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the secret commonwealth

The Reverend Robert Kirk was abducted, later dying on Doune hill Aberfoyle for Disclosing the secrets of the non-humans in 1691

The Church and Dead Ends of Science

My concern about the Big Bang theory being adopted as Christian dogma is that the theory itself is as secular and spiritually misleading as any of the current/ancient pagan belief systems that venerate the four seasons. [e.g. Fraser, The Golden Bough]

In the big bang theory we are being led to venerate the cosmic seasons, the concept of birth (bang), maturation and necessary death of the cosmos in the 'big crunch'/heat death. We and Our Father are more than such stardust, more than accretions of chemistry and physics that die.
Alternative scientific theories regarding cosmology, even known scientific theories such as chaos theory, Teslas theory of environmental energy (an electrogravity theory that flies craft without the handicaps of physics theories that produce handicaps and paradoxes, or, free energy realities where a quarter of a million US motorists break the known laws of physics every morning when they start their hydrocell car up, or, plasma research from 'the big ba…

are they pointing that thing at me ?


The Ghost of Sir William of Crichton

Crichton Castle is a ruined castle situated at the head of the River Tyne, near the village of Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland. The castle lies two miles south of the village of Pathhead, and the same distance east of Gorebridge, at a mile to the south-west is Borthwick Castle. In the late 14th century John de Crichton (d.1406) built a tower house here as his family residence. John's son, William (d. c. 1453), served as Lord Chancellor of Scotland, and was made Lord Crichton in c. 1443. In 1440 he had been partly responsible for organising the "Black Dinner", where the young Earl of Douglas was murdered. As a result, he obtained the Douglas property of Bothwell Castle in Lanarkshire for himself. This seemed to cause an endless cycle of retaliation over the next few centuries resulting in the ruination of both the family and the castle. I have taken a picture of the famous ghost horse and rider at Crichton castle. The ghost can usually be seen cantering through the broken ga…