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The Insectoid War on Sexuality

The Insectoid War on SexualityA hypothesis by Andrew Hennessey.Firstly in a geopolitical climate of human population reduction and control operated by a known ruling elite who demonstrate both reptilian and hermaphroditic and anti-human ideologies, it is not possible to confirm any human cultural evidence of separate insectoid anti-sexuality. They can be shown to be complicit in their anti-humanity, but that could be another issue entirely.This hypothesis therefore would require interstellar evidence to be objectively proven.Using what we know of the order of nature on planet Earth as a cosmic analogy, the ratio of insects to mankind on Earth is massively in favour of the insects. I assume therefore that Earth is a model and analogy for our Cosmos of the 'as above, so below' type.The universe as a rule therefore would tend to be overwhelmingly of insectoid nature in terms of social organisations.There are other even more abundant types of asocial organisations …