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So what is Xenopolitics ?

So what is Xenopolitics ?
Andrew Hennessey

Xenopolitics is the recognition that the common man, especially human victims of alien abuse has been left unrepresented by an uncaring decade of alleged Exopolitics.

Xenopolitics is a recognition of the fact that if on balance the starbrothers have not been seen to be nice to us, have never been shown to be Philanthropists, have never produced any beneficial physical evidence by way of solutions to paradoxes and cul de sacs in human knowledge and technology – its because they too are children of hunger-filled dualism and a galaxy, a cosmic plane in a state of energy depletion – and they have us (for many millennia) right where they want us.

So where is that ?
A disease ridden un-evolving cul-de-sac whose peaks of scientific and technological knowledge are ridden with deliberately contrived and maintained paradoxes.

At this point the ‘new-age’ apologists come out to tell us what mankind has done to this planet - and our unevolved state gave …

swastika reptilian/aryan connection erased on wiki painting

In the painting by Scottish symbolist, mystic and visionary John Duncan (not to be confused with the Scottish colourist and painter John Duncan Fergusson) of the shining ones - are the illuminated 'riders of the Sidhe' pronounced 'she' - the seelie court - the high court of evolved interdimensional 'faerie' beings who go riding about the land. (as opposed to the lesser unseelie court of greys kobolds djinn and gremlins etc). These shining reptilian and sumerian de dannan basically the anunnaki - who shine in the dark - have some very interesting tie ins from their presence in ancient times to their blueblooded draconian and monumental sculptures in our cities today.
In this painting by Duncan which shows reptilian derivations that are similar to mesopotamia e.g.
we can see that some photoshop editing has been done on the public domain image on Wiki that excludes the ancient Hindu or contemporary 20th century (n…

The Secret Ability - Reptilians amongst us

Andrew Hennessey

There are many historical illustrations of other human-looking races that live or have lived amongst mankind.
e.g. Banks, 1937 Grimm 1901 Kirk 1697 etc
Close inspection of the clay tablets circa. 2000BC depicting the gods from ancient Sumeria depict half-man, half-fish shapeshifters and indeed the global historical records are full of draconian images.
Reptilians in art and myth are also to be seen across the world on our streets today in monumental sculptures, e.g. the dragon statue at the gates to the City of London, in the stockmarket district.
Reptilian imagery has historically been used to symbolise power e.g. the griffin in the crest of the British Security Services.
There has been a tendency to associate those with alleged blueblood descent as being able to do something ‘extra’ from the ordinary human being.
In Scotland the rept…

finding xenopolitics on the net

try doing a google search for xenopolitics and see how many times exopolitics is recommended before you actually get to see a xenopolitics article.
Xenopolitics takes both a skeptical and contrary view to exopolitics and its main players who appear to have a current monopoly on the allegation that there are pro-human politics for victims of alien abuse.
Exopolitics defines itself as a current study and not as a political party - it defines itself more in terms of a precursor to politics - and is probably a smokescreen and cover up of the status quo given its been around for ten years without producing ONE manifesto.
Not surprising therefore that the powers that be are protecting the faerie gold of exopolitics and burying the skepticism of xenopolitics and its human farming ideas.

extra ordinary claim, extraordinary proof AND extraordinary venue

Although it’s a well known fact that in Ufology and the paranormal ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof’ there is unfortunately another factor in the ufology circus which has to be taken account of.

As such I would develop the pragmatic idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof AND an extraordinary venue.

Its quite pass̩ to actually sit and be a critic of ufo claims Рfor at the end of the day, logically, no digital data can suffice, no experience can be valid. (empirical scepticism, Descartes) It was however our eagerness to please the alleged rational naysayers that prompted us to send off to some allegedly prominent ufo group a digital video master tape.
This item was to be subject to rigorous scientific testing, conjecture, hypothesis and refutation – it was to be reviewed by a body of educated rational peers. It was to be assessed and re-evaluated, measured, slowed down, taken frame by frame, pixel by pixel – its images were to be compared, magnified…

the age of combustion is over - long live free energy

Methill Power Station, Fife, June 8th 14.30pm by Andrew Hennessey

Our Lady of the Brackish Waters

It's thought that Mary was made and chosen by God to be special as the Mother of Christ - and to be there in our future to intercede on our behalf and be the Mother of our extended Human family in Heaven.
Through places such as Fatima, Mary can manifest on Earth - urging us to pray to her Son, Christ.
Is this picture, evidence for the Spiritual eyes and Faith, that Mary has manifested at Leven in Fife, Scotland ?

Otis T Carr & Ralph Ring

I'm a total advocate of Tesla technology, and have even conceptualised an AI guidance system and space drive for such a space ship as is described by these guys - however - there is one very important clue as to the truth of these events decribed by Otis Carr - that is they could not remember a thing about what they said or did after they travelled - although they came back from wherever with lumps of rock in their pockets.
Its a strong bet that the whole process seemed genuine to the humans involved but was actually a demonically controlled (grey controlled) hoax.
The fact that their ship went spiritual turquoise meant diddly squat at the end of the day - and its very likely that the whole event was a charade intended to disempower these allegedly human agencies or at the very least trick people into sending themselves to hell or somewhere very near to that state of being.