How to have Startrek technologies on Earth

The US department of defense spent billions of dollars in the 1990's trying and failing to conceptualise a solution to the Halting problem which has stopped the evolution of Startrek technologies on this planet.
No worries - here it is for nothing.

no stopping transmat, stargates, teleportation, sophisticated scanning, germinator robots for agriculture, perminator robots for hairdressing, derminator robots for skin surgery ...  thing is that somebody or something has clearly said NO to all of this .... and it might be that folks cannot recognise the reality of these things for various x files reasons ...
At present artificially intelligent computers cannot recognise events in the infinite cosmos because of an infinity of labels for everything.
TRE though has a closed and limited series of essentialist numbers from [1-729] to depict every state of integrity in the Universe.
For an AI machine therefore non-recognition at time one is only the number (essentialist TRE number) 729- basically one of 729 choices - (and not conventionally an infinity of imponderable and uncodeable issues) and full recognition (essentialist TRE number) number 1 - intelligent computation is possible with the use of an innovative paradigm called Tripartite Essentialism.
Use of the Tripartite Essentialism paradigm and its general systems theory approach overcomes the issue of infinity.
Because we can recognise a process or event in the first instance - a general systems theory analogy for such an event is possible with the use of an analogy such as a circuit diagram for e.g. a complex a television or transistor radio which have nested [TRE] macro, meso and micro components within which gradients of resistance, impedance and exchange between components simulate interactions in the natural universe e.g. though at different paces and scales.  We can use the model of electricity because, Universally, all transactions between everything at every scale are governed by a universal - inverse square power law - of which Ohms law in electricity is part. Such a law is known as Fajans rules in Chemistry, Osmosis in Biology, Field Psychology by Kurt Lewin, its seen in gravity and in the cosmos and in operation between sub-atomic particles.

Every event therefore is a complex nesting of exchanges and transactions by this inverse square power law that have some working outcome.

A general systems theory approach to a complex circuit diagram of working artefacts such as a television or transistor radio would be able to give us a solution to the Halting problem because there are only 729 states of integrity of such a device/system in this electrical analogy, or any other analogy and therefore a computer that indexes the universe and its transactions, systems and events with the Language [A] of TRE with its [1-729] logical states  can have no Halting problem.

For the integrity calculation that would calibrate the AI's recognition of some universal event would use transactions within the electrical systems analogy [circuit diagram]. The AI computer would recognise more and more what it was looking at. The more it can recognise - the more the electrical systems analogy works in real time - and the more zones within it are operational according to the electrical law (ohms law). This (electrical) event analogy and the amount it is recognised would be calibrated on a scale of [1-729]  where 729 is infinite dissolution, non-recognition - not operational,  then as more data about this external event under examination came into the AI system, decreasing numbers in between 729 and 1 represent ever-increasing recognition and operational function  and 1 is full integrity, and a fully functional electrically viable model.  The circuit diagram analogy can be applied to material events at all scales and magnitudes in the cosmos, but only the impedances and resistances would change within the electrical model to fully simulate complex and non-conducting and more massive transactions within the cosmos. The electrical system analogy - a working complex circuit diagram for e.g. a television, would be divided up into zones and nested subzones in a tripartite way and each of the macro, meso and mico components would be measured empirically as they gradually progress from non-integrity to integrity of function and therefore fullness of recognition.

Each of the many subzones and components would sum their boolean/ tripartite descriptions cumulatively where if the lowest common denominator is zero or undecided then that would be the default boolean description for components in each of the macro, or meso, or micro zones - only ever one of 729 - with time - as the process of artificially intelligent recognition proceeds the analogy would lose its high numbers as the process gets more and more recognised decreasing from unknowns at 729 to full recognition at 1 and therefore no infinity is in the process of recognition either artificially or scientifically and thus the Halting problem is overcome.


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