I’ve been posting about mean grey aliens for some time now and alluding to the possibilities of their social engineering and of them having the ability to mess with our immediate lives by engineering negations in our personal reality.

Do you think perhaps that if everything went as it should we ought to have one of these science fiction civilisations by now ? and why not ?
We're supposed to just chuck out bad theories and technologies.

But what do we get lots of instead pretending to be social hope and futures ? E.g. look what happened to Exopolitics – if ever there was an engineered negation just take a good look at that.
Its founder Alfred Webre is currently posting Boylanesque fantasies about time travel and alien reality engineering word-cartoons instead of white papers about contact etiquette and the compensation of exploited human individuals. I get Exopolitics in my spam folder amongst the same emails trying to sell me fake rolex watches and other human processes that are so debased in their nature that they convince me that demons run the heads of the people running the internet.
With Exopolitics reduced to the level of fantasy spam our collective hope that some organisation that will democratically represent humanity to the surreal alien world of big Ufos presenting itself in NASA pictures goes out the window too.
That’s been covered by the reality engineers too – at least for another week till they come up with something else – some other some smoke screen. Apparently some billionaire wants to send pilgrims to Mars on a rocket with a propulsion system made out of parts from Home Base or Walmart DiY. Internal combustion engines
And we get treated to screeds of sagacious – well I can’t call them trolls – just people that don’t know anything but have a lot to say and are trying to parrot some school boy science – thats the school boy science that’s taught to the inmates here – about rocket fuel and water and weight.
The fact that antigravity motors pioneered in such places as Lockheed and Boeing Corporations in the 1970’s have no trouble regularly getting to Mars doesn’t enter into the reality of the mundane net chatter.
But that’s human reality – the uninformed, the confused, the unsupplied, the unhealthy, but at least we have an opportunity to see all this social junk for what it really is. For example
Exopolitics was formed over 10+ years ago – it still has NO MANIFESTO it has hundreds of university level proponents.
So we ask why do they do it – why do the intelligensia either buy the status quo or are instruments of confusion.
I used to think it was Because they were all government agents or spooks or some secret society trying to maintain the national disinterest in reality. Yes, but that’s only partly true – can only be partly true if you think about it.
There’s another factor in this equation.

Peoples minds are being negated and distracted being shunted and twisted are being dragged down into basic immorality are being undermined even as they sleep with toxic dream states.
If that’s true then we are all very lucky to have as much technology as we have been collectively allowed.
Science then isn’t the slow rational edging forward of the frontiers of reason when you consider how unreasonable Dawkins is to have avoided 20 years of supercomputation in chaos theory that blows his pet Darwinism out of the water. When the lights go out its just you and the grace that’s been given to you for your perspective That Day.
Things we think we know one day may not easily come to mind the next.

That’s because there is a war actually going on – a war for your soul.
It can seem hard or it can be made to be easy but in truth is even harder to recognise because of ease. We invest our spirit in material attachments, have our minds carried away by aesthetically degrading – degracing subculture and no-one is safe from the forces of spiritual negation – not even me.
That’s why we must pray every day.
I pray to God and Christ because I know that whatever men in black or silver suited grey psychos are doing – they recognise and fear the authority of Christ. I’ve heard of the battles of Stella Davis the exorcist – actually lay Deliverance Minister – but the vaticans sends to her the cases their exorcists cannot handle. She has a book out called Spiritual Warfare – I recommend that you read this and you will discover whats happened to Exopolitics.
Not I might add that her work actually mentions exopolitics but rather that exopolitics has it that demons cannot be demonised.
If it was not for the Angels of Christ in my life – my life would have been rolling in darkness.
It does mean that I get afflicted with negative synchronicities from time to time but then whats there not to like about telling the truth.


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