The Insectoid War on Sexuality

The Insectoid War on Sexuality

A hypothesis by Andrew Hennessey.


Firstly in a geopolitical climate of human population reduction and control operated by a known ruling elite who demonstrate both reptilian and hermaphroditic and anti-human ideologies, it is not possible to confirm any human cultural evidence of separate insectoid anti-sexuality.

They can be shown to be complicit in their anti-humanity, but that could be another issue entirely.

This hypothesis therefore would require interstellar evidence to be objectively proven.


Using what we know of the order of nature on planet Earth as a cosmic analogy, the ratio of insects to mankind on Earth is massively in favour of the insects. I assume therefore that Earth is a model and analogy for our Cosmos of the 'as above, so below' type.

The universe as a rule therefore would tend to be overwhelmingly of insectoid nature in terms of social organisations.

There are other even more abundant types of asocial organisations in nature e.g. the fungal and viral and the fungal as an analogy has a process which could be interpreted/projected as social in a human way.

[e.g. fruiting basidiomycetes]


Relationships between species can be described in terms of the ecological glossary e.g. ; parasitism, commensal i.e. Living together symbiotic i.e. adapted to live together for mutual benefit etc 


Species therefore, interact and adapt and evolve and respond to new emergent factors and resources on an ongoing basis.


From what we know therefore of evolution on planet Earth both in terms of 19th Century Darwin and 21st century chaos theory, the consciousness of mankind represents a step up in the pyramid of the ecosystem of consciousness that has emerged from the duality within the life force and ether in our Universe.

A step up of course relative to ourselves who prioritise the individual as opposed to the collective tendencies within consciousness.

Whole planets full of billions of human-like individuals who could technically replace and out compete more adapted insectoid hive queens who are of the ratio one individual queen to billions of lesser.

There would therefore be a 'regal' motive for making war on dualism and sexuality.


However, where we may see diversity and rich cultural themes, tools and ideologies and art … others may see or be made to see psychosis and de-regulation.


The insectoid collective consciousness has a model in nature with the bees, ants and wasps, phylum hymenoptera. It has a caste system which could have been taken from Plato's Republic circa 800 BC; e.g Ruling elite, artisan grooms, warriors and the masses.

In such a regime … everybody did what they did – the warriors warred, the artisans arted and the rulers ruled and the masses merely droned about doing exactly what they were told.

This insectoid style of logic of compartmentalisation of knowledge and the need to know we also see deployed on Earth, but such social strategies could also be used by our hierarchical  Reptilian farmers in terms of their population regulation agendas too.


The first insectoid problem, I speculate, therefore is that by nature – they must be purists, logically ordered and regulated, hierarchical and totally obedient to the will of the hive probably even in terms of response time to completion of orders etc .. the hive would operate by total efficiency. e.g. ['to carry out the will of the hierarchy without cavil or delay' Theosophical Secret School, 1960]

There would probably be no room at all for deviation or re-interpretation of any directive within either reptilian or insectoid social organisations.

To deviate from the norm would be seen almost in a functional electrical analogy as impedance or resistance to the transfer of potential from the heights of the ruler to the periphery of its control.


The second insectoid problem, I speculate, is a law of nature whose study on Earth has been clearly suppressed in the interests of farming and containment. It is the law of emergence … that structure emerges from chaos. Known to Hindu's and Theosophists via Sanskrit writings, 10,000 BC e.g. volume 1 of the Secret Doctrine by HP Blavatsky in 'Logos, Outpourings and Vehicles', Also to the ancient Mayan's 'the Loom of Maya' and to Scientists at the Santa Fe Institute, 1990's  e.g. Kauffman and Langton, and also Goodwin. From this law a whole new era of free energy physics [and other sciences] could be deduced.

e.g.1 Kauffman's now hard to acquire ground breaking paper from the early 90's 'autocatalytic self-organising polymers' modelled the ease with which DNA emerged from basic ingredients and then self-regulated thereafter'.

e.g. 2 Brian Goodwin's 'acetabularia' model shows that the eye emerges spontaneously if needed and didn't require the slow arduous  climb up 'mount improbable, cf. Dawkins'

The insectoid problem is that the law of emergence will apply to the natural order of chaos and consciousness within their Imperial Hive and that from time to time new aspects to the monotonic nature of being will naturally emerge from day to day activity within the dualistic nature of matter at any frequency and its challenges.


The nature of the motion of the ethers, energy and matter generate time and the dimensionality of space and from such motions the Loom of Maya weaves form, and new physical and spiritual processes continually emerge from atoms to souls to societies.

Can there be such a thing as non-dual motionless consciousness that retains anything that is individual and autonomous.

Certainly there are Earthly Eastern themes of 'emptiness' etc but these do not necessarily have to be good for us in a context of Nihilistic Reptilia, underground Eastern Naga palaces etc.

The regulation of emergent individuality and signals noise within such collectives would be scrupulously monitored.

The natural process of emergence therefore is going to impact upon the order of life within insectoid social organisations  and as such it is going to create deviants who will probably be seen and evaluated  as flawed.

It may be therefore that SOME insectoid societies regard the evolution and differentiation of individuals as a disease.


On planet Earth we may be dealing with a reptilian and insectoid  agenda that co-incide.

The ruling Reptilian elite want anti-human population reductions and controls but have also allegedly farmed us out under Treaty to the insectoids.

We have numerous social analogies for the impact of these beings on the human psyche e.g. the 'matrix', 'the Borg' from Star Trek, and co-incidentally there are new social movements e.g. Transhumanism from as early as academia in the 1930's dedicated to uploading and assimilating human consciousness into a regulatory computerised 'Singularity' [V Vinge].


The element of timing though suggests that interactions with a hostile collective have been ongoing on planet Earth for millennia after some War in the Stars. [Atlantis etc]

There are ancient models for such kinds of consciousness.

We know of the Demonic Legion of controlled personalities from the New Testament, and of course the ills of compartmentalised consciousness from the modern writings on mind control.

Also from the testimony of abductees there appears to be evidence of uploading and datamining of individuals – and I have personally heard the story of a man called Ralph X, formerly of CIA accounts Canada who remembered being non-human and betraying his collective by handing over secrets … his other memories include being recycled between human lives in a big computer control facility above the Earth.


Whatever our own reasons for being on Earth, whether penal and or recuperative there is strong evidence of a maintained anti-technological and anti-scientific and anti-interstellar conspiracy within the general population. [e.g.1 Townsend Brown's electrogravity circa 1930's, etc, e.g. 2 the retardation of intensive agriculture and scientific renaissance by 500 years because of the lack of adaptative insight of an ox plough that would create a  heavy horse plough in western post Roman Europe. Ref. Burford A in Chant C, 1999, AT308, Open University ]


For whatever pan stellar reason, relatively handicapped Humanity and more capacious interstellar beings both good and bad have been operating in parallel on Earth for millennia.

We hear from accounts of contactees and abductees that there is a dispute between so called sexuals and asexuals with 'grey-type' insectoid beings. [e.g. Krapff P, the verdants]

It may be though that this dispute is being modelled and regulated here on Earth as some kind of social experiment with the co-operation of the forces of Light. [e.g. what does creative diversity beget – soul life or soul death]

We hear from the issuances of channels that are the voices of a Galactic Federation that duality is primitive and therefore needing cleansed.

Dualism begets diversity, individuality, social opportunities, new tools, new artefacts, new forms, new beings, new societies, new infrastructure, new growth, new art etc it is the driver and cause, the motivator and evolutionary mechanism that takes us beyond dull grey monotonicity and boredom.

Duality can be rather good.

The creative facilitation of interacting individuals also has a psychosexual model in materialism and the properties of duality.

We do know however, that crimes of passion and of a base nature can be driven by basic sexual hormones and dis-eases especially within under-educated and un-facilitated humans.

We also know, in our defence that the Ruling reptilian elite that drive us to war are of a non-human and hermaphroditic persuasion and have developed means to foment social diseases. [e.g. the promotion of sexual dysfunction]

One might say that such crimes of passion by whoever perpetrated are also the crimes of irrationalism that come out of the dualistic cauldron of the material and biological cosmos.

We learn from the New Testament for example that The Kingdom of God is beyond biology and is driven by energy over matter and acts of individual conscience, facility, honour and Love.

We learn from the tales of the Verdants that they once went to heaven in their ships but are today evidently anchored and rooted in biology.

Perhaps from a certain point of view,  .. perfection and order can be imposed on all this passion and chaos by the regulatory logic of machines .. that the perfect hive, 'heaven' and collective has no deviants.


It may be however that SOME insectoid collectives simply eschew emergent and dualistic behaviour.


I strongly suspect however that the insectoid collective of whatever federation of whoever we appear to be interacting with stringently collects and uploads and assimilates sexuals for farming purposes.

That within the infrastructure of the hive collective the emergent sexuality and deviance and confusion within conscious individuals is being isolated and farmed for life force and other, useful data.


It may be that there is a large scale cosmic war on sexuality, specialisation and creative individuality, but there again we simply see the creative ego of an insectoid hive Queen or Empress being severely challenged by non-hive competition.

If the overwhelming mass of insectoids that fetch and carry and deploy in the greater cosmos at large discover their own kings and queens within themselves, then their current queen could become a lonely and somewhat petulant peer and companion.

















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