How to discern Vampires and their Trainees

How to discern Vampires and their trainees.

Andrew Hennessey


In the well-educated 20th century, few well-educated people are without some evidence for soul and soul life. E.g. the works on re-incarnation medical cases and near death experiences by Dr’s Helen Wambach and Raymond Moody MD.

Many people though are much further down the road.

Some people on this planet have taken a dark path and pretend that they haven’t, hiding amongst the social chaos as they preach and recruit their victims and targets.

The obvious recruitment hook is the doctrine of self-empowerment and magic for it seems obvious to the unwary that gaining more personal power for better life choices in a difficult world is a rational objective – especially if there appears to be a knowledge system that will facilitate it.

It’s true that gaining a better life is a rational choice, but the real question people do not ask is what is the price to be paid for such an improvement. If it’s Christian and free then so much the better, but if its an imposition of penalties – then the provender’s of such systems and philosophies have been holding something back.


This dark deliberately dysfunctional world is a great recruitment advert for those who seek power and power over disempowered slaves.

Echoing to the false ethic that ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ a truism for the false empty World of deliberately retarded pre-stellar Earth – we allow our minds to be led  away from the proofs that that is wrong.

e.g. the law of emergence at or the Unruh Effect or Cosmic rewarming after the Big Bang. The Universal truth is that there is a free lunch – it’s just that on this planet the ideologies of combustion and ashes, burning and mortality are deliberately promoted.

The ruling ethic is a barbaric ignorance and fomented desolation and if we know that, we can take hope that the Universe and God and Faraday, Tesla, Townsend Brown, Bruce DePalma and Frank Searle have all gone out their way to provide a free lunch.


It seems though that the idea is that we should pay prices when we don’t need to. But if we are buying into something in difficult times it will be ideas that can improve our lot in this artificially created social jungle.

Hence the Harry Potter books and the Gnostic Magical schools – a whole world of magic spells and powers over others on our great journey of alleged self empowerment and mastery over the incredible and unseen forces and beings of nature.

Our great journey into darkness and light, light and shade, white and black, where with the power of the greatest idea we can force our will upon the Universe and make Gods of ourselves – if we pay the price.


What though is this price – the answer is disconnection.

Why also are we tricked into becoming disconnected – the answer is to become dependent and weak – to become fodder for slavery.


The force – to quote Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars episode 1 is ‘an energy field that runs in and through everything, binding us all together.’

This free energy flows into every tree and every rock using the simple law of emergence from the ether. It fills our cells it supplies all matter and it’s free – it’s a gift.

There are though, dark, hungry beings that need our free lunch.

The natural world that has no intellect has not any intellectual problem with the reality of abundant supply of free energy. It is in mankind that the sense of disconnection from life essences can be a psychological and eventually physical reality.

This disconnection can be encouraged and the confused can be tricked out of their inheritance.

When our sense of self starts to draw upon and tinker with our natural free supply and then the free supply of everybody and everything else then we are creating at least within ourselves unnatural appetites and unnatural habits in energy consumption.

Instead of gaining more independence by this overuse of free energy – we become more dependent on external processes to fulfil the deficits we create within ourselves and thus the would be magus loses the freely given gift of life to become a user and consumer of the gifts of others.

Our natural connection to the force as beings is tempered by our mind and our spirit and thus by creating artificial social mechanisms such as commandments we can attempt to simulate in sophisticated human society what nature and God does naturally.

Christ said [Luke] ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul, and your neighbour as yourself’ By so connecting with God in a moral and intellectual way we perform what the trees and rocks do naturally. By serving as a conduit for free social energy and cohesion. We passively channel vast amounts of free energy and act as a cornerstone of our society.

By attending the Harry Potter School of Wizardry though we attempt to become venture capitalists with this free energy educating our will power to channel bigger and bigger amounts of it – its behaviour and our reality is then predicated on the Newtonian law ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

We either rob this energy from the rich to give to the poor – or rob the rich to give to the rich, or rob the poor to give to the poor or rob the poor to give to the rich. However way it can be defined – the self-empowered being becomes a taker and user of the resources of others.

In such a system and hierarchy of takers and users there is profit and loss and ultimately such disconnection from the free source at a personal level that a great hunger develops and thus the vampire is born.

The school of Selflessness as taught by Christ is the only way for society to last and grow and maintain itself.

In Christ, as we freely distribute according to our own gifts we do with the process of social and artificial thought what the natural world does naturally and thus we have a nurturing and caring society.


In the Harry Potter School though – we teach that all the seasons make a sacrifice on the cross of matter and that trees and animals partake of the passions of Christ. The death of Winter and then rebirth in Spring.

From there the Harry Potter School makes Gods out of anima and animals as after all there is God in all matter.


It is rationally untrue to make Christ’s passion as common as anima.

Christ’s sacrifice was in terms of a human death – a human social failure and suffered such a distressing disenfranchisement from the nature of the force because He was Human that when He eventually said ‘Father what have you done for me?’ He asks that question from the Human stress of maintaining a broken body and a synthesised social ideal and the full fountain of the Godhead.

This sorrow of keeping such sins integrated beyond the massive scale demands of heaven and earth enabled the height of social, eternal love beyond time to meet with the  depths of physical and worldly spiritual depravity. Such a stress no animal or tree or incarnate being would ever be able to feel.

Thus in the Gnostic philosophy of the vampires they would by saying that all things suffer death and rebirth denigrate the Master Christ who defied their desolation.

Unlike the natural world that emanates and propagates the free force of God without thinking, human social values, mechanisms and tools and technology must take the place of natural mechanisms.


The vampire ideologies come to the fore in a new season of spiritual communications or channellings. Middle class ideologies to unseat massively challenged middle class well educated intellects from spirits who serve ideals other than noble and who seek to deprive their targets of their free lunch. The idea that beyond this life and physical reality are other realities appears novel to some who are overawed by high quality intellectual missives that have never yet delivered the chemical formulae for the cure for cancer or AIDS since the fad started a decade or so ago.


In a recent missive that recommends abandoning the body to head for sublime self empowered bliss when the massive geological changes hit the Earth’s fragile crust around 2012 CE – we get the telltale signals of the vampires at work.


>’We are close to an end of technology. ‘


Even vampires need technology – technology is just a tool, it can be an abstract idea, as well as a saw or chisel. All tools attempt to elicit an attempt to extract energy in some form whether information, raw material or feeding essence.

Technology is tools. –We need tools to operate a nurturing society in the 3 dimensions of space and one of time. Many people have seen that the technology that we are allowed to use on earth has been deliberately kept primitive – so maybe in a fit of petulance the vampires expect that we can turn our backs on the sorrows of Earth for ‘earth’ has let us down etc.

Some people have let us down – but there are plenty new heretical sciences on the internet e.g.

We have had the theories and designs and machines for free energy and interstellar travel on this planet since e.g. 1890 Faraday’s monopolar generator, and Lord Kelvin’s atomic vortex theory of ether in 1901.


If we are close to an end of technology as the vampires say – then they must hope that we are at the end of human struggle for reality and truth - for no human being would willingly relinquish their quest for reason and reasonable interstellar reality.

The vampires say – abandon your physical frequencies and become like us zipping about as beams of light. Truth is that the world of Spirit assures us that we are beings of light but nowhere does it preach wilful abandonment.


Christ has said that we can become as energy independent as Him – that as His brother or Sister – we too can expect to walk on water, regenerate our tissues, make matter out of energy, wine out of water, so its not as if Humanity has been abandoned to make bad choices.

The vampire circus would have us self-empowered and allegedly energy independent. That would be good if it’s true – which it isn’t.


My definition of reasonable interstellar reality is a communal and symbiotic community in three dimensions of all types of consciousness – some beyond time but within the strictures of these, our frequencies – and operated within a technological envelope.

For these beings that preach abandonment - we are to drop our mortal overcoats and our title deeds and export rights and dive into an energy sea.

These beings currently use 3 dimensional technologies to propagate their ideas on the 3 dimensional Internet.

These beings need for technology will always be obvious as they are predators so why do they preach an end to technology? Is it perhaps true that we will never see them or hear from them again? I doubt it – or is it perhaps that they are predating on the middle class sense of social and spiritual and technological failure. Middle class intellectual disease means a whole new batch of free lunches and disconnected slaves.

They will be deployed all over the supercluster preaching an end to technology - and their greatness as beings of pure [but needy] energy.

Its true that being a being of pure energy - beyond time and matter - living in bliss is great - Christ told us about that - but no-one ever said that three dimensions with its tools of technology was an evil place to be shunned ...

There is something innately pure and responsible living the exacting measures of a three dimensional life and not just an ephemeral figment living amongst the higher frequency shells and bubbles that come off the third dimensional world.


If they think that we can believe that technology is an evil and a lie - its only because we can see that the technology our controllers have allowed us to utilise is pre-stellar.

They hope to predate upon our sense of disease with the status quo.


Many interstellar civilisations have great peaks of beautiful technology and have achieved massive and enduring feats of civilised nurture and social communion - why therefore must we abandon all hope of social regulation and large-scale social nurture - it is only technology that enables vast civilisation and huge scale nurture - if we abandon technology we abandon civilisation forever.

This channelling being wants us to do this - to become self involved and self empowered ... but such feats of selfishness are at best asocial and at worst vampiric and predatory.


For them to ask us to disavow technology is to peel off the weakest from the social herd – a herd currently under great stress - for it is only under the umbrella of technology that feats of enduring social logic and regulation can be achieved and the greatest good can be done for the many.

Also it is only in Christ’s promise of many mansions for his prodigal sons and daughters that we can anticipate our freely given inheritance as truly free and empowering. Thus it becomes our duty to be nurturing and social – to do what God wills for all nature – as a deliberate act of morality and intellect and in so doing we will create an enduring civilisation that such shadows of vampirism can never penetrate.


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