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2011 Swash Calendar - awash with colour

incessant nihilism attacks ordinary people

here is some evidence of my contention that every person is incessantly bombarded with spiritual nihilism.
Only prayer to Christ keeps us free of this spiritual dis-ease though - not sinking to base animal levels where our frequencies can be mapped and manipulated and farmed..
see my free ebook harvesting the disconnected to have the alleged alien farming mechanism explained

here is the article that shows everyman and everywoman experiences unfulfilling spiritual negation on a daily basis.


Only making love keeps us focused

November 12 2010 at 10:12am

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Our mind is more likely to wander to an unpleasant topic than to a pleasant one.

It may seem a harmless way to whittle away the day’s duller moments.

But daydreaming actually makes us miserable, according to scientists.

What’s more, we all spend almost half our waking …

the alleged Collins Group and Xenopolitics - where we differ

I think that Nick Redferns recent book called FINAL EVENTS should be widely read as it offers to us some albiet limited hope that some individuals value the souls of humanity.
Having heard this podcast from

I find that there is according to my own way of seeing things at xenopolitics - a total agreement as to the purpose and activities of half the perpetrators - demonic greys - as to the other half - the ruling overlord anunnaki soul farmers - we seem to be yet again in the dark.

Enter therefore Nick Redfern and his book Final Events.

This from the ATS FORUM ..

In it, Redfern details the investigations of a group nicknamed the "Collins Elite" that was composed of government, military, and intelligence personnel. According to Redfern -- a paranormal writer on many controversial (and to many, outlandish) subjects -- the group, which included G-2 Army intelligence agents, …


Andrew Hennessey

We watch tales of wonder of the heroes of old,
And the battles for kingdoms with magic and gold
And awed at the dragon-like prowess with blade
We get overwhelmed by the soul-less charade
And think of those halcyon days of yore

Secure in our concrete and plasma screen lives
Wowed into timid
By the fast vampires with knives – hoping the images
Will suddenly stop if we turn off our TV and head to
The shop.
But the after images gnaw at our spiritual mind
deadening our soul to our real powers
What inadequate chattel we all seem to be
The cul de sac cattle of an unseen enemy

Bounding off the unyielding slaughterhouse walls
A circus of nothing with cardboard stalls
Where we go and play science, and go and play soldier
Not realising the matrix farming robots
Don’t want us to get older.

But the battle for Heaven has only just begun,
And in the fight for our hearts our first victory is won,
When we see what is ancient has now its return

The job of the enemy is to make Hollywood epics abou…

totally switched off in scotland

Andrew Hennessey

At the time of writing my free ebook The Turning of the Tide I was reporting on a bizarre phenomenon noted in 2003 that at times of night when there really should be lights on or getting switched on for reasons of heading to the kitchen for a coffee or heading to the toilet etc that whole tracts of houses within certain housing estates in Scotland were actually pitch black in the early evening.

I had hoped that this was maybe just me making things up with a fevered imagination but alas not so … the same pitch black scenario happens around the alien starbase at Gorebridge according to another witness.

It isn’t that Scotland has suddenly gone green and is reducing its carbon footprint – its more like life as we think we know it gets suspended in these houses.
Not for them the British soaps or gameshows – or jumping about in front of a flashing Television screen with an Xbox or other console – no its just silent as the tomb and pitch black.


new free eBOOK - Harvesting the Disconnected revised

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Harvesting the Disconnected - the alien agenda for Mankind. A 178 page booklet


The Philosophies of Disconnection

There are many anti-life and anti-human philosophies in our spiritual and intellectual environment and very often they are so beautifully packaged and well presented that it is often difficult to discern the lie within.

The main aim of the reptilian or grey/ devil or demon is to produce disconnection from the Source within the human soul by presenting and driving into us negation and negative circumstances.

They do this by inducing fear – driving the spirit down to the fight or flight animalistic response, or by flooding us with sexual or territorial imperatives disguised as culture and media which chain the human soul to the adrenal cortex and our most animalistic hormones.

If we think and behave as animals, experiencing the ‘rage virus’ of the Zombie films we have lost our human Grace and our Divine qualities.

In human disconnection from our Father, our Source there is a hopeless loss of Divine love, yet many people cannot see the subtle deceptions that …