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JFK - a Billion saw nothing in 50 years

JFK - A Billion saw or heard nothing in 50 years
Andrew Hennessey

Given that JFK was a disclosure orientated President who made efforts in his speeches to expose the cabal shortly before his assassination – might it be that other Presidents would be reluctant to follow that lead ?

Clinton, Obama ??? so far the sound of silence.

On November 22nd 1963 JFK was publicly eliminated by an Alien led Coup D’etat and alien holographic impostors assaulted and probably collected his soul in plain view as a gesture of disrespect to mankind and all JFK’s values.
A minute after the alien hit came the prearranged human theatre and explanations.

Given that in this film the gun shooting by Oswald et al. was at about 318 the stuff happening between 240 and 257 from the 2 Draco posing as wife and guard sure illustrates a world of happy holograms that are way beyond our human capacities to deal with.

To the skeptic who cannot or will not see we have at least clear evidence of a red elephant presumably an inv…

Greys Execute ET hostage ?


Demonic Greys and Alien Faerie Holograms


Gorebridge Alien Base

Gorebridge Alien Base
Case Notes
Andrew Hennessey

Gorebridge has an alien base in plain view and has been part of the rich and colourful tartan of Scottish history both ancient and modern.
The non-humans there seem to have wanted me to have images of their stuff probably because they want more open dealings with Humanity.

the base is located at

and its my advice not to go there unless you are specifically invited.

As yet - no response at all from anybody ... that is either because the ideas in the images are so mundane that its passe to even think of them as unusual or identifiable - or people are being switched off - and their processes of recognition are being disabled.

They were pretty cool about me taking pictures of their stuff … especially their gun platform and you know of course that they can just switch the ordinary human being off etc etc etc

all …