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UFO on Mars

UFO on Mars

If this were the Nevada desert .... this would be getting called a; chopper, jet, eagle, drone, a rather large chinese lantern or childs helium toy, a weather balloon, a kite, a frisbee, a dustbin lid, etc etc etc etc - but this is Mars

UFO on Comet 67P - thanks NASA


Parcel of Rogues

Magical Realism as social skepticism.
Rene Descartes first postulated that we cannot really discern if we or our world are run by an evil demon that can twist and distort our perceptions of what is true or good because we experience reality with our minds. Whatever evil magic may take place in our lives caused by Descartes Demon we have no way of knowing if our logic or reason could be flawed unless we are able to recognise logical and reasonable truths and falsity. This can happen when we notice that something has broken the rules that we assume or agree apply to the real world. Professor Matthew Strecher defines magic realism as "what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe.' Other academics such as Dr J A Hynek describe an invasion of evilly behaving magical things as 'high strangeness' and uses Ufo window areas as an example of this reported and observed phenomenon. In things we agree on in the real world though …