Exofantasy - embarassingly obvious

Tomas Scolarici aka/James Black etc the Exopolitics skeptic has written another telling expose of the lack of something valid happening with exopolitics.
I agree with him and this is my reply to his memo.

Thanks for your update on the Exofantasists and their activities.
Its good to see you lay out the argument again.

It gets more and more obvious to the majority with each passing year that Exonihilism has nothing to offer anyone.
Fake whistleblowers with fake information, time travelling ‘jump rooms’ and DVD and fantasy scifi book sales are now very evident to everyone.

I would strongly urge people who are on these exo-fantasy lists to start collecting the old archive posts which comprise the various grandiose decrees, predictions and statements of intent and alleged warnings of the exo luminaries before they start disappearing off the back end of their servers.

As I did say a few years ago the whole idea behind a political movement like exo-politics is to have a mandate for political intervention and dialog in the event of contact. In over 10 years, despite all the academics involved there has not been ONE democratic manifesto for pro-human issues with non-humans.

I also said there could never be such a manifesto because it would require a loss of industrial profit to human claimants through legal claims for compensation against those government endorsed industries who disclose their involvement. Disclosure is Unprofitable.
An ongoing contradictory circus of smoke and mirrors, fantasy and semantic chaos, however, is Very profitable for the circus performers.

From my own evaluation of local evidence though it does seem apparent to myself and other investigators in Scotland that there is an identifiable alien presence here and that we have collected rather a lot of evidence for it locally.
It does interact with humanity but not, we have found, in any positive way.

Having looked into this phenomena I would tend to be very cautious describing these entities as ‘starbothers’ and knowing that the evidence for their presence and behaviour is ancient from the folklore records I personally would tend to characterise it as ‘demonic’.
If I’m right – then you can forget about exopolitics and get into prayer.
Stephen Hawking suggests the human race would fare badly in any such contact and when J Allen Hynek’s ‘high strangeness’ starts to manifest around us – it is true to say that the human race has to look elsewhere for intercession.

Andrew Hennessey


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