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Exofantasy - embarassingly obvious

Tomas Scolarici aka/James Black etc the Exopolitics skeptic has written another telling expose of the lack of something valid happening with exopolitics. I agree with him and this is my reply to his memo.
Thanks for your update on the Exofantasists and their activities. Its good to see you lay out the argument again.
It gets more and more obvious to the majority with each passing year that Exonihilism has nothing to offer anyone. Fake whistleblowers with fake information, time travelling ‘jump rooms’ and DVD and fantasy scifi book sales are now very evident to everyone.
I would strongly urge people who are on these exo-fantasy lists to start collecting the old archive posts which comprise the various grandiose decrees, predictions and statements of intent and alleged warnings of the exo luminaries before they start disappearing off the back end of their servers.
As I did say a few years ago the whole idea behind a political movement like exo-politics is to have a mandate for political inter…

Not Good

been abducting for a long time ...
This is an old Gaelic tune from The Celtic Lyre by Henry Whyte. Whyte was a collector of Gaelic folktunes around the end of the 19th century. The translation is by Lachlan MacBean.

I left my darling lying here,

a lying here, a lying here,

I left my darling lying here,

To go and gather blaeberries.

I've found the wee brown otter's track,

the otter's track, the otter's track

I've found the wee brown otter's track

But ne'er a trace o' my baby, O!

I found the track of the swan on the lake

the swan on the lack, the swan on the lack

I found the track of the swan on the lake,

But not the track of baby, O!

I found the track of the yellow fawn, the yellow fawn

I found the track of the yellow fawn,

But could not trace my baby, O!

I found the trail of the mountain mist,

the mountain mist, the mountain mist

I found the trail of the mountain mist,

But ne'er a trace of baby, O!

O! Hovan, Hovan Gorry og O,

Gorry og, O, Gorry o…

Who's Salla's informant ?

Who’s Salla’s informant ?
I was a bit unhappy to hear that exopolitics co-founder Dr Salla on with Trice Sheridan recently stated that all deep space stargates and navigation MUST have mental input from the minds of a pilot – human or non-human. This alleged lack of automation and artificial intelligence in interstellar civilisation is as ludicrous an idea as some other PhD suggesting advanced civilisations use solar panels, or that in SETI the extra terrestrials are really going to be making the same paradoxes in their physics we did and be left to use low grade transistor radios. Interstellar civilisation coming here flying on antigravity and surfing time waves never had Einstein to tell them the ocean of aether they were surfing on didn’t exist. For mankind however, relatively speaking, we were only allowed to publish pictures of boats and surf boards on dry land and forbidden to talk of or depict the ocean or large bodies of water.
The science for the consumptio…