I used to think that it was the most important thing imaginable to see proof of aliens and alien contact ... I even developed free energy particle physics that had no word for gravity and no central theme of the quanta or superstrings thinking that maybe I could escape here via a ship. Then I realised that for a long way around this and other adjacent galaxies there is no-one very sympathetic to the captives plight on repto-grey nursery earthworld 578.

I thought maybe I'll develop a way to accurately calibrate stargate performance and had a systems theory for stargate components and a finite number for infinity using a special essentialist arithmetic.

no way either - for to these people I was just an imbecile.

Then I realised another very important thing ... that I have been involved in UFOLOGY officially for 10 years and in that time very few people have found what I have written particularly resonates with them.
so maybe I have been wasting my time ....

But the most important thing I have discovered after a recent job/performance review is that none of the things I have thought important such as free energy and stargates are important at all - because they all lead to destinations that are full of the same ... wall to wall hell, near or far ...
I discovered that the only way out of this prison and retarded energy hungry plane and cosmos is UP not sideways ...
and the secret to the escape is to totally ignore all this alien stuff ... it doesn't of course go away if you do that .. obviously not .. but if you ignore it it really really struggles for relevance to you ...
2009 sees me retiring as a UFOLOGIST and entering into the world of role play where I play this homosapien/human being on plane earth who plays music, does the shopping, enjoys nature walks does some home decorating and puts some mundane stuff up for sale on ebay.
I'm also someone committed to Catholic prayer and the Rosary.
I'm going to be a guy called andrew hennessey :)

when you ignore the matrix stuff like that and keep focussed on prayer the stealth little fallen stars that buizz about find it hard to get into and keep in your face with the nihilst dreams that seem to empty oneself out.
In all truth - the aliens become poor players that strut and fret their hour somewhere NEAR your stage - full of sound and fury - signifying nothing ... because the Angels and Saints of Christ can tear chunks out of them if they bother you too much ..



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