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by Andrew Hennessey ofAlternate   the image on T shirts, prints, mugs etc

Location : about a mile from the railway station at Markinch in Fife, Scotland and close to the M90/A92/A911

Area of castle evaluated: surveillance of the castle walls and parapets
Balgonie castle – is a 14th century tower house comprised of five storeys, with walls up to 2.4 metres thick. These incorporate a large hall, chapel and a vaulted basement. Purported to have been built by Sir Thomas Sibbald, Lord High Treasurer of Scotland but passed at the end of the 15th century to Sir Robert Lundie by marriage. In 1716, the castle was captured and set on fire by Rob Roy MacGregor and his clansmen. It was in a poor state of repair in the 1960s but has been subsequently restored by todays “Laird of Balgonie”.
The castle is reputed to have at least 12 different ghosts, and phantom phenomena amongst whom are; A ghostly…

Andrew Hennessey's extended Biography 2012

Scottish Andrew, (Andrew Hennessey) is a musician, artist, paranormal expert and tour operator living in Fife, Scotland.

A Scottish electric fiddler and folk dance musician [ceilidh dancing] and dance caller,
with the Wild Geese Ceilidh Band which was formed in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996.
Will call, walk through and demonstrate the Scottish dances. (20 + ceilidh dances for all levels, fun dances for beginners to the more advanced)

Also a contemporary electric fiddle player playing accompaniment in Blues, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Trance. His Jazz fiddle style has been compared to Don (Sugar Cane) Harris by prominent Edinburgh Jazz percussionist Alan Pendreigh. His contemporary music also sounds similar to the likes of; Geoffrey Castle and John Schussler.

Andrew can play session work and improvise in almost any contemporary idiom.

e.g. recent session work - Country fiddle - on the Jimmy Brown Blues tribute album with Nobby Clarke and John Bruce, Edinbu…


I’ve been posting about mean grey aliens for some time now and alluding to the possibilities of their social engineering and of them having the ability to mess with our immediate lives by engineering negations in our personal reality.

Do you think perhaps that if everything went as it should we ought to have one of these science fiction civilisations by now ? and why not ?
We're supposed to just chuck out bad theories and technologies.

But what do we get lots of instead pretending to be social hope and futures ? E.g. look what happened to Exopolitics – if ever there was an engineered negation just take a good look at that.
Its founder Alfred Webre is currently posting Boylanesque fantasies about time travel and alien reality engineering word-cartoons instead of white papers about contact etiquette and the compensation of exploited human individuals. I get Exopolitics in my spam folder amongst the same emails trying to sell me fake rolex watches and other human processes that…

the eBooks of Andrew Hennessey Ufologist

I have several free eBooks out on the net which serve to document my journey through the strangeness and the surreal that is part of the close encounters phenomenon. Each book is a signpost on my route

PHASE 1 Wakening UP
In 1999 I wrote the ebook Monkeys of Eden, the telepathic overlords and the slaves of Earth.
It’s a bit reactive because I was struggling with the impact of this phenomenon on my perceptions of life and society. What I didn’t realise then in 1999 was that the whole picture isn’t just about reptilians and that the basic fabric and props of society, its science, technology and history can be easily falsified. I didn’t realise back then just how pervasive and matrix-like this phenomenon that afflicts us all really is.
Monkeys of Eden though is the first step on my own personal journey towards the recognition of the darkness that attempts to socially engineer us. At the time of writing though I was appearing at Conferences suggesting that the greys could still be ou…

Templar Gremlins - Gorebridge

lots of this kind of thing at Gorebridge - little Templar bolt holes underground crypts, places of worship that go back to the Bronze age and have been adapted with pegasus artwork - probably for 19th century Templar purposes.

Paranormal Scotland - souvenirs and gifts

As part of my remit as a tour guide and tour operator I have put together a small online shop at cafepress that will hopefully lure people to Bonny Scotland. The idea being that folks can find a real souvenir of the paranormal weirdness that can be found there if for some unlikley reason they could not get to the skywatches. Generally these images are already online for research purposes - but it just seems such a shame not to put them even further 'out there'.
I am still stunned by the fact that one of my youtube videos - shot at great personal risk by John Jackie Gillies called paragliding with aliens which shows a couple of paragliders flying round hovering ufos then landing on some hovering artistic looking staging 20 miles south of the Scottish capital Edinburgh has only had a few views after 5 or 6 years !!
I would have thought that such evidence of establishment collaboration with extra terrestrials should have been featured virally on a global stage - and taken up by…

Soulmining without technlogy

I often wonder if the way I have been seeing life on Earth is inclusive of the whole picture – after all there are so many cultural realties – ancient and modern that could easily have been tampered with by an energy to matter converting faster-than-a-speeding-bullet demonic alien.

Without recourse to our classical hand-me-down historic vision then I would have to see things in terms of what I know from my own experience and also what I can inductively add into the mix based on folklore data that is being repeated.

We often get television telling us that star trek and warp factor 10 in a straight line to the nearest visible star or galaxy is the extent of what we are supposed to be bothering about - vibrational rates of matter which for some reason science calls ‘light matter’.

What if though that the nearest star to planet Earth isn’t x million lightyears but only a couple of stops in the frequency elevator above our heads where we are right now.
This idea of a multidimensional u…

Alien Holographic Cars

Shapeshifting faerie grey archon djinn demonic vehicles have been with us for millennia. They were flying shields, chariots of fire, faerie coaches and now at Gorebridge Scotland - although they can't quite make up their mind if they want a 4x4, people carrier or a 4 door family saloon car - the age old tradition of giving the witnesses as surreal a time as possible - noted by the father of Ufology J A Hynek as 'High Strangeness' in his address to the United Nations. Here therefore is a sequence of shapeshifting technology and holographic license employed within 20 seconds on a short stretch of road near Gorebridge.
the images are on T shirts and Mugs at cafepress - would definitely recommend the 'mug'

Orbs are real - merchant post

This is a merchant post - so if you are just looking for info without the distraction there's more stories in the archives. These pictures of Orbs show them clearly to be of natural origin and markings. No lens artefacts these - their markings are not arbitrary from refraction patterns from dust or light on the lens. The markings or scarring of these creatures show them to be participating in a natural but interdimensional ecosystem. I put two of the most clearly natural orb images that sceptics have been unable to adequately explain on various merchandise at cafepress. I felt that such an important truth needed to be more visible.

ISS Ufos close to home - 9th Nov 2012

I'm not sure about the other smaller lights closer to the station - even though its tempting to say they are ufos Because THERE IS AN OBVIOUS UFO in View - we just can't rule out reflections that close to the station. There is however One very clear classic flying saucer in view - its nothing else but that ...

The RingMiners of Saturn

It always makes me wonder who or what could get onto the end of a NASA jpg with snazzy adjustments from Photoshop. Norman Bergrun was seeing these long cyclindrical ships amongst Saturns rings in the 1970's and wrote the book Ringmakers of Saturn - to explain their presence. On the other hand they are probably mining out the minerals amongst the planetary rings. What could be more economical - bedrocks that have already been ground down into bite sized chunks by the machinations of the solar system - all lining up just waiting for the big mining cylinder to churn them up - refine them and then spit out the unwanted material.
The usual spooky nonsense that attempted to dismiss these ships was that they were actually caused by frame dragging and streaking of light by a small fast-moving object - and there are whole websites set up with elaborate animations with this idea in mind trying to look rational and convincing. You can forget that though - here's a picture of one of the …

Andrew Hennessey's Secret Scotland calendar 2013

My SECRET SCOTLAND Calendar for 2013

It's stuff that the tour bus usually accelerates past !!
I might add that in 1985 when I signed on for the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights templar of Jerusalem - I did not have a clue what it was really all about. I was thinking maybe Christian, some Chivalry and being nice to people. Unfortunately I just could not understand what it was really all about - it seemed to include talk of Kings, Pretenders, Mi5, National Sovereignty and alas it has to be said - money ! I witnessed one rich dude probably from America walk in off the street as it were - and go through a lightning fast pantomime as a squire for less than ten seconds, then become a Knight, then a Knight commander with some rapid wardrope changes with different coloured cloaks and then some sort of templar general with the power to raise armies from his own Fiefdom etc etc etc. In the space of about thirty seconds had taken place the alleged results of months of meditation an…

as if by magic

Archetypes of our personal fears demonically manifest on our pilgrimmage