Who's Salla's informant ?

Who’s Salla’s informant ?

I was a bit unhappy to hear that exopolitics co-founder Dr Salla on AglobalFocus.com with Trice Sheridan recently stated that all deep space stargates and navigation MUST have mental input from the minds of a pilot – human or non-human.
This alleged lack of automation and artificial intelligence in interstellar civilisation is as ludicrous an idea as some other PhD suggesting advanced civilisations use solar panels, or that in SETI the extra terrestrials are really going to be making the same paradoxes in their physics we did and be left to use low grade transistor radios.
Interstellar civilisation coming here flying on antigravity and surfing time waves never had Einstein to tell them the ocean of aether they were surfing on didn’t exist.
For mankind however, relatively speaking, we were only allowed to publish pictures of boats and surf boards on dry land and forbidden to talk of or depict the ocean or large bodies of water.

The science for the consumption of the human herd on earth is phoney as is the quality of reality 'leaked' to us from alleged secret programs.
Hooking up the minds of human pilots to guidance systems in this demonically infested multi-dimensional continuum through which our minds and spirits struggle to manifest the directives of our souls essence is not an option.
Its not necessarily true though that if the guidance process was fully automatic (which some misguided people are saying can’t be done) – that even machinery and its data could be immune from energy to matter demonic infestation.

To universally declare that all travel Must have mental input is to condemn the human race to the stone age.
Mental input is not necessary at all with 5th generation artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is logical, and life is logical so to suggest that human stupour has solely impeded ancient and advanced super-technological civilisations is not a story that any of us should buy into.

Dr Salla’s deep throat source of that information could have come from many disinformants.
It may also be they knew that Lockheed [Skunkworks] and Boeing have been engaged in their long range Deep Space Platform from the 1970’s – the cornerstone technology of which was contributed by Frank Harvey Ferguson whose advanced wave theory was augmented by the work of a team of 50 scientists.
It is thought that Dr Ferguson's work on logic and physics promised to bypass the cul de sac posed by the ‘halting problem’ first discovered by Turing which makes it seemingly impossible for an artificially intelligent computer to make up its mind when confronted with an infinity of labels and objects.
Not so though – for if Dr Salla’s sources are to be believed – and the seeming spectacular high-cost failure of the Department of Defense in the 1990’s to create the automated executive computer [%th generation AI] lends some weight to his informants opinions – then Dr Salla’s informants are also suggesting that not only mankind has been halted by the Halting problem but also intergalactic and interdimensional civilisations that are visiting earth now.

We know that that cannot be.

Deep range guidance the universe over, saith Dr Salla has to have mental input – this probably because in terms of existing human technology the context of all data has to be spontaneously evaluated in vivo – and some handicapped human machine couldn’t do that – only a sentient pilot operating with limited human equipment could make the judgement call between differing contexts for the same piloting data.
At least that’s their opinion – or indeed what they are telling us.

ET computing though isn't limited by human issues.

Salla and his source is wrong.

It is entirely possible to model a solution to Turing’s halting problem – and if I, Andrew Hennessey can do it – so can millennial old ancient, advanced hitek civilisations.

Either Dr Salla’s insider source is selling him a red herring or the Pleiadeans, Anunnaki, Greys and whatever else have failed to develop a working general systems theory in the millions of years they have been about.

On balance therefore, Dr Salla’s insider black budget source is being less than economical with the truth.


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