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Fw: burns nite edinburgh style

big ufo flying low and slow over mason central in edinburgh tonight as the big central buildings make their darkness visible ... to celebrate 250 years of the Masonic Way
in honour of Robert Burns the Scottish Bard.

its a 21st century take on the star o rabbie burns

its robert burns 250th


andrew hennessey's net


I used to think that it was the most important thing imaginable to see proof of aliens and alien contact ... I even developed free energy particle physics that had no word for gravity and no central theme of the quanta or superstrings thinking that maybe I could escape here via a ship. Then I realised that for a long way around this and other adjacent galaxies there is no-one very sympathetic to the captives plight on repto-grey nursery earthworld 578.

I thought maybe I'll develop a way to accurately calibrate stargate performance and had a systems theory for stargate components and a finite number for infinity using a special essentialist arithmetic.

no way either - for to these people I was just an imbecile.

Then I realised another very important thing ... that I have been involved in UFOLOGY officially for 10 years and in that time very few people have found what I have written particularly resonates with them.
so maybe I have been wasting my time ....

But the most important thing I…