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ISS films Armada of UFO's arriving, march 10, 2014


Ufo on hill top - Edinburgh Scotland

UFO on Pentland hilltop  27 feb 2014 - not showing up as a static transmitter from a telecomms or military site on Google Earth. Photo - Andrew Hennessey

Tour the area with Stargate Edinburgh Tours

Scottish holographic houses at Ufo hotspot Gorebridge


Iron - Faerie protection

Calton hill - the faerie hill in Edinburgh Scotland - locals bring iron nails to earth the dark energies of the faeries/greys - this idea is traditionally mentioned in folklore like MM Banks 'British Calendar Customs, 1937, vol 1-3'

How to have Startrek technologies on Earth

The US department of defense spent billions of dollars in the 1990's trying and failing to conceptualise a solution to the Halting problem which has stopped the evolution of Startrek technologies on this planet.
No worries - here it is for nothing.

no stopping transmat, stargates, teleportation, sophisticated scanning, germinator robots for agriculture, perminator robots for hairdressing, derminator robots for skin surgery ...  thing is that somebody or something has clearly said NO to all of this .... and it might be that folks cannot recognise the reality of these things for various x files reasons ...
At present artificially intelligent computers cannot recognise events in the infinite cosmos because of an infinity of labels for everything.
TRE though has a closed and limited series of essentialist numbers from [1-729] to depict every state of integrity in the Universe.
For an AI machine therefore non-recognition at time one is only the number (essentialist TRE number) 729- bas…