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How to discern Vampires and their Trainees

How to discern Vampires and their trainees. Andrew Hennesseywww.newstarparty.comIn the well-educated 20th century, few well-educated people are without some evidence for soul and soul life. E.g. the works on re-incarnation medical cases and near death experiences by Dr’s Helen Wambach and Raymond Moody MD.Many people though are much further down the road.Some people on this planet have taken a dark path and pretend that they haven’t, hiding amongst the social chaos as they preach and recruit their victims and targets.The obvious recruitment hook is the doctrine of self-empowerment and magic for it seems obvious to the unwary that gaining more personal power for better life choices in a difficult world is a rational objective – especially if there appears to be a knowledge system that will facilitate it.It’s true that gaining a better life is a rational choice, but the real question people do not ask is what is the price to be paid for such an improvement. If it’s Christia…

the evils of channeling

'We are close to an end of technology.'  recent channeled being ...
technology is tools - tools for operating in the 3 dimensions of space and one of time - many people have seen that the technology that we are allowed to use on earth has been deliberately kept primitive -
we have had the theories and designs and machines for free energy and interstellar travel on this planet since e.g. 1890 faradays monopolar generator, lord kelvins atomic vortex theory of ether in 1901
if we are close to an end of technology - we must by definition be at the end of human struggle for reality and truth - for no human being would willingly relinquish their quest for reason and reasonable interstellar reality.
My definition of reasonable interstellar reality is a communal and symbiotic community of all types of consciousness - beyond time and within the strictures of these frequencies - operating within a technological envelope.
for these beings who preach abandonment - we are to drop o…