ohare matter soon. I will put out a press release and share it with the world. Whatever we decide will be fodder for the media and the nutcases, and it won't change a damned thing because those voices are louder than our own. Those voices will determine whether or not pilots and ATC learn of our work and trust us, and those voices will fail us by their very presence in the argument. It will be the last time I support my staff in
releasing any report for public consumption.
[andrew – its good to have aviation professionals on board isn't it … our local airtraffic control at Edinburgh international is in a state of denial – hell that must be me again !!]
Yea, I am really tired of this experience. It is sad, it is pervasive, and it may create enough confusion and lunacy to destroy any chance of actually learning what is going on before the situation changes....
[andrew – you're part of the problem too actually – a state of denial of the validity of independent witnesses and their suffrage]
Oh, did I mention that the way things are probably isn't how they are going to be and we are undersome very critical time constraints if we want to get to the bottom of this? Can anyone figure out what those constraints are, or what I am talking about? didn't think so... ask Andrew..he doesn't know either
[andrew – er let me guess … your valiant efforts are going to get you the platinum access card to the officers mess in area 251 when the earth changes come round, but before you get the card you have to keep everybody talking about lights in the sky so that everybody is not looking down on the ground]
but won't tell you that...the phrase "I don't know" is sorely lacking in this field.
Too bad, that is what drives research, the desire to know. Why research if Andrew and friends already know?
[andrew – that's possibly true – 'I don't know' – is the answer to that one I think.]
So go back to your invisible alien(s), your nefarious Reptoids, your Nordics, your Mantids, your little gray aliens with their butt raping fetishes... enjoy the thrill of another story told with flashlight under chin....
[andrew – you are truly the most denigrating idiot and a sorry example of an establishment clown.]
another story about something you couldn't identify hovering over your backyard. We'll go back to what we do..
[andrew – soon I hope ??]
Nobody can accuse us of censorship or anything if we just don't
make it available to the can have your conspiracy theories and paranoia about who knows what, chase every media release that even mentions UFOs... give up your critical judgement and don't even worry if those who are talking to you have any... its been fine for 60years, probably be just fine forever...
[andrew – why deny that ALL of my experience and belief and proof is invalid – you totally contradict yourself – but then you infer if someone came forward with 'real proof' that because it is credible it would be published for the benefit of all mankind – which does suggest that you think us stupid anyway to buy that one]
I am sure that Andrew can take it from here.
[ you will not that's for sure – you're just more of the same]

Hasta Luego,


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