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Superbug chemtrail mutations

Superbug mutations
Bugs on earth have evolved in fluid conditions like air and water to have sheets of membrane that they can wrap around their prey to entrap and then digest them with. Here are two examples of the same form of bug – one microscopic and airborne in earths upper atmosphere with little oxygen and the other gigantic and water borne living at great depth with little oxygen and light. The giant variety needs to be gigantic because it is moving more slowly at great depth and pressure and consequently needs to invest more surface area to catch potentially a rarer and possibly elusive prey at this depth. The same life form in earths upper atmosphere is adapted to be borne on currents of wind like the jet stream and appears to need to feed from the energy from smaller airborne biotic particles e.g. spores, viruses etc.
My question would be though are these bugs perhaps mutated mycoplasmas
 – formerly very simple organisms without cell …

Alien walkabout at Gorebridge


Small luminous being at the (Roman) camp/Blinkbonny mine at Gorebridge - photos A Hennessey 17th sept 2013 @ 3.30pm

Big Ship in solar system 5th september 2013