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Andrew Hennessey

This is an article about the power of the Angels of Light and the darkness that they oppose as it tries to harvest Humanity.
Being in the world and not of it is a much more important thing than I have ever realised.
The world as I have previously written on is a deliberately contrived socially dysfunctional malignant charade implemented by both Reptilians and Greys for the purposes of soul farming.
It is replete with both visible and invisible matrix technologies – some of which can be seen parked outside various houses from e.g. satellite photographs.
A daytime monolog nihilism comprised of unjust winners and losers amongst the gods of everything we think we wanted to be helps keep us in a negated frame of mind as we struggle with the physical and spiritual straightjacket of our artificial human DNA – initially created by the Annunaki.
Our struggles though are also scanned by matrix technologies and our farmers.
As we already know from some rese…


yuppie overlords lording it for fun amongst the prisoners


Andrew Hennessey

In western society - as the terrible war on the middle classes, its beliefs, spending power and social, cultural and spiritual choices continue - we can collectively see the evidence in United Nations and New World Order rhetoric of the billions of useless eaters and planetary spoilers that allegedly deserve the naturally selective axe of devolution.

We also know that all the planetary issues that allegedly necessitate this cull could be easily fixed with century old Human free energy, even from the time of Faraday and his monopolar generator in 1890AD

Alas the only realism for mankind produced by our farmers is disease.
We know that the price of an average payload of an old F16 fighter jet could keep a small African nation in food for a year.
We know also that there are African villages where people are slowly dying on a diet of mud mixed with sugar.
Death though comes in many guises and can be seen in Stealth mode on some of our supermarket shelves in …